Chihayafuru less than perfect

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Chihayafuru (2011): Season 1 Review

Arata may be perfect, but his arrogance will cost him the title of Master. I am with Taichi The best Character development so far all the way. Ikr, speaking of the pattern, Arata has already on top from the very beginning in term of karuta. It requires touch of vulnerability to shake his journey. Yay to team Taichi bcs I do agree his character has the most eloquent development.

Post a Comment. Anime Review: Chihayafuru not a pro review so go away. July 11, May contain spoiler so go away. I feel bad being this rude not to write more detailed information about this anime too bad this is not goodreads hiksu. I mean you can always find them in Wikipedia right. But I will do give brief the super subjective ones information due to my respect towards the authors. I don't feel obligated to write you the summary so just read it on Wiki-san OR watch it instead!

You'll see the heroine is a dumb-honest and cheerful high-schooler who has a model-like body posture but notso good at academic thingy. A typical shoujo manga heroine. No wonder they put 'drama' in its genre. Because she loves karuta! And no girl in shoujo manga in their right mind would love karuta! HO HO! It's not like Chihaya is a literature lover that'll go on Oe Kana-chan , she had no dream and nothing particular to interest to when she was just a sixth grader.

Instead, her first motivation on playing is quite simple and naive; Wataya Arata. But, it's not like what you're thinking even when I don't know what you're thinking anyway, I don't even know whom I am talking to right now. Arata introduces her to karuta and encourages her to become a Queen of karuta of course.

But that's all. Her love to karuta grows stronger with or without Arata. She is a very lovely character, I must remark. I wish I could be that passionate on reaching my goals like Chihaya does. I wish I could be a dumb-honest chocolate eater whose spirit is impassioned.

For me, people who put such passion on something they really like are the most beautiful kind of people. Chihaya makes me want to try a little harder on whatever I'm fighting now. I had my planned subjects for the next semester done while watching her. Te-he I show off already.

Sorry not sorry. Speaking of the heroes yeah, there are two of them , we have Wataya Arata, a megane-kyun who has freaking incredible skill on karuta, and Mashima Taichi, the hottest guy in school who masters any academical subjects and any sports. Have I mentioned that Chihaya, Arata and Taichi are childhood friends? Yea, and they make the best love triangle I've ever seen but since our heroine is clueless about almost everything but karuta, so the love thingy is not a big thing.

It is easy to determine that Chihaya likes Arata better woopsspoiler! I can see myself in him especially the way he thinks and manages the match. He has awesome skill that frightens me, yet the author wisely puts him in B class of karuta of course until the latest episodes. He is perfect but his weakness plays a bigger role. That's what I really like about this character out of so many ikemen out there. But still I also like Arata slightly better than Taichi. I mean you can't just ignore a megane-kyun character right?

What shocked me later is apparently Arata's family is super normal and he has good social life too this makes me SO strangely happy well basically everything that is out of the mainstream makes me happy.

It shows me that Arata is special because he IS special. He doesn't need drama to be special. Well, his grandfather who was an eternal Master of karuta plays a big role too.

OH I'm also mad in love with Arata's Fukui accent. Totally an awesome feature for an awesome character. I need to see how Kana-chan becomes a certified reader, or how Tsukue-kun continues his karuta, or how Chihaya's college life goes later with Arata in Tokyo, or how the Queen, Shinobu-chan, loses another match and becomes Chihaya's best friend and best rival. To conclude, Chihayafuru is for me an inspiring anime that I directly put in my favorite anime list check out my MyAnimeList account but don't add me as a friend because it's useless and it's not a beneficial action :3 , we might share common favorite anime.

Chihayafuru has awesome characterization, not that kind of witty characters but they're inspiring by their action. Here is the biggest spoiler; Chihayafuru is not Chihaya. Chihayafuru is Arata. But it doesn't mean that Chihaya cannot become one. I am SO excited to see it even when I know I'll have to wait a thousand years to get it available on torrents DIE you foul loathsome evil little cockcroach.

I'm also relieved that Yamaken doesn't get involved lol. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like Yamaken but he has dominated enough live actions so yeah ehehe. Instead, they have Nomura Shuhei-kun playing Taichi's role I didn't recognize him at all with that hakama and long brown hair!! I'm also excited to see who takes Shinobu-chan's role because she's a special character!

I hope this one turns out good like Chibi Maruko-chan's live action Geh. Now since I have finished both seasons, I don't know what to do. I don't think I want to move on to another anime. I'm planning to continue 'Sakamoto desu ga? Anyway I've just downloaded the ova, I'll watch it right away kthxbye. Dexby de Guzman October 2, at AM. Lisa Kurnianingsih January 28, at PM.

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Anime Review: Chihayafuru Season 3 Finale

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You're not an elementary school student any more - recognise that. Look at your student handbook Competitive karuta started from perfect memorisation.

Is this Chihayafuru show actually any good or just another crappy Josei?

Arata may be perfect, but his arrogance will cost him the title of Master. I am with Taichi The best Character development so far all the way. Ikr, speaking of the pattern, Arata has already on top from the very beginning in term of karuta. It requires touch of vulnerability to shake his journey. Yay to team Taichi bcs I do agree his character has the most eloquent development. Post a Comment. Anime Review: Chihayafuru not a pro review so go away. July 11, May contain spoiler so go away.

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 7: Hopes and Dreams

chihayafuru less than perfect

Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. By The-Sakura-Samurai. Published: Mar 26,

Sure, I can point to several small things, but something about the poems, the sport, Chihaya, Tachi, and Arata adds up to a sum far greater than the individual parts or the unique elements that make up Chihayafuru. This review covers both seasons.

The WORST episodes of Chihayafuru

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Shipping: Arata x Chihaya x Taichi (Chihayafuru)

Beloved manga series that revolutionized a traditional Japanese card game will officially end on August 1 with some special commemorative features. Throughout its run, it has also popularized competitive karuta among the younger Japanese crowd, paving the way for increased participation in karuta after-school club activities around the country. While Volume 49 was originally announced to be the final volume of collected chapters of the series, publisher Kodansha has now confirmed that the series will conclude with Chapter in the September issue of Be Love, available on August 1. This issue will pay tribute to the series with a Chihayafuru cover and include a colored poster and commemorative essays with remarks from members of the anime and live-action casts. While all good things must come to end, having an official end date does feel a bit bittersweet to me personally as I just recently started reading Chihayafuru.

Not anyone can do that, taichi was a great leader with special skills, he's not just anyone. Taichi didn't pull together a club alone chihaya was with him too.

Chihayafuru – 02

I wonder why the author went out of the way to break them up though, having another girlfriend would have been a good excuse to keep Taichi sidelined as a love interest. Anyway on less shippy talk I like how his first thought goes immediately to Arata. It really strengthens them as a trio that Taichi cares about Arata in his own way too.

An engaged couple inviting their single friend over to their apartment for dinner is never a date. Neither does the fact that Taichi is wearing his nicer new button-down shirt. When Chihaya leans across the table and kisses him, that might change things. Taichi spits sake all over Arata in shock. It can take weeks or months.

Chihayafuru is a surprisingly intense anime about the unusual, and quintessentially Japanese, card game or sport [1] of competitive karuta.

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