Which cartoon show is the best

Forget the Fleischer Studios animating Superman in the s or whatever Disney pumped out between the late s and the 90s: The golden age of animation is now. The last couple of years have seen a surge in the medium, resulting in numerous fantastic new shows being broadcast. Whether it be video game-inspired adventures or goofy escapades, the genre has had plenty to offer. While there could only be one winner, the honourable mentions below are still well worth several hours of your time. All the quality of a Studio Mir animation production, two seasons worth of galaxies to explore and more action than you could shake a robot lion at.

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Top Ten Cartoons of All Time

Western animation , while not generally regarded as being the most beautiful medium, knows how to hit hard when it wants to. With help from big names like Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, and Titmouse, creative minds have more than enough resources to subvert the stereotypes set up by the ugly trend of "adult animation.

While companies like Disney and Netflix tend to satisfy the niche of visually striking animated series, few go terribly far into experimental territories when considering compositions, character designs, or unique styles.

That being said, the individuals who do account for their creative freedom make up for other projects' failures. These are a few highlights from those creative minds in recent years. Updated April 26th, by Russ Boswell : There have been tons of incredible animated series over the years, with some truly spectacular visuals, regardless of their time period.

Animation is an art form and there are some amazingly talented teams out there that have breathed life into franchises thanks to their visual work. With so many aesthetic cartoon shows in the modern age, it can be difficult to decide what to watch next.

Many of the titles featured on this list are a feast for the eyes, but there are tons of animated shows out there that pack a powerful punch visually. To better showcase some of these other titles, the following list has been updated and includes more entries.

The Transformers franchise has seen quite a few shows and films in its time, after all it originally began as a cartoon to help Hasbro sell a line of awesome action figures back in the s. Most people familiar with the modern iterations of the Transformers likely look to the impressive Michael Bay movies, which are an absolute feast for the eyes. Unfortunately, those wanting more lore and backstory won't find much with the feature films, as they can only pack so much content into each title.

Thankfully, a recent series helped to revitalize Transformers and bring it into the modern age. Transformers: Prime is just as beautiful to look at as the movies, with a gorgeous 3D animated aesthetic, great voice acting, and 65 episodes for lore-hungry fans to binge. There have been a lot of iterations of The Batman over the years, with a wide array of movies, live-action series, comics, and cartoons taking the Caped Crusader through a series of styles and universes.

Of all the mediums dedicated to DC's darling, there have been a few standouts that really helped breathe new life into the world of Gotham and the mysterious Batman. In , the world was introduced to Batman: The Animated series. It managed to crank out 85 episodes in a two-season three-year span, so there's a lot of content for Batman fans that have yet to see the series.

Everything about Batman: The Animated Series is great, including the visuals, which did wonders to help showcase the crime fighter's extensive rogues gallery. What starts out as a seemingly innocent tale about the adventures of a young boy soon devolves into an emotional rollercoaster with Steven Universe.

As the lore builds throughout the show, characters are faced with an abundance of gripping issues, including the main Protagonist who has his fair share of heart-shattering moments and enlightening adventures. But the art style for Steven Universe shines well throughout its seasons, starting with the beautiful backdrop of Beach City and gaining steam as the Crystal Gems journey through some wild space-based locations and imaginative terrains.

Cartoon Network has always been a great example of appealing to a wide audience without taking the cheap approach, and Amazing World of Gumball is a perfect representation of this effort. With the art team taking a variety of different approaches when rendering their characters and scenes, Gumball looks just as fun as it feels.

This show is also a beautiful example of audience inclusivity, as its clever writing never feels exclusive to a young viewer base, and its jokes hit regardless of age. Tartakovsky is easily one of the greatest animators of the modern era, directing some of the best shows in Cartoon Network's history, including Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack, and The Powerpuff Girls. His most recent series, Primal , is a brutal and heartfelt venture into the partnership between a prehistoric man and a tyrannosaurus rex after the two suffer familiar loss.

With the power of visuals alone, Tartakovsky tells yet another stunning story as the two characters form a symbiotic relationship in a harsh but beautiful world. After the success of The Boondocks earlier in his career, director Carl Jones followed up in with his own take on the modern classic blaxploitation film Black Dynamite. This crime comedy series came out with critical acclaim for not only its charming script but also its visual style, combining traditional anime style with a more western flair.

Much like Boondocks , Black Dynamite had a unique voice in the animation industry, and soon became another cult favorite in Adult Swim's vast network.

In the art world, it's common knowledge that French cartoonists do it best, and Wakfu is a testament to that claim. Based on a strategic MMORPG by the same name, this show subverts its childish appearance by taking a mature approach to kids' TV, never talking down on its audience, and incorporating a lighthearted tone without breaking the overall flow.

With beautiful colors, fluid animation especially in the fight scenes , and lovable characters, Wakfu is a treat for any viewer who gives it their time. Controversial upon its release for its post-new-wave, talk-till-you-drop style fitting, seeing as the show was animated overtop a pre-existing podcast , Midnight Gospel was worthwhile for many of its viewers if just for the visual tone.

From director Pendleton Ward of Adventure Time fame and podcaster Duncan Trussell, Midnight Gospel is nothing if not an interesting take on the animation format, simultaneously questioning "what is life all about," and "while we're at it, what is animation all about too?

Taking a sharp turn from its classical influences, Samurai Jack follows a samurai as he is transported into a dystopian future by his mortal enemy, Aku. With his magical katana in hand, Jack must find a way back in time to stop the demon threatening his world. Samurai Jack is a beautiful departure from Tartakovsky's previous work and a large stylistic inspiration to a lot of children who grew up around its release.

Its writing was also largely impactful on the industry, being a benchmark example for well-written protagonists showing growth through pain and labor. Adventure Time became an audience favorite almost immediately upon its release on Cartoon Network, taking a distinctly different approach to the typical filler-episode style of the channel's other series.

The adventures of Finn and Jake, while appearing hilariously random and inconsequential on the surface, proved to be much more than just a fun lighthearted romp in the post-post-apocalypse.

With its beautifully designed world and lovingly written characters, Adventure Time sought to treat its audience to a bright, youthful animation style while tackling more advanced topics like harmful masculinity, burnout, toxic relationships, and Finn's fatherhood issues. A good part of Over the Garden Wall's audience didn't expect such a cute, seasonal cartoon to be the poignant adventure it was. In its run time, the short series plays like all the best folklore stories adapted to a modern age.

Over the Garden Wall is also subject to quite a few essays and speculative pieces, with its ever-mysterious demeanor and intriguing mild horror elements. On the series' premiere, it quickly filled a prime gap in family-friendly Halloween entertainment.

By going all-in on a perfectly nostalgic autumnal aesthetic, Over the Garden Wall became an all-time favorite for many, and a yearly tradition for more. Preceding the more popular 3D-animated series of the same name, Clone Wars is a gem of the early s , released at the peak of the prequel trilogy's popularity, filling the gap between the second and third film. Not only did the abstract visual style portray the Star Wars universe in a new light, but it breathed new life into the characters and setting, unmatched by the previous films and adaptations.

To many viewers, this is a definitive Star Wars experience, and an overlooked classic set aside for its intriguingly different take on the franchise. Taking the world by storm the moment it was announced by Netflix, Tim Miller's anthology series collects a unique crew of animators with distinct styles to portray their visions of a sci-fi world.

Even if an entry falls short for any given viewer, the next will surely make up for it, as there are plenty of episodes to satisfy almost any type of sci-fi fan. Prime Day deals are here! Shop big discounts on your favorite products. Read Next in television.

25 Best Cartoon Network Shows Of All Time Ranked

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The greatest cartoon series finales had us all animated. Our countdown includes "Gravity Falls," "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," "BoJack Horseman," and more!

The creators of X-Men: the Animated Series pick their favorite episodes

Growing up as 90s kids, we didn't have a lot on our plate. Except, of course watching everything that was on TV. And there was so much good stuff. Unlike the stupid cartoons, kids these days are forced to endure. Even though the show technically stopped airing in , Indian kids got to enjoy it well into the early s. And damn, it was so good and funny. And you all remember the iconic theme song, right? Best freaking show ever, right? I mean, they practically made turtles cool.

Cartoon Network Claims Top Spot for Kids 6-11

which cartoon show is the best

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This is a list of animated television series by episode count. This article does not include animated series that originate from Japan.

Shows - The best TV shows for kids

This latest update to our list of the best animated TV shows on Netflix reflects how rapidly the platform has changed—and continues to change—in the animation space, especially. The biggest addition? Speaking of, be sure to check out our dedicated list of the best anime series on Netflix , as well as our list of the best TV shows on Netflix overall. Watch on Netflix. This acclaimed adventure story features one of the final performances of the late Anton Yelchin, who left behind a wealth of recorded material before his tragic passing in

15 Best Educational Cartoon Shows For Toddlers (1, 2, and 3 Year Olds)

Everyone had their personal favorite cartoons they'd watch after school or on Saturday mornings. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could go back to the good old days? Get a sense of nostalgia and take a look at the cartoons that premiered the year you were born. Before Macaulay Culkin played Richie in the film, there was a Saturday morning cartoon based off of the comic strip. Everyone remembers the blue little Smurfs. They're actually based on a Belgian comic series by the same name.

The 9 Best Cartoon Shows for Kids Learning French · Most Iconic: Les Aventures de Tintin · Cult Classic: Les Shadoks · Great for Tweens: Titeuf.

Best cartoon shows on Amazon Prime from the 90s

Depending on how old you are, it may surprise you to learn that Adventure Time was a lot of people's entryway into the world of Cartoon Network. Introduced in , the fantasy series about a year old boy named Finn and his magical talking dog, Jake, fighting evil and having adventures in the Land of Ooo, is beloved for its animation style, original music some songs are even having a second life as TikTok songs! If you've still never made the time to watch it, the Adventure time is now! Sugar, spice, and everything nice — if The Powerpuff Girls isn't the first thing that comes to mind when hearing that phrase, what kind of cartoons were you raised on?!

Western animation , while not generally regarded as being the most beautiful medium, knows how to hit hard when it wants to. With help from big names like Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, and Titmouse, creative minds have more than enough resources to subvert the stereotypes set up by the ugly trend of "adult animation. While companies like Disney and Netflix tend to satisfy the niche of visually striking animated series, few go terribly far into experimental territories when considering compositions, character designs, or unique styles. That being said, the individuals who do account for their creative freedom make up for other projects' failures.

When it came to cartoons in the '90s , the selection was formidable.

X-Men: The Animated Series. Few cartoon show from this era are held in as high regard. Everything else was simply beneath them. Ad — content continues below. It introduces all our key players, manages to get in a lot of characterization without dropping tons of backstory in fact, the one scene where the characters discuss their pasts is very natural and endearing , establishes the dynamics between those characters, and sets up the major themes and conflicts of the series.

Some of the fondest memories of childhood were being able to sit in front of the rabbit-eared TV set on the weekends and watch some cartoons. For those who were kids in the early s, Cartoon Network was one of the top channels for animated series. Who could forget watching Ben 10 or Duck Dodgers after coming home from school?

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