Nine tailed fox anime

I only own the MC that I will create, nothing else. This, however, isn't one of those times. This fanfic is, to put it simply, wonderful. The stability of updates is one of the highest on this site, and the author manages to do it with consistently well-written, and high-quality chapters. Because, as we all know, anyone with access to a working keyboard could write a chapter a day, but writing more than that, and of high quality is rare on this platform. The character design is one of the better points of this fanfic.

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Nine tailed fox anime

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Vintage Japanese Fox Inari Nine Tailed Kitsune Anime Retro Essential T-Shirt

Kitsune refers to the fox, both as an animal and as a spirit. Beautiful humans with magical or spiritual abilities have been used as characters in Japanese folklore for centuries. Usually, tales of ethereal, captivating women tricking human men for one reason or another turn out to be kitsune utilizing their powers of deception and transformation.

In anime, creators often use a lot of creative license in just how these spirits look and behave, though they commonly have white hair and yellow eyes in human forms. The focus of their inclusion is often on their traditional religious aspects, yet sometimes they are present as a source of power or battle companion.

Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja with big dreams. He wishes to one day become the greatest ninja and leader of his village and makes grand proclamations of his intentions. This gives Naruto heightened abilities but also a sense of isolation from others, who fear he may one day bring disaster down on the village. His incredible power is what sets Naruto apart from others and invokes respect, fear, envy, and hatred.

As the series goes on and on and on the Nine-Tailed Fox plays more of a role in the story and we are able to see more of his power.

Though a descendant of the powerful and prestigious Kawahira clan, a family of Inukami dog god tamers who protect the world from evil, Keita fills his time thinking about girls. Unlike the other Inukami, Youko cares more about forcing Keita on dates with her or punishing him for his womanizing ways.

She uses her powers to punish malicious spirits and her troublesome owner at her discretion. While Youko is pretty transparent in her love for Keita, she harbors a secret she fears may tear them apart. Her secret is that she is, in fact, a kitsune, and she attempted to trick Keita into thinking she was an Inukami so that the two of them would be forced to grow closer. Just as foxes are rumored to be in legend, Youko is secretive and delights in using her powers for fun.

While a good example of a kitsune with great powers, the slow reveal of her true identity takes Inukami down to number 9 on the list. Unable to ignore the poor thing, she rushes to save him and ends up falling in a river. Uka-sama gives Inari the power to transform into another person and the little pup Inari saved becomes her familiar. However, having the powers of a God may prove to be too much for her.

Inari Kon Kon has a ton of kitsune, though they mainly just stay in a single fox form. They are able to talk and float and serve as guides and mediators between Gods and people.

Uka-sama does occasionally make them transform into video game consoles in order to play dating-sims which she seems to be very fond of. Since the focus of the story is more on the human than the kitsune themselves, Inari makes it to number 8 on our list. Inu x Boku features a lot of different youkai with Soushi, servant to Ririchiyo, a kitsune.

In order to stave off a large number of both human and supernatural attackers, Soushi often utilizes his transformations and swordsmanship. Kohina, a self-proclaimed living doll, decides to test the legend that playing Kokkuri-san by yourself you will be haunted by the spirit. Thus, the fox spirit takes on the role of a housekeeper and tries to help Kohina lead an ordinary childhood.

While fox spirits are rumored to value their freedom above everything, Kokkuri-san wasted no time devoting all of his efforts into taking care of the hopeless Kohina. It is later revealed that Kokkuri-san use to be revered as a god, but as people began to forget, Kohina remained the only one to continue visiting his shrine. Otome Yokai Zakuro Zakuro. With the rise of Westernization in Japan, tensions between humans and youkai have escalated.

A coalition is created between members of the army and several half-kitsune daughters to investigate and mediate problems that arise as a result of this. When they become partners, they must learn more about each other if they are to achieve their goals of peace for their kind.

Otome Yokai Zakuro has multiple fox girls which already is a huge plus for the show. This anime shows a more spiritual side to kitsune and youkai in general, despite the girls themselves lacking the trickery and mischievousness associated with their kind. This can be attributed to their human side, however. This is a great show that's a bit more serious than some of the others on this list and the spiritual aspect to how the girls fight is really captivating.

Gintarou is the kitsune herald of the Saeki family shrine, but only young Makoto can see him. She affectionately calls him Gin and often implores his help in telling fortunes and helping her friends. Though an ancient and revered spirit through her family line, Gintaro and Makoto share a close bond. Gingitsune shows a great example of a kitsune in the role of messenger of the god Inari as in the legends. He is able to fly and predict the future with the use of his fox fire.

He resides at the temple as a messenger of God but his words can only be known through the oracle Makoto. However, having such a strong bond, not limited to just hate or reverence, is refreshing for him.

Gingitsune follows the lives of these two as they strive to fulfill their roles. Kouta and Chizuru are absolutely inseparable, and their whole high school knows it. Things become much more complicated when Kouta finds out Chizuru is not the only youkai at the school… nor is she the only one after his heart! Kanokon features the fox spirit Chizuru, who showcases many of the powers associated with kitsune. She's mischievous and sneaky, she goes exactly for what she wants, and she possesses strong spiritual powers.

She can transform her appearance and also transform with Keita into an even more powerful being. Throughout the series, we get to meet more kitsune and even other youkai. When Nanami accidently becomes the new Land God of an abandoned shrine, she has some trouble getting used to her new home life. To make matters worse, the fox spirit that's supposed to become her familiar hates her and runs away. Eventually, Tomoe and Nanami come together and try to make the best of a situation neither of them asked for.

Everyday, Nanami must balance her life as a student and her life as a God. Even after she manages to seal a contract with Tomoe to become her familiar, things are not easy for the two of them. Some are displeased with Nanami as a God, and others hint of a past Tomoe, more cruel and cold than he is now. A common trait of kitsune is to fiercely protect their freedom and this we see clearly when he leaves his home upon discovering he has a new master.

He also possesses many of the powers and skills associated with kitsune. He often uses his fox fire to locate what he needs and uses his charm and trickery to manipulate people. Despite his griping, he serves his role as familiar and eventually, friend. Toru and Noboru are decedents of the Mizuchi bloodline, a family associated with spiritual powers over the element of water.

They have bound and defeated youkai through the centuries, and they have always depended on a female to fully wield its power. A powerful kitsune named Tenko Kugen is unbound and granted freedom in exchange for protecting Toru and Noboru. Kugen has her work cut out for her as these two boys seem to attract all kinds of trouble. Wagaya no Oinari-sama is a fantastic kitsune anime because it really portrays the kitsune as more than just a person with fox ears and super powers, or simply the herald of a God.

Kuugen makes use of her transformations all the time, often switching between male and female, a fox, and even mixing her fox and human forms. Her archaic way of speaking helps to remind you she is of a different time and her marveling at human technology and customs further serves to show her as a different entity. She often does what she wants with regard to humans, but still shows some reverence to benevolent spirits and Gods.

That is why Wagaya no Oinari-sama is our number 1 kitsune anime. And there we have it! While kitsune are fascinating and entrancing creatures, there doesn't seem to be quite enough anime that are focused on them specifically. There are other shows that are more broadly about the supernatural and youkai with kitsune being supporting characters, but that's not what we're here for.

Hopefully, this list will help you if you wish to learn more about kitsune, or if you just really love the way they look and with one of their defining characteristics being their attractiveness, we can't blame you. We talked about kitsune as spirits following their own agenda, supernatural heralds, and super-powered fighters.

What role interests you the most? Let us know in the comments! Author: May. Hey friends! I also love talking about passions with others! Previous Articles. Top 5 Anime by May. Recommended Post. Top 10 Kitsune Anime [Best Recommendations] 4. Honey's Anime. Our Hottest Cosplay Ever! Gingitsune Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods. Kamisama Hajimemashita Kamisama Kiss.

Previous Articles Top 5 Anime by May. Recommended Post What is Kitsune? Comedy Anime. Drama Anime. Romance Anime. Shoujo Anime.

Slice of Life Anime. Supernatural Anime.

Naruto Mash-Up Partners Sukuna with the Nine-Tailed Fox

Kitsune refers to the fox, both as an animal and as a spirit. Beautiful humans with magical or spiritual abilities have been used as characters in Japanese folklore for centuries. Usually, tales of ethereal, captivating women tricking human men for one reason or another turn out to be kitsune utilizing their powers of deception and transformation. In anime, creators often use a lot of creative license in just how these spirits look and behave, though they commonly have white hair and yellow eyes in human forms. The focus of their inclusion is often on their traditional religious aspects, yet sometimes they are present as a source of power or battle companion. Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja with big dreams. He wishes to one day become the greatest ninja and leader of his village and makes grand proclamations of his intentions.

for being the Jiinchuriki host of the one-tailed beast, Shukaku. and even Naruto's mind space with Kurama (the nine-tail fox).

5 great Kitsune anime for fans of the nine-tailed fox

The nine-tailed fox is a well-known Japanese folklore character, and there are several kitsune anime to choose from. Kitsune, the Japanese folkloric nine-tailed fox, is the inspiration for the Kitsune anime subgenre. Aesthetically appealing character designs and otherworldly personalities in pop culture have enticed people to this legendary creature that can change between human and fox form due to its mysterious nature. Kitsune anime are some of the best out there for those who love the nine-tailed fox. Kissstars the destitute Nanami, who is approached by a strange man named Mikage at the beginning of the story… She accepts his offer of a place to live without thinking about the repercussions. Because of the way his hair is trimmed, he appears to be in his early 20s, despite being several hundred years old. Tomoe wields rare fox-fire and can easily destroy mostyokai in the supernatural world as an extraordinarily powerful supernatural being. After refusing to become her familiar, he flees to the magical world, leaving Nanami to her own devices.

Top 10 Kitsune Anime [Best Recommendations]

nine tailed fox anime

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The Nine-Tailed Fox Folklore Behind Naruto, Inuyasha, and Other Kitsune Anime

The nine-tailed fox is a Japanese legend commonly depicted in pop culture — so common, in fact, that there are plenty of kitsune anime to check out. Kitsune anime is a subgenre promoted by the renowned nine-followed fox in Japanese fables. Given the secret encompassing its heavenly presence, tastefully satisfying person plans and powerful characters in mainstream society, many are attracted to this otherworldly being that can move among human and fox. He offers her a spot to live and she rapidly acknowledges, not understanding the ramifications behind the offer. Mikage is the Earth Deity of Mikage sanctum and he moves his faithful job to Nanami after she takes up residency there. He at first will not turn into her natural and getaways to the heavenly world to participate in languid lewdness while passing on Nanami to battle for herself.

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So is Naruto a Kitsune? These are tricky wiry multi-tailed fox spirits that I happen to really like. Even though some of them are surprisingly gloomy. Ok, so technically Pyo is also possessed by a Kitsune rather than being one himself but hey, it was my favourite part of The God of Highschool. I like the blending of mythology just adds just a bit of depth that I appreciate. Maybe there are different Kitsune species. However, Mungetsu is the one that looks the most traditional to me, with his facial markings and nine tails. This said the little fox at the restaurant is also adorable!

Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of inner.

5 Great Kitsune Anime for Fans of the Nine-Tailed Fox

Anime represents a wide variety of animals in its shows and movies. Sometimes even imaginary beings from popular folklore or legends can be seen in anime. One of the staples and common animals which we do encounter in an anime is a fox.

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Kitsune anime is a popular subgenre that features the legendary nine-tailed fox from Japanese folklore. Some of the most popular anime of all time, such as Naruto , center around the nine-tailed fox and its immense power.

Jujutsu Kaisen and Naruto might have a lot of differences when it comes to the world of ninjas and supernatural curses, but both of their protagonists share a similar affliction. Both Naruto and Yuji Itadori have spent a large amount of their respective Shonen series struggling with their inner demons, as Kurama and Sukuna are able to grant them wild abilities but come with a deadly price in doing so. Now, one fan artist has created some spot-on crossover art that sees the two franchises unite. While Yuji and Sukuna most definitely do not get along , Naruto and the nine-tailed fox were able to come to terms with one another after years of adventurers, with Kurama finding it more than acceptable to permanently lend his energy to the boy who would become Hokage. Recently in the Shonen franchise, however, Konoha lost their hidden weapon when Kurama died fighting against Jigen of the Kara Organization.

The anime series has defined the hairstyle of a generation, as everyone wants to look like a Super Saiyan. Have you ever wished for a different education? Well, Assassination Classroom goes this route and introduces you to a teacher whose sole mission to his students is to assassinate him at the end of the school year. An octopus-like creature destroys most of the moon and threatens to destroy the Earth.

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