The day i became a god op reaction

There was, for the record, some progress on a McCormick-free Tuesday. I talked to the quarterbacks. I treat them just like I do anybody else. Reilly was also the lucky winner in

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Blue Jays woes deepen with injuries, late-inning loss to Oakland

In conversation with Channel 4 Max Verstappen said that his father Jos Verstappen told him that he would never become champion of Formula 1. Although that sounds harsh, Verstappen junior says his father meant it in a good way. Not good enough for F1 In conversation with David Coulthard Verstappen talks about his younger years, when he could be found on the karting track with his father Jos every week. He was always the opposite and would tell me that I was going to be a truck driver!

In a good way, he was always making me realise that what I was doing at the time was not enough," says Verstappen. This is mainly due to the way Verstappen approaches a weekend, as Verstappen junior is a lot more relaxed than his father.

Verstappen says he is always very 'neutral'. Video player. A message for everyone at GPblog. Hamilton learnt nothing from sprint race: 'Were slower than Haas' 3 minutes and 23 seconds ago. Mercedes Sprint Race was "rather underwhelming" 4 minutes and 48 seconds ago 1. Marko thanks Ferrari: 'That gave Verstappen an easy lead' 20 minutes ago 2.

Vettel must report to stewards for alleged statements about the FIA 20 minutes ago 6. Several drivers called to stewards office after sprint race 27 minutes ago 3.

Verstappen sees small area for improvement: 'We will definitely look into that'. Perez confident ahead of Austrian GP: "We are back in the race". Video Leclerc confident for Sunday: "We can catch them tomorrow". Norris frustrated with Alex Albon after incident 58 minutes ago 1. Full results sprint race GP Austria: Verstappen wins again 59 minutes ago 9. Horner sees different approach at Ferrari: 'In the end they were slightly faster' 1 hour and 20 seconds ago Leclerc had strategy for sprint: 'Then I had a fight with Carlos' 1 hour and 14 minutes ago 5.

Verstappen takes Ferrari into account: "Will be difficult with the tyres". Sainz We need to improve 1 hour and 27 minutes ago 6. Breaking Verstappen wins Sprint race, as Hamilton battles past Schumacher 1 hour and 43 minutes ago Marko predicts sprint race tyres: 'You can't drive at full speed on those' 2 hours and 24 minutes ago. Ecclestone dials back controversial statements about Putin 2 hours and 55 minutes ago 5. Perez received another penalty for speeding in the pit lane 3 hours and 27 minutes ago 6.

Verstappen explains difference between dueling Leclerc and Hamilton 3 hours and 50 minutes ago Wolff speaks up for Verstappen: 'We heard it at Silverstone too' 4 hours and 32 minutes ago Postponement of 'porpoising directive' small win for Red Bull: 'Still too early' 5 hours ago Breaking Sainz goes fastest in FP2 after Mercedes issues continue 5 hours ago 3.

Verstappen criticises boos: 'Pity those people don't appreciate it' 6 hours ago Wolff after damage Mercedes: 'Third of budget increase already wasted' 6 hours ago Red Bull contradicts Perez: 'We want them both at the front'. Alonso, Norris and Hamilton praise Verstappen fans: "We enjoy it". Windsor on Verstappen and his longrun: "I think that said a million word" 7 hours ago 4. All-new chassis for Hamilton: no grid penalties for Mercedes drivers 7 hours ago Why isn't Vips wearing a Red Bull coverall?

No comment 8 hours ago 5. Austrian GP provisional starting grid sprintrace Pole for Verstappen 9 hours ago.

Red Bull washes its hands of Mercedes suspicions: "Total rubbish" 9 hours ago Marko: "Albon is like Coulthard, who wasn't hard enough in the end". Mercedes: "We'll do what we can to make sure that both cars are competing" 19 hours ago Horner and Perez unhappy with stewards: "We feel the penalty very harsh" 20 hours ago Horner feels budget cap increase is not enough, but: "It's a compromise" 20 hours ago Is the penalty Perez received from the stewards justified? Wolff calls for sportsmanship from both Hamilton and Verstappen fans 20 hours ago Perez receives hefty penalty from stewards after incident in Austria 21 hours ago Stewards have made a decision: Russell not penalised in Austria 21 hours ago Internet reactions after qualifying Austria Cheering fans and sour Wolff 21 hours ago Qualifying duels after Austria Only Mercedes drivers almost tied 22 hours ago 8.

Perez again faces two Ferraris: 'Couldn't get into the rhythm'. Video Furious Leclerc wants grid penalty for Hamilton after incident 22 hours ago Stewards also bring Russell in: possible penalty for Mercedes driver 23 hours ago 2. Marko with advice for Verstappen: 'Make no mistakes and keep the tyres alive'. Wolff on possible pit lane start for Hamilton: "Will see" 23 hours ago Wolff speaks up for Verstappen: 'We heard it at Silverstone too' 48,5k times read.

Perez receives hefty penalty from stewards after incident in Austria 15k times read. Verstappen criticises boos: 'Pity those people don't appreciate it' 4,6k times read. All-new chassis for Hamilton: no grid penalties for Mercedes drivers 5,1k times read. Hamilton praises British GP protestors, but criticises their methods comments. Red Bull chief: "Max is clearly the benchmark on all fronts" comments. Verstappen enjoyed duel with Schumacher, who had found penalty justified 60 comments.

Hamilton: 'We are not far away now' 55 comments. Team ratings Mercedes makes comeback, Ferrari throws away double win 38 comments.

Biological clocks are why cats are most active at dawn and dusk, and why flowers bloom at certain times of day. Circadian rhythms are also essential to health and well-being. Chronic misalignment of your circadian rhythm with external cues, as seen in night-shift workers , can lead to a wide range of physical and mental disorders, including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In short, there is ample evidence that your biological clock is critical to your health. And chronobiologists like me are studying how the day-night cycle affects your body to better understand how you can modify your behaviors to use your internal clock to your advantage.

Rishabh Pant reacts after his century | AFP Pant and Jadeja took India to at tea on the opening day after they had lost the toss.

Hong Kong Singer Eman Lam and the Xuanwu Temple of Wealth: When the CCP Protects a “Cult”

When this Toronto Blue Jays road trip started, they never imagined it would include a season-long six-game losing streak. When this Toronto Blue Jays road trip started, the focus was on pitcher Ricky Romero and how he would perform in Seattle with deep questions being asked about his long slump. On Monday, Romero surrendered four runs in six innings in a loss at Safeco Field. Jeff Mathis had cracked a three-run homer in the top of the ninth to force extra innings. Both Brett Lawrie and Colby Rasmus left the game with injuries. Toronto was so deep into its bench and bullpen that reliever Aaron Loup became the first Blue Jays pitcher to hit in an American League game as the pitcher. The Jays lost their designated hitter in the game when Edwin Encarnacion was forced to play first base because of the injuries.

Operation Wrath of God

the day i became a god op reaction

Ireland begin their fascinating three-match Test series against New Zealand at Eden Park in Auckland this morning, looking to make history by beating the All Blacks on their home turf for the first time. They also have some inside knowledge, with ex-Ireland coach Joe Schmidt on their coaching staff, after the native Kiwi was drafted in at short notice to fill holes left by Covid isolations. I think the challenge is to be consistent with our ball skills. I think the All Blacks got the upper hand. Three tests over here, it is a huge honour to be here, and I thought it was a great first test match.

Dressed in a conspicuous outfit and armed with an eccentric spirit, Hina Satou goes around insisting that she is the Asgardian god "Odin.

Verstappen: 'He made me realise that what I was doing was not good enough'

Reviews and recommendations are unbiased and products are independently selected. Postmedia may earn an affiliate commission from purchases made through links on this page. Good morning. Have a terrific Monday! American LNG export companies have been courting Canadian natural gas producers, reports Geoffrey Morgan , and analysts expect more domestic gas will move south, as Canadian LNG projects have stalled.


A quick warning, there are curse words that are unbeeped in today's episode of the show. If you prefer a beeped version, you can find that at our website, ThisAmericanLife. A while back, when she first moved to LA, Jessica worked at a pole dancing studio, an exercise place. The pay wasn't great. She was just a receptionist.

There was no immediate reaction in the half-filled courtroom on the third Leventhal went on to describe how Mallayev shot Malakov in the.

Opening doors

The year old performer had a certain anti-establishment aura. The message is clearly political and pro- CCP. She uploaded the song on social media and reactions by the fans were overwhelmingly negative. Lam, who has served as a volunteer for the Temple, defended the movement.

In other news, six British players advanced to the second round today, while Nick Kyrgios made unsavoury headlines for bullying a line-judge and spitting towards a spectator. I thought if I could win one or two games it would be really good for me. She falls two points behind as Tan passes her down her forehand side. Another point for Serena makes it to Tan on serve.

Here, in his own words, he talks about his childhood, his career, his transition, and his life, though not necessarily in that order. What have I learned from transitioning?

Weibo Reactions to Beijing Announcing Vaccine Mandate

By Tom Heneghan , Religion Editor. For several days after being elected in , Pope Benedict - as he chose to be called - spoke as if in shock. How can I do this? At a meeting with fellow Germans the following day, Benedict surprised his well-wishers by likening the experience of being elected in the Sistine Chapel to getting dizzy as he watched a guillotine blade fall upon him. There have been sexual abuse scandals, disputes with Muslims and Jews, suspected money-laundering at the Vatican Bank and communications gaffes.

Generally speaking, the co-op in FromSoftware games is fairly limited and is usually used to help players in desperate need of assistance. The co-op has always come with risks, mainly the use of limited items, raised enemy difficulty, and the potential of hostile invasions while trying to play cooperatively. Essentially, players can only summon cooperative partners, be invaded by players, or invade other players who have a similar in-game level. On paper, the regulations work fairly well, but in practice, many players have found exploits or certain character builds that are almost unbeatable against other players.

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