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When it comes to the perfect Saturday morning, these classics made every weekend amazing. One of the best parts about being a child has to be the simple innocence of it all. And there is nothing more simple and innocent than sitting down to enjoy classic cartoons. Growing up, cartoons were the best part of Saturday mornings.

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Ahhh…Saturday Morning Cartoons. The attempt to turn cartoons into glorified minute advertisements meant that the competition for viewers was fierce and many entertaining shows were denied the spotlight. See how many of these hidden gems that deserved a better fate you can remember. The not-so-cleverly titled world of Water-O was populated with main characters Dolph, Walro, Mako and other team members with sea creature names who were human, but transformed into their water-based forms to protect the planet against the evil T-ray.

Maybe two wrongs do make a right! While these anthropomorphic animals were nowhere near as endearing as those Little Rascals, the simple story concept of friendship and teamwork during neighborhood adventures remains timeless. While the basis of this show boils down to good guys vs.

In Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, the humans have to battle plant-based villains dubbed the Monster Mind with the creepy Saw Boss as their leader. Unlike most other cartoons that had neatly self-contained story episodes, this one had a continuing story arc from infamous writer J. Michael Straczynski. Unfortunately, the finale was never aired and the episode arc is unresolved. Ok, call me crazy, but this one just looks fun. Admittedly the concept is a bit goofy, but sometimes you just need some lighthearted entertainment.

I dare you. In a land where science and technology have failed, heroes are reliant on magic. Each main character has a specific magical power such as wisdom, fire, and strength, but also can turn into a totem-specific animal bonus!

I so distinctly remember the Visionaries toy line, complete with their hologram chest plates, that I was shocked to learn this series only lasted a mere 13 episodes.

With an animation style most similar to Gummi Bears , these cute creatures were two different animals rolled into one. Dinosaurs and humans. Are you noticing a recurring theme here? People riding dinosaurs with lasers? Totally believable. Dystopian Futures are all the rage now, but Spiral Zone was ahead of its time. Protective suits allowed five heroes to enter the Spiral Zone safely to battle bad guys and fight as the resistance.

Mad scientists, a dystopian future, and zombies? Someone call AMC. However, the series has some redeeming qualities. It may not be perfect, but it deserved more than its mere 13 episodes.

Autotune, anyone? The theme song may be futuristic, but the plot to this one is as basic as enduring high school. Although it was set in space, this fun cartoon was relatable to anyone who ever survived junior high.

Everyone had bullies and the battle for popularity in their school, this one just had more aliens. This series from creative legend Chris Columbus is definitely worth another look. I had a few toys from Sky Commanders. It was okay. What kid wakes up early on a Sunday morning? Also, I recall liking The Orbots.

The them song is awesome. I had forgotten about most of these, but just watching the theme song for Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors brought back so many memories!

I loved Dino Riders back in the day and was lucky enough to have most of the toys. I also remember the holographic chests from the Visionaries. Watched a lot of these as a kid—Dinosaurs among them. But Galaxy High has long been my favorite. It actually aired for two seasons, not one. First Run Syndication. I am kind of a nut about these things so pardon my stepping on any toes, I mean not to offend, simply readjust the perception.

It is favorite of the list. Visionaries is also good, I had an action figure of it once. TigerShark is not even the best toon in The Comic Strip. It's a toss-up between TigerSharks and Camp Minimon for the worst toon in that show. Hey i noticed you all talking about old cartoons guess what i have every epsoides of most shows.

Well how i end up with the tv series. Back then When gradad was younger he used to record every Saturday morning cartoons from Just now i inheirted his VCr Tapes Collections Some of the film that was recorded before s was on film reels he converted the film reel on to a VHs Tapes when it first became available slowly i,m going thru it converting these to the dvd discs.

Believe it or not some the series have the oringal commericals when it was on Air. So basically so far i ran across Wuzzles , Transformers , some of the intersating cartoons plus i ran across some of the Muppet show some of these series on the VHs did not get a VHs or dvd release.

I,m glad my grandad gave me his collection. Skip to content. Liked it? Nintendo Bets Big on Fan Creativity. Related Posts. I also remember the holographic chests from the Visionaries great stuff! Dinosaucers-First Run Syndication. Spiral Zone-First Run Syndication. Sky Commanders-First Run Syndication. Galaxy High was great. Loading Comments Email Required Name Required Website.

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80s cartoons was the peak of product placement animation, where because tv was now a very common place in households (wasn't really the case in the 60s.

The 10 Best 80s Cartoons That Will Make You Nostalgic For Childhood

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Not your original work? Add source. Now, we've already talked about '80s TV shows and the best kids' movies , and it is finally the time to talk about cartoons of the decade. And while some of these will be painfully familiar and practically a synonym of your childhood, we bet that some will be new to you, so it's a good place to search for some nostalgic animated entertainment. Compared to their predecessors of earlier decades, the eighties cartoons became braver with showing heroes battling enemies though the violence displayed now seems pretty meek , using adult-oriented jokes and references, and becoming generally flashier.

The 10 best ’80s cartoon characters

best site for 80s cartoons

But movie adaptations don't always stay in the same dimension. In fact, the cartoon The Pink Panther is based off a small segment in the opening segment of the comedy of the same name. But in the s, TV adaptations hit a new level. Movies were getting cartoons left and right in an effort to see which ones would stick. And some of them did

Times were simpler back then, but all the more enjoyable.

Recommended Cartoons from the 80s/90s to watch?

The '80s weren't only known for its extreme fashion — big hair, don't care — it was also a time where TV cartoons were all the rage. From Jem and the Holograms to DuckTales , the shows were action-packed and full of memorable characters. Why it's awesome: Inspector Gadget was almost an animated version of iconic TV detective Maxwell Smart, a bumbling detective oblivious to danger around him. Don Adams' comedic touch made this show so much fun to watch, and every kid wanted Penny's computer book which was kind of a proto-iPad. Why it's awesome: In an era dominated by cartoons aimed at guys, Jem was one for the girls.

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Online media outlet LoveFilm has just reported a massive surge in popularity for classic animated series - we're talking '80s and '90s vintage here - on its online streaming service - the likes of The Real Ghostbusters , X-Men and He-Man: Masters of the Universe have all leapt up the charts. This week's Week in Geek is all about paying tribute to those classic kids' cartoons of yesteryear - the kind of animated gems you just don't get on telly anymore. So pop on your rose-tinted spectacles and prepare to take a warm dip in a bath full of nostalgia juice Ulysses 31 Classic tales of Greek mythology were transposed to deep space in the 31st century for this brilliant, Star Wars -inspired Franco-Japanese series. Aah, my companions! The Mysterious Cities of Gold "Children of the sun, see your time has just begun Thundercats One of the best-remembered '80s series, Thundercats is a bona-fide classic - Cartoon Network's recent revival is a decent effort , but it can't compare with our memories of the original. Transformers Forget Michael Bay's big-screen abominations, this is the real Transformers - a fantastic animated series that reached its peak with Transformers: The Movie , a big-screen spinoff that killed off several major characters and even included a swear!

Other good 80s shows like DuckTales and The Gummi Bears also appear on this list of s cartoon shows. The Transformers was a favorite s TV show and it.

Where to watch old cartoons online free? This post rounds up 6 good websites that dedicate to or include good free old cartoons. Go to these websites and relive your childhood with your favorite nostalgic cartoons.

Growing up as a kid in the 80s had its perks, one of those being the weird and awesome assortment of animated series to hit our televisions. Sure, there were no Internet-connected devices or gaming consoles to keep us entertained. We had to make our own fun. But for a few hours every week, these awesome 80s cartoons kept us glued to the couch. The classic 80s animated series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe , originally aired for two seasons — Even though reboot attempts have never quite lived up to the original, the series continues to spawn He-Man inspired cosplays and love from fans around the world.

We rewatched our top 10 fave 80s cartoons featured in the previous post The 10 Best 80s Cartoons we published 7 years ago.

While the animation may seem outdated and some of the episodes corny, all those beloved shows revolved around the idea of discovering the superior power of friendship, no matter the odds. These cartoons transcend time itself, and still give people of all ages—not just 80s kids—a warm feeling in their hearts. After the destruction of their home planet, Thundara, a group of feline aliens comes to Earth seeking refuge. Along with beloved friends like Launchpad the pilot, the three ducklings manage to get into some hilarious shenanigans as they discover the power of friendship, love, and family. Inspector Gadget tells the story of the titular detective as he tries to outwit master criminal Dr. Gadget is so named because he is actually a cyborg, and possesses unique abilities to call upon for investigative purposes—ike a helicopter blade, which comes out of his hat and allows him to fly around the city. He-Man, known as Prince Adam, lives on Eternia, a magical planet.

You are encountering an atypical installment of this podcast. Instead of the discussion of sitcoms, this one concerns the discussion of s cartoons - and with none other than leading '80s cartoon authority and Netflix director of original series Ted Biaselli! You are encountering an atypical episode for this podcast. Read the transcript for this episode here.

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