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Disney has been full force ahead when it comes to Star Wars content. Just this week we were treated to the new trailer for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series coming out May 25th We also have the fan-favorite The Mandalorian working on the highly anticipated season 3. But, what about the missing years of the story? The years between the events of Revenge of the Sith and The Force Awakens had to have had a lot more stories than we have seen? It may be told in a new animated Star Wars series.

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The Future of Star Wars

Star Wars and animation have gone hand-in-hand since the original release of the first film. From giving us our first look at Boba Fett, to the chronicle of the Clone War from George Lucas and Dave Filoni, Star Wars animation has been an important part of the saga for generations. That is not to say that there are no good animated Star Wars shows, but there are few that really take advantage of what the medium is capable of, which is somewhat disappointing.

Animation has been a major part of pop culture almost as long as film has. It is responsible for kickstarting empires like Disney, and it has evolved into its own medium and art form in itself. While film and animation are often utilized in tandem, animation tends to offer a wider range of possibilities than its live-action counterpart, and there is still a widely untapped potential in animation that we have yet to see utilized.

Besides that, it has wowed kids on Saturday mornings for countless childhoods and has given us some of the best feature films in existence. What does this have to do with Star Wars? Well, as I said above, Star Wars has had multiple animated shows of varying success.

One of the things that makes animation so special is the ability to go beyond what is possible in live-action. Colors can be more vibrant, action scenes can be far more elegantly choreographed and over-the-top, and character designs and settings are limited only by the imagination of the artists.

Star Wars is a series that has long prided itself on fantastic worlds full of interesting creatures and civilizations that are populated with, among other things, lightsaber-wielding wizards.

It is no secret that Star Wars is heavily inspired by Japanese culture, and there are several aspects in the series that are pulled from the films by Akira Kurosawa, various samurai stories, and even anime.

Of course, due to technology and budget, some of the action scenes had to be toned down from the original vision or inspiration. However, in animation that is rarely the case. As a matter of fact, anime often draws inspiration from the same place as Star Wars , and it is constantly pushing the bounds of what can be done with animation. While these are very different from Star Wars , you can not deny the potential of a Star Wars series done in this style is something that would excite the fanbase.

These series are not poorly animated by any means and they have some amazing stories, but they push no boundaries of what animated Star Wars could be, especially considering how many boundaries George Lucas pushed when working on the films. In an effort to retain a visual style of the movies, which were frankly limited by the technology of their time, they have failed to reach something visually stunning which can be seen in several animated series with far less influence and historical impact than Star Wars.

I understand shows like The Clone Wars were trying something new. It was one of the first-ever TV shows done with computer-generated animation, and it was one of the few to do it well.

I think those shows do more for Star Wars canon than some of the movies could ever dream of, and they honor the Star Wars films in a way that adds depth to several characters who have minor roles in the films. Star Wars lends itself to the bizarre, over-the-top, colorful, and chaotic style of other animated shows from the east and west. Now we also have Star Wars: Visions which does exactly what I am talking about. It tells amazingly interesting stories with an animation style that shows the potential of Star Wars.

Hopefully, this will open the door to more studios and creators from around the world to take on the Star Wars universe in new and exciting ways that have never before been seen in, and it will push Star Wars to be the titan of animation that it deserves to be. Join The Team.

Star Wars. Oct 19 Written By Alex Lenzini. Become a Patron! Alex Lenzini.

A new animated Star Wars series could be focusing on Darth Maul

James Caan R. Love Eddie on 'Stranger Things'? Why Isn't 'The View' on Today? Unfortunately none of them are The Adventures of Grogu Across the Galaxy , but maybe we can will it into existence through the Force.

One idea that I've heard from multiple insider sources; is that Disney has had an idea for the past few years of taking Ralph McQuarrie's.

Disney+ Reveals Liam Neeson Will Return For Upcoming "Star Wars" Animated Series

We dug through the hundreds of live-action and animated movies streaming on the service to bring you the 50 best. The Empire Strikes Back is Exhibit A in the category of sequels that surpass the original, taking the wondrous world we were granted in A New Hope and deepening, expanding its purview in every direction. His Dagobah scenes with Yoda are heavy with omens and portent; never in the series do the arcane mysteries of the Force feel as compelling as they do while Luke levitates rocks and digests philosophy. The mysticism and wonder of Star Wars are at their zenith in Empire. The petty squabbles of the Imperial Navy and its never-ending parade of dead officers give us a glimpse into the structure of the enemy. A colorful array of bounty hunters is assembled. A classic romance blossoms. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson Rating: PG Runtime: minutes. With all the leaps and bounds taken in the genre in the last ten years alone, it should not be possible that the best superhero film ever is an animated film that came about separately from Marvel, DC or any of the companies in the business of making comics.


disney star wars animated

Pictures on August 10, , and premiered on Cartoon Network on October 3, The series was in production of a sixth season, but was cancelled shortly after the season five finale on March 2, following Disney 's acquisition of Lucasfilm. The episodes of the series that were in production were released as a Netflix exclusive on March 7, while some of its unproduced story arcs have been adapted into other canonical mediums. The Clone Wars is also the only Star Wars work outside of the original six Star Wars films to be considered canon following the franchise-wide Continuity Reboot due to Lucas' heavy involvement with the series and its influence on several other works that would be released afterward.

After more than 40 years, Star Wars has finally found the kind of success on the small screen it's enjoyed in the multiplex.

Every Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Series: All That You Need to Know

Here's the hack to understanding the faraway galaxy's TV chronology. Up until the 21st century, the only serious way to talk about watching Star Wars was to talk about what order to watch Star Wars movies. Because Star Wars Episodes I-VI were released out of order, debate raged for decades as to which order to watch those films in for the first time, a conversation which was only made more complicated by the sequels Episodes VII-IX and standalone movies like Solo and Rogue One. But now, because everyone probably knows who Baby Yoda is, and even more folks are getting cozy with Boba Fett, the question of watching Star Wars on TV is becoming even more confusing than how you should watch the TV shows. The first thing to remember about most of the Star Wars TV shows is they all tend to take place in between the various movies. So, listing the shows in chronological order will look a little funny.

New Star Wars Jedi Animated Series Leaks

Tales Of The Jedi will be the first of the pair to land on the service, in fall , and is an anthology of shorts, with each story following a Jedi characters from the prequel era of the Star Wars universe. Dave Filoni, who worked on previous animated Star Wars shows The Clone Wars and Rebels , as well as the live-action The Mandalorian and the upcoming Ahsoka series, will serve as writer and executive producer. The Young Jedi Adventures , meanwhile, is the first full-length Star Wars animated series created for preschoolers, early grade schoolers, and their families. Michael Olson will serve as showrunner and exec produce alongside James Waugh, while Elliot Bour is supervising director and Lamont Magee is attached as consulting producer. Tags: Disney , Disney Junior. Sonderlage working title is made up of 2 x minute shows and is inspired by true events, exploring how the police respond to hostile attacks, kidnappings and hostage-taking.

Disney XD has set a June 20 premiere date for its animated “Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.” Set between the events of “The Empire.

‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Renewed for Season 2 at Disney Plus

When George Lucas opened up the curtain on a galaxy far, far away, he could have never imagined that his intrepid space film would launch a universe that included dozens of follow-up films, television shows, radio plays, cartoons, and theme park rides. But that doesn't mean we don't have a ton of new Star Wars content to look forward to on both the movies and the television side. Lucasfilm has no shortage of new properties debuting over the next few years, and with projects in the works that stretch into and beyond, the slate is more massive than ever.

All the upcoming Disney Plus Star Wars shows including Obi-Wan Kenobi

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Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Professor Hulk here. Last week we shared with you details on Supergirl. Keeping some changes to characters in as a way to show an alternative take on Star Wars , and to pay homage to McQuarrie, whose art style helped define the visuals of a galaxy far, far away. Currently, writers are writing an outline for all three films, that will be familiar to long-time fans but will see some deviations to the story as the basis of these three films is the original second draft of what eventually became Star Wars: A New Hope. Originally titled, Adventures of the Starkiller , Episode I: The Star Wars , the draft was starting to take shape but some elements of the original film were wildly different..

We've had 45 years of "Star Wars" stories told through every medium imaginable: movies, books, comics, video games, and even radio dramas. While the movies obviously get all the attention , the franchise is at its best when it's free to explore the implications and possibilities of its vast universe, which is why "Star Wars" feels at home on the small screen.

“Star Wars: Lost Stars” Animated Series Rumored To Be In Development For Disney+

A preceding feature film was released theatrically on August 15 , by Warner Bros. Pictures to negative reviews and poor box office. Unlike its feature film predecessor, The Clone Wars has been met with countless positive reviews and has even won an Emmy. The show also garnered the highest views ever for a Cartoon Network television series. Lucasfilm later announced that they would be ending the Clone Wars with a few final episodes, as they are moving on with the sequel trilogy and Star Wars Rebels , which aired on Disney XD. The Clone Wars aired its sixth and final season of 13 episodes.

‘Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi’ animated series announced for 2022

And they are by no means done. According to Gizmodo , a curious entry appeared on the schedule for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim…before mysteriously disappearing. When that convention happens next month, there will be a panel about a new animated series called Tales of the Jedi. Dave Filoni, one of the big brains before the expanding Star Wars Television Universe, will be on it.

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