Vince carter first dunk

As the State Farm Arena crowd roared and players from the Atlanta Hawks , his latest team, and Toronto Raptors , his original team, all paid their respects, a faint applause could be heard in the background on the local broadcast. That was coming from Dominique Wilkins, the Hawks color commentator and Hall of Famer, who broke from his usual protocol to recognize the accomplishment. He played for that team. Let him score!

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Vince carter first dunk

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Happy 20th anniversary to Vince Carter putting Frédéric Weis on poster at 2000 Olympics

But is worshiped for one man. In fact, I challenge you to name another participant other than Vince Carter. After years of recycled dunks and two seasons without the contest at All-Star Weekend, including the lockout-shortened campaign, Carter revolutionized the event with each passing slam, until they awarded him the trophy everybody knew was his the moment he arrived at the Oakland Coliseum.

Well, not exactly. First of all, what other event has two oral histories? We cannot rest until we experience this stuff. I do it because I can, but sometimes, the landings suck. That takes the toll on your body. You have be smart about it.

Hopes dashed. Dreams obliterated. Or will we? The fine folks at wedontbluff. Make it happen, Adam Silver. Have a tip? Follow brohrbach. The Duchess of Cambridge handed Russian-born Elena Rybakina the Wimbledon trophy in an embarrassing end to the championships for organisers.

The All England Club incurred a six-figure fine and lost Wimbledon its ranking points for banning Russian and Belarusian players from the Championships this year. Their bold stance against Vladimir Putin's Ukraine invasion was made in part to avoid the unpalatable image of a royal family member handing a Russian player the winner's trophy, but it turned out. No more Monday Night Football for Moss. The bridge between the Browns and Baker Mayfield became hopelessly obliterated when someone from the team told Chris Mortensen of ESPN that the team wanted an adult in the room at the position.

Jason Lloyd of TheAthletic. Steph Curry sunk an improbable golf shot for eagle during the American Century Championship on Friday. Brittney Griner wasn't the first female basketball great to look for a better paycheck in Russian leagues. Mexico's Rey Vargas won the World Boxing Council featherweight title on Saturday, overcoming a knockdown to take a split decision over Filipino star Mark Magsayo in a battle of unbeatens. He feels they need to hear it.

The 49ers QB saga has been clouded by speculation, so let's look at some facts:. Tiger Woods took to the Old Course on Saturday evening for a few holes, and in front of many fans who were enjoying free access to the St. Andrews gem. Jabari Smith Jr. Read full article. Ben Rohrbach. October 18, , PM. Vince Carter still has no fear of heights. Getty Images. Story continues. Recommended Stories. The Telegraph. Texans Wire. Vikings Wire. MMA Junkie. List Wire. Niners Wire. Golf Channel. Rockets Wire.

Best NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winners of All Time

The NBA veteran made three perfect scores of 50 points, leaving the players and crowd visibly shocked. His first dunk elicited a massive response from the crowd, cheering him on. During his second round, the entire audience were on their feet. While walking away from the basket, Carter looked into the camera and repeated the commentator's words, saying that it is 'over' for everyone else participating. After the Vince Carter dunk, several NBA players took inspiration and tried creating their own version. He was just figuring out his won way and felt like he had become a new person.

Lakers: Vince Carter's Iconic Dunk Was Probably Inspired By Kobe Bryant, And it Sparked a Debate Who do you think did it first? The funny.

Ain’t No #TBT, Bih: Watch Vince Carter Dunk Like It’s The Year 2000

The dunk contest is one of the most exciting events of the All-Star weekend. Over the years, there have been many iconic dunkers. However, only a few can compare to a high flyer like Vince Carter. In , he set the stage on fire after pulling off one of the best dunks in dunk contest history. But, Kobe Bryant did that dunk a couple of years before Vince. In , the Mamba dunked the ball with his elbow deep. It was later that Vince took it to the big stage and made it his own.

Dunk specialist Carter announces retirement after 22 seasons

vince carter first dunk

Then he improvised a masterpiece. With an unrivalled blend of grace, power, creativity, hang-time and showmanship, Carter, a first-time all-star, had been lifting fans out of their seats with his dunks since he debuted in the NBA the previous season. So you can imagine that expectations were high when Carter entered his name in the dunk contest. No contestant had more to lose than Vince. Vince Carter Getting the opportunity to participate in the dunk contest was a lifelong, childhood dream.

It was just another ordinary night in Atlanta, back in March. The Knicks took a lengthy lead at the end of the extra period, and with Vince Carter only having two points, the Atlanta fans wanted him out on the court at the end of the game.

Toronto Raptors: A tribute to Vince Carter, a slam dunk artist

Vince Carter will go down in history as one of the most gifted basketball players to ever play the game. After 22 seasons, including a career that spanned four different decades, he hangs it up for good. He was a fantastic role player for these other teams. There are some critical points in his career that will always stand out to his fans. It showcases his high-flying creativity and is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in sports. Dunk after dunk, it was Vinsanity at his very best.

The best photos from Vince Carter’s legendary dunk contest performance 20 years ago

The NBA, which once prided itself on high-flying, larger-than-life superstars used their All-Star Saturday night showcase, for a boring, mundane, uncompetitive contest. Missed dunks, lethargic players, and maybe worse than anything, a young Kobe Bryant fist-pumping when one of his competitors missed a dunk. We had reached the nadir and the NBA felt it wise to put the slam dunk contest on ice. Once the 3-point contest concluded and the ball racks were moved off the court, the familiar sound of ferocious slams and heart-pounding dunks was replaced by 2ball. With the slam-dunk contest canceled for the foreseeable future, the NBA replaced it with 2ball!

Carter emerged as a star in Toronto as he won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award and the Slam Dunk Contest at the NBA All-Star Weekend.

NBA All-Star Weekend: Remembering When Vince Carter Single-Handedly Resurrected the Dunk Contest

These high school dunks are getting out of control. A day after a backup guard pulled off Isiah Rider's iconic East Bay Funk dunk in the waning moments of a blowout, a different kid perfectly replicated Vince Carter's most famous in-game dunk. Kids these days, am I right? Knicks fans definitely do because the 7-foot-2 center the team had drafted in the first round the previous year was so embarrassed by it that he never played a single NBA game.

Half Man, Half Amazing: How Vince Carter Made Himself an NBA Great

RELATED VIDEO: NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest 2000 - Vince Carter's Amazing Performance

Select the types of notification you would like to receive from us. Please note, you must choose at least one. By clicking subscribe, I consent to receiving newsletters and other marketing emails. Newsletters are subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Users can unsubscribe at any time. This year's installment, as part of the All-Star Saturday Night festivities, will have Zach LaVine vying to become just the fourth player in the event's history to win the contest back to back.

Carter, who played for the Phoenix Suns from but is most well-known for playing with the Toronto Raptors and New Jersey Nets, confirmed that he is calling it a career as his Atlanta Hawks have finished their season.

Mainland grad Vince Carter’s 10 most memorable moments during 22-year NBA career

Obi Toppin won this year's Dunk Contest, but nobody was impressed. T his year's Dunk Contest seemed to be getting off to a good start when Cole Anthony laced up a pair of Timberland boots while wearing a jersey of his father, Greg Anthony , who played 11 season in the NBA. Anthony then went on to miss his first two attempts while being assisted by his dad before sinking a windmill dunk on the third try. Anthony didn't make it to the final round due to not completing his second dunk after four tries, but Jalen Green had an even worse night. Shaq, who once had an epic reaction to Vince Carter's slam in the Dunk Contest , had a very different reaction this time. Green's second dunk was a , between-the-legs slam that was still not enough to secure a spot for him in the final round. By that moment in the competition, as Overtime points it out, " Trash " was already trending on Twitter.

Vince Carter Speaks On How His Epic 2000 Slam Dunk Contest Almost Didn’t Happen

With the All-Star Game in Toronto and on foreign soil for the first time, Toronto's most famous Raptor recently looked back on his time with the franchise, trying to put Toronto on the NBA map and discussing what his impact has been on basketball and a generation of players coming up in Canada. Do you understand how you might've turned them on to basketball back then? VC: At 21, I was just trying to establish myself, the fifth pick [in the draft], traded on draft night [for Antawn Jamison], learning things about the game, learning a new city, new country, coming in and then a lockout [in ]. Just figuring out because everything was condensed and it was going fast, fast, fast, fast.

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