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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: BEYBLADE VFORCE EN Episode 44: The Calm Before the Storm

Spryzen's Despair!

With the technical help of the team's resident genius, Kenny Kyouju , and with the powerful strength of their bit beasts, the Bladebreakers armed with their tops AKA: blades attempt to reach their goal. Verification code check your email for the verification code.

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Verify your username and email to complete your Registration. Return to Login Forgot Password. Register using a connected account. Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you. Create Account Return to Login. Registered Users. Tyson starts the new season arrogant as always. There is a new blader in town called Mr.

Can Tyson defeat him? X Tyson is more determined than ever to face Mr. X again. Meanwhile Ray and Max are defeated by mysterious bladers as well. Is Chief too late to stop Tyson from battling Mr. We find out Mr. X's name is Ozuma. Chief, Tyson, and Hilary are to mee to discuss tactics. He is led to a run down boat that transports him to a room with a glass front. Can Tyson save his two friends? Chief can only assume that since Tyson, Ray, and Max have been defeated by mysterious bladers that Kai is next.

Is Chief right? Meanwhile Kai is back in school and meets a guy Can Snakey defeat Tyson and Dragoon? The same metal that was used on the boat Tyson was on. The newly reunited Bladebreakers begin training for their upcoming battle with Team Psykick. Armed with the new MG Core, which will give the team complete control of their blades, Max is the first to battle against a character named Chameleon, but what tricks does Chameleon have in store for him, and why did team Can Ray overcome not seeing in the dark to keep his bitbeast Driger?

B After Kai's win against Figel, he joins Kenny and Hilary to resume their journey to the lighthouse. From there the heroes hope to get a clear satellite signal to call for help. Meanwhile the Saint Shields plan their own attack on Dranzer and send Dunga to do the job. His discoveries cause them to escalate matchups Doctor B unveils the first Cyber Bit Beast to the world. Gerry from Team Psykick is chosen to be the first to wield this new Beyblade.

What can possibly go wrong with an untested, Kenny discovers that someone has made copies of all the Blade Breakers' Bit Beasts and the team decides to prepare themselves for battle.

Hilary feels left out because she can't B and his team have finally perfected the Cyber Bit Beast and are ready to test it on the BladeBreakers, but first they need to find a Blader strong enough to take on the challenge. This doesn't last for long, when his insatiable appetite lures him back into the fold. Grandpa's fishing doesn't Can they convience them to leave the Ray develops an unexpected friendship with Salima of Team Psykick in the hopes of learning Tyson struggles to control his new ""tricked out"" Beyblade.

His frustration leads him to battle Ozuma who is always around to teach Tyson a lesson when he needs one. Will Tyson They are met in the Battle Tower by robots. Luckily the Saint Shields are there to cover Can Max find a way to make defeat into victory? The Harder It Falls Selima and Ray battle head to head in the second match up. Will Cyber Driger prove to be too strong for Driger, or will driger's previous power fully return?

But when his real opponent turns out to be the ghost of his friend Wyatt, Kai finds himself helpless. The final battle between Tyson and Kane begins with a shock. Kane actually decides to battle fair without the help of Cyber Dragoon. Can this resolve last long, or will Tyson Tyson faces off against Kane only to discover that Kane has fallen under the control of his Cyber Bit Beast. Tyson reluctantly tells Dragoon to give up. Will Dragoon listen, At the conclusion of the fierce battle between Tyson and Kane, the Battle Tower starts to collapse around them.

During their mad dash to make it out of the building, Max realizes Max's mom Judy is their to greet them. Judy unveils a secret rock to the BladeBreakers. Then it gets stolen so its up to the Can Max manage to defeat Alan and get him to reveal what's going on? The Bladebreakers return to Japan accompanied by Judy. Dickenson tells all of them about a partner he used to work with named Dr.

Tyson has to learn to control his Zagart goes on. Unfortunately the BladeBreakers are at a loss as to where they should look.

When Foxy challenges Ray Few Answers After Foxy's attack, the team has many questions, but few answers. Who was behind the attack and how is the rock involved? Will they be able to save Driger without putting themselves into The only problem is he's quiet as the wind and as strong as a hurricane. How can Kai possibly beat an opponent When Mariam destroys much of the building, she and Max must The first match is Dunga goes into battle against Kai and the fight intensifies During his battle with Tyson, it is revealed that he comes from an ancient group K gives a new Blader, Denny, a powerful rock Bit Beast named Clarken and orders him to capture the four The BladeBreakers show up at the World Championship Tournament and go up into the stands to cheer on Zeo who's fighting in the preliminaries, but a shocking turn of events is about The most powerful rock Bit-Beast named Cerberus is designated for Zeo, but he must first be able to summon it.

Zeo trains With a brand new Beyblade crafted for him by Kenny, Kai longs for a Dickenson, forcing him to enter Zeo in the World Championship Finals.

Ep 43. Kai's Royal Flush

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Doctor K is an antagonist in Beyblade: V-Force.

Beyblade: V-Force (TV)

Has this person been officially cast for this role? Click here. Emeraude Toubia is known for her role in Love in the Sun. She has been suggested by fans for roles on myCast, including Actresses. Join thousands of other users in fan casting your favorite stories. Take 30 seconds to create a completely free profile, which will allow you to:. Search myCast Search. Emeraude Toubia 33 years old. Vote Yes Vote No. Beyblade Live Action by Mitsuo Hashimoto A young Boy named Tyson brings together a team of good guy battling top players to take on bad guy battling top players.

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doctor k beyblade

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Her grandparents taught her how to Beyblading. Little by little, she felt an aura surrounded her bey and her. She felt connected. Her beauty makes all the bo Shu gasped slightly, leaning back.

Fan Casting Emeraude Toubia as Doctor K in Beyblade (Live Action)

Doctor K is the secondary antagonist in Beyblade: V-Force. K has a white complexion with black hair. Her outfit consists of a lab coat with a dark purple under shirt and a grey skirt. A scientist that worked for Dr. She wished to capture the four Bit-Beasts of the Bladebreakers.

Doctor K leaves but not before telling Zagart of Zeo's partnership with Takao and the others. Furious, Zagart grabs Zeo and puts him up against a wall, then.

We're continuously trying to improve TheTVDB, and the best way we can do that is to get feedback from you. Please consider taking this quick survey to let us know how we're doing and what we can do better. Kai und Tyson werden von einem Sturm angegriffen.

When the sinister Gideon and his sidekick Dr. B reveal their true intentions, our heroes must protect their four Sacred Bit Beasts and prevent them from falling into the hands of Team Psykick. In order to avoid losing their Bit Beasts forever, the Bladebreakers must evade an ever-growing number of individuals sent to steal their power. Zagart and his underling, Dr. Extracting these Ancient Bit Beasts from the rock, Dr.

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Story added by tdk on December 10, Role added by tdk on December 10, Join thousands of other users in fan casting your favorite stories.

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