Best saturday morning cartoons 2020

Grab your favorite sugary cereal and cozy up with these innovative animated shorts. Two male peacocks have trouble finding mates—until they find each other. A young child explores their identity and place in the world through the magic of the sea. Min and Lillian are best friends After losing his job, Toomas the hung wolf finds sex work to support his family. In the far future, Sonia is about to be transferred from her space station, but her mind is elsewhere.

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The acme of Bill Leff’s career: Morning cartoon show on MeTV

Nothing makes you feel like a kid again faster than tuning in to these colorful, hilarious, and sometimes downright weird animated shows. There are plenty of classics you'll recall fondly, such as Talespin and Doug , as well as a few forgotten treasures. For instance, did you remember the mid-'90s cartoon based off the Mighty Ducks that starred anthropomorphic, hockey-loving ducks from another dimension? As you might expect, '90s kids are very well represented, and there are tons of shows that will make any Millennial a little misty with memories.

Just read a few of the titles and you'll remember all the words to theme songs you haven't heard in years. A Saturday morning cartoon staple from , Disney's Dalmatians follows the adventures of Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and friends as they navigate life in a new farm home. Most of the stories are centered around the puppies and their barnyard animal buddies, but some familiar human faces such as Cruella DeVil also make an appearance as well.

The show only ran for one season, but there are an impressive 65 episodes available, so your dalmatian-loving kid will have plenty of adventures to enjoy. Airing from to , Adventures of the Gummi Bears followed Gruffi, Zummi, Cubbi, and all the rest on their journeys through a magical land.

Over the course of 65 episodes, the Gummi Bears encounter trolls, ogres, a frost giant, and many more magical creatures, and they drink gummiberry juice to bounce away from their foes. Just be warned that you will be singing "Dashing and daring, courageous and caring" after hearing the theme song once again, because it is an earworm straight out of the '80s. Follow the adventures of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Hawkeye, Falcon, and more Marvel heroes long before they became big-screen legends.

The Avengers: United They Stand , which first aired in October , is set in a distant future in which the heroes wear elaborate costumes when they go into battle. Keep an eye out for cameos from Captain America, Iron Man, and a few more big names. A quick episode, one-season run, this is one series you can easily marathon-watch to completion.

Kids who are fans of the expansive Marvel universe will enjoy checking out these old cartoons on Disney Plus for a more retro take on their favorite heroes. A former cartoon star, Bonkers T. Bobcat finds a new gig working for the LAPD as their first toon officer. With supporting characters like Mad Hatter, Skunky Skunk, and Roderick Lizzard, Bonkers has everything you could want from a cartoon.

The 65 episodes have punny titles and hilarious premises. Watching Bonkers team up with the human Piquel to solve crimes in Hollywood never gets old. For some millennials, no cartoon will ever top Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers , the show that put a small group of plucky rodents in charge of solving mysteries. Taking fashion cues from pop culture heroes of the time, such as Indiana Jones and Magnum, P.

Following a curse, Goliath and his gargoyle team sleep for 1, years, awaking in modern NYC. Gargoyles follows these warriors as they face enemies new and old in this beloved classic cartoon on Disney Plus. Over the course of three seasons and 78 episodes, these creatures from medieval Scotland secretly guard the citizens of New York at nighttime.

During the day, they are stone. A cartoon with a distinctly dark tone, the gargoyles battle supernatural forces and mobsters alike. A coming-of-age story, Hercules follows the hero's younger years of training under Phil the satyr. This cartoon also has guest appearances from the Olympian Gods and Goddesses, and of course Hades shows up from time to time as well. Over the course of 65 episodes, the younger Herc deals with crushes, prom dates, homecoming, and a random visit from Jafar in episode More focused on laughs than strictly sticking to the Greek myths, this cartoon is a fun watch for anyone who enjoyed the animated film, or Percy Jackson fans who want a fresh take on familiar characters.

No list of classic cartoons would be complete without a mention of this absolute gem. A superhero parody, Darkwing Duck is both silly and action-packed. Keep up with Darkwing, his daughter Gosalyn, and sidekick Launchpad McQuack in this wild crime-fighting romp from the early '90s.

Most any kid who grew up in the '90s remembers Doug , the gentle animated series that focused on real-life topics. A shy, journal-keeping boy in Bluffington, Doug Funnie is helped out by his friend Skeeter, dog Porkchop, and dramatic sister Judy. Definitely watch the intro with your kids, which features the iconic scene of Scrooge McDuck diving into a giant vault of gold.

Did you know there was a whole TV series starring Kuzco? Beloved characters from the movie, Kronk and Yzma, are also along for the ride. And yes, Yzma is still voiced perfectly by Eartha Kitt in the television series as well. With a cast rounded out by neighbors Pete and PJ, this show is a heartwarming look at one of Disney's most iconic characters. Honestly, Goofy deserves more celebration for his role as a great dad to Max.

You and your kid will love watching the adventures of this silly family in Spoonerville, and there are 78 episodes to keep you entertained for several days on end. This honestly still feels like a new cartoon to me, but Kim Possible first came out in At any rate, Kim Possible and her best friend Ron Stoppable work to save the world from crime, all while dealing with the usual high school drama.

Basically, these earlys superheroes have serious staying power, too, so you and your kids can get all caught up on their adventures. Because Stitch was Experiment , there's at least others running around, after all, and the series picks up where the first movie left off. Lilo and Stitch work to capture Stitch's cousins before they can cause too much mischief, but of course there are plenty of mishaps along the way.

Does anyone remember this particular old cartoon from Disney Plus? Airing one season in , Mighty Ducks The Animated Series featured hockey-playing ducks from Puckworld who end up stranded on another dimension: Earth.

A blend of sports, sci-fi, and comedy, this show was very different from the heartwarming Emilio Estevez film series that shares its name. Revisit this forgotten gem with your kids for some laughs, and watch along as the ducks time travel, fight robots, and battle the memorable villain Dragaunus. With episode titles like "Puck Fiction" and "Jurassic Puck," it's about as '90s as you can get. The show has a lot of puck-based puns, understandably.

Airing from to , Pepper Ann is a coming-of-age animated comedy about a teenager who is just trying to be cool. The 65 episodes cover issues with dress codes, a school science fair, and crushes in a comedic and relatable way. One of the newer classic cartoons to stream on the list, Phineas and Ferb ran from to In an effort to have the best summer vacation ever, step brothers Phineas and Ferb take on an elaborate new project every day.

Aided by Perry the Platypus, the boys try to complete their wacky projects before anybody tells their mom. Over the course of four seasons and episodes, the brothers build a backyard rollercoaster, travel into the future, create their own language Ferb Latin , and host a global summer concert. In this coming-of-age comedy, Penny Proud is a young teenager navigating school, friendships, and of course family life. The Proud Family , which ran from to , features unforgettable characters like Penny's best friend Dijonay, as well as her grandmother Suga Mama.

Over the course of 52 episodes, the characters go camping, deal with rumors, and take on a spelling bee. And yes, many of the original cast members are already on board. Did you know there were so many different cartoons starring ducks? The nephews basically get into trouble while Donald and Daisy travel the world looking for stories to report.

Over the course of the show, the nephews deal with a creepy and possibly haunted mansion, thwart art thieves, and search for treasures on a volcanic island. This version has the same adventurous spirit as the s show. This was one of those cartoons that felt especially relatable and smart. Airing from to , Recess shows what life is like for the fourth graders at Third Street Elementary School, where the kids are ruled by King Bob the sixth grader. The children form their own society during recess, with its own laws and class system.

The flip phone alone tells you The Replacements is serving up some sweet early s style. Siblings Riley and Todd are able to replace any adult in their life with a call to the Fleemco company. Parents, teachers, and lifeguards alike get replaced on a whim, leading to some wild adventures. The 21 episodes from the first season include a parent-child talent competition, issues with an imaginary girlfriend, and fights with best friends, all complicated by the sudden appearance of replacement adults.

This might be the most classic cartoon of them all, and there's enough episodes to keep you entertained for a very long time. You'll have a blast explaining to your kid that the adventures of Homer, Bart, and the rest of the family were seen as super-edgy when the show first aired. Plus, rewatching now gives you a chance to catch all the jokes that flew over your head as a kid. Give this show a watch with your kids, who will be amazed to see the earlier versions of heroes and villains they know from the Marvel movies.

Seriously, the cartoon version of Loki is nothing like the character you know from Tom Hiddleston. Many millennial kids will remember this series from as peak superhero cartoon time. Octopus, Venom, and even the X-Men. There are 65 episodes of web-slinging justice to enjoy, and plenty of the storylines are pulled straight from the classic comics.

Jumping at you from , Spider-Woman is the cartoon you didn't know you needed. After being bitten by a poisonous spider, Jessica Drew gets injected with "spider serum" and becomes a superhero. It's a great chance to show your kid what superhero cartoons were like way before they and in many cases their parents were born. This editor-by-day fights demons, searches for gold stolen from Fort Knox, and battles human-spider aliens.

It feels like the Spider-Woman series featuring Jessica Drew would be perfect for a reboot, and the iconic suit would be a great choice for your next Halloween or convention costume. If you say the phrase "classic cartoon," this show is probably the one that comes to mind for a whole generation of viewers. In Talespin , Baloo is a bush pilot who goes on aerial adventures with his navigator, the young Kit. Hop on board the Sea Duck to outwit air pirates, try get-rich-quick schemes, and search for hidden treasures.

Give it a watch to see The Jungle Book characters in a whole new light. What happens when a dog tries to go to school disguised as a real kid? In Teacher's Pet , Spot navigates slumber parties, parent-teacher nights, and other 5th grade struggles.

Current kids will still enjoy the adventures of this student-dog from the year , with all his ridiculous schemes to avoid letting anyone know that Spot is actually a dog. With the help of human friend Leonard, the pair go through 39 different episodes of experiences. Conjunction Junction, what's your function? A series of quick educational songs from the early '70s, a lot of School House Rock!

Childhood Memories and The End of Saturday Morning Cartoons

Sitting up on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons is one of life's purest memories. It's one we return to when we want to think of joy, of peace, of life before it got too hard. So why don't we all take a trip down memory lane, visit the cartoons people answered with when asked what they would be watching on Saturday morning as a kid. Maybe you'll find your old favorite in here! No joke, to this day I'm a massive Transformers fan.

And so it goes without saying that we sure do love us some cartoons. starting from our earliest days with the Saturday morning and after-school shows.

The best kids’ cartoons to stream right now

Pour yourself a big bowl of Donutz or Waffelos cereal, because it's and we're watching cartoons. The reign of Hanna-Barbera was still in full swing, though the Filmation studio gave them a run for their money. The Saturday morning cartoon schedule included old as in characters from the s favorites and some brand new faces. There were even some sitcom spin-offs. Godzilla palled about with little Godzooky — and dragged along a lot of old reruns, including The Funky Phantom shorts that were nearly a decade old. You think we are oversaturated with superheroes today? They were nearly a prevalent back in Loads of DC heroes were packed into Super Friends , and there are more to be found below. Fangface was a good deal like Scooby-Doo , only imagine if Shaggy turned into a dog.

Saturday Morning Cartoon

best saturday morning cartoons 2020

If you are a fan of classic Bugs Bunny cartoons, then get ready for some nostalgic fun in Mark your calendar for Jan. Starting at 7 a. EST, MeTV check your local listings for channels in your area will begin airing an amazing lineup of the shows many of us loved as kids. Fans looking to return to the glory days of their childhoods had a specific request for network programmers and kept bombarding them with e-mails and messages about their favorite cartoons, MeTV revealed in their announcement about the three-hour cartoon block coming to Saturday mornings.

Nothing makes you feel like a kid again faster than tuning in to these colorful, hilarious, and sometimes downright weird animated shows.

30+ Awesome '90s Cartoons To Help You Feel Like A Kid Again

Getting up early, pouring yourself a big old bowl of Fruity Pebbles or Trix, making a blanket fort, and watching your Saturday morning cartoons. It was sacred time for the kid to rejuvenate from their school week and get lost in the world of animated fun. This article is a celebration of the best of these Kings of Cartoons and the multitude of shows they churned out over the span of five decades. Super Friends Adventure and super powers abounded on Saturday mornings with the many inceptions of the Super Friends. Drawing from the beloved world of D. Zan and Jayna, the Wonder Twins, and their monkey Gleek were apprentices of the heroes, often having a special segment of their own.

Top 10 Best 2000s Saturday Morning Cartoon Intros

Yes, that day after TGIF that was more exciting than the idea of unlimited mimosas on a bomb ass brunch menu. It was the best time of the week and for some, the most formative element of our lives, making us the nerds we are today. Being an unofficial auntie I know I love sharing my childhood with my little niblings. This all came to be when I would wake up with my husband on Saturdays and Sundays, make breakfast, and have this internal feeling to watch cartoons. It was like ingrained in my soul. We find a current cartoon we love and would watch a few episodes in the mornings or afternoons. We really started this with Avatar: The Last Airbender because we could not get enough of it, but it grew and grew and is the highlight of my weekend. We all know that some of the cartoons that came on those glorious mornings were definitely older than us.

The AV Readers' Choice Poll What was the the best animated film of ? and “The Secret Origins of Saturday Morning Cartoons”!

Week Six Power Poll: 1980s Saturday morning cartoon villains

Are you wondering where to watch old cartoons on the web? Thankfully, there are plenty of sites that can come to your rescue. If you want to watch classic cartoons, keep reading. We're going to explain how to watch old cartoons online.

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October 11th will be my 2 year writing anniversary with Comicdom Wrecks — hard to believe, right? Each Saturday, me, J. I try to split my posts up between cartoons that I liked and watched regularly, cartoons that I liked but may have only watched or remembered a handful of episodes, cartoons that were recommended to me, and cartoons that I picked out randomly. Occasionally, a Bad Weed shows up.

There were few things as exciting as the anticipation of watching Saturday morning cartoons when I was a child. From Bugs Bunny to The Flintstones , they were funny, entertaining, and wildly inappropriate for the most part.

This was the Saturday morning cartoon lineup in 1980 — how many do you remember?

Animation continues to be a wildly popular medium and few things were finer for children of the late twentieth century than a big heaping bowl of cereal, sitting in front of the television still in feety pajamas, bright and early on Saturday mornings. Animation aficionados often claim that today's kids are missing out on one of the staples of growing up under the shadow of the Baby Boomer and Gen X coming of age. Over at Ranker , a poll shows the cream of the old-school cartoon crop. This Hanna-Barbera space-age classic, along with its era-opposite counterpart The Flintstones , defined an entire genre made for children. Despite its limited episode run, it had a profound and lasting impact on pop culture, setting a whole gamut of future expectations for many an impressionable viewer. Folks still wonder why they don't yet have personal flying cars, robot maids, and a two-hour, two-day workweek. George, Jane, Elroy, Judy, and their dog Astro had plenty of madcap adventures and the show is remembered fondly by all, still holding up in syndication reruns.

The joyful legacy of Saturday-morning cartoons is alive and well in The technology of animation just keeps getting better and better, even if sometimes it can veer towards uncanny valley territory looking at you, CATS. But more often than not, animated movies give us the unique gift of whimsical renderings of our wildest dreams.

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