Best animated series on youtube banner

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Best animated series on youtube banner

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Back in , our State of Video Marketing survey found that people watched an average of 1. Our survey found that this had risen to over 2. Nikkie Tutorials is a huge channel with almost 14 million subscribers. The videos feature Nikkie — a makeup artist — typically giving makeup tutorials and also testing different products. The banner for the channel does an excellent job of illustrating that. It shows Nikkie in the centre — the focal point of the channel — and then various hands reaching in, holding different makeup products and utensils.

HauteLeMode is a channel that reviews celebrity fashion in an energetic and sometimes satirical way. The banner for this channel is clean and simple, yet also shows off the cheeky personality of the channel.

Pretty Over Fifty does exactly what it says on the tin. The banner for the channel features the logo and the signature pink colour that is featured in most of the video thumbnails:. YouTube has become a great place to get advice on everything from how to change a tyre to how to start a business. There are many business professionals and entrepreneurs that use the site as a platform to share best practices, talk about the latest industry trends, and even promote their products.

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series that features different professionals in the creative community. Consider using stock photography to bring your banner to life. Fast Company is a diverse channel that covers all different topics, from innovation in technology to ethical economics. This banner is, at first glance, pretty straight-foward. And it gives potential viewers useful information on the video posting schedule.

Some of the most popular vloggers, like Zoe Sugg and her brother Joe Sugg, have gone onto build business empires and even become celebrities in their own right, featuring on television shows like The Great Celebrity Bake Off.

Tanner Fox is a popular vlogger in his early twenties with a channel that currently has just over 10 million subscribers. His videos feature various stunts and pranks that are aimed at a loyal fanbase of teenaged viewers. The banner for this channel is great because it appeals directly to that target audience with various sticker-like graphics, images of the cars featured on the channel, and Tanner himself.

Owned by Vice Media, Refinery29 is a digital media and entertainment brand aimed at young women. The videos on the YouTube channel cover everything from the latest in trending fashion, to social experiments, and bite-sized documentaries.

The YouTube banner reflects this assortment of content by showcasing stills from different videos within the logo. This is a clever way to show people, at a glance, what the channel is all about. Gaming is a big part of YouTube. Think with Google reports that two out of the top five YouTube channels with the most subscribers worldwide are gaming-related.

Here are some banner examples that stand out among the crowd…. VanossGaming is a big channel, with over 25 million subscribers! Markiplier is another massive channel, with almost 30 million subscribers. This channel focuses largely on games but also throws in a couple of general entertainment videos here and there. GamerGirl is a YouTube channel featuring gameplay commentary on popular games like Minecraft and Roblox.

The banner is colourful, cartoonish, and also features lots of Easter Eggs from the channel that fans will be able to recognise instantly. It should come as no surprise that the popularity of travel videos soared in due to the worldwide lockdowns put in place because of the COVID pandemic. The Lodge Guys travel pretty much everywhere, but their channel is also focused around their personal lives and includes a lot of daily vlogs.

This is a useful way to remind people to subscribe when they visit the channel. Hey Nadine is a channel that promises travel advice in addition to adventures. And the channel definitely delivers on that promise, covering everything from simple packing tips to a vlog on Kilimanjaro.

This beautiful banner instantly sparks feelings of adventure, giving users that dose of wanderlust they initially visited the channel for. With the rise of companies like Peloton, at-home fitness has become the norm. The Fitness Marshall posts short, fun, original dance workouts to popular songs. The channel also has a unique style of comedy that they blend in with the videos, making them more enjoyable for viewers.

This fun-loving attitude is reflected in their banner. The logo for their activewear brand can be seen in the centre of the banner. Yoga with Adriene is possibly the most popular yoga channel on YouTube, with almost 10 million subscribers. And yet the banner is as simple as it gets. This banner shows the logo for the brand, and a couple of links in the bottom right-hand corner — nothing else. However, those links are important. Note that this channel links to an Amazon store — a great way to encourage viewers to buy products!

Chloe Ting posts short workouts that are designed to be completed together as part of a workout program. You can add up to 5 links to your YouTube banner, but only the first will show up with a title of your choice.

This banner is also great because it shows Chloe working out, in action, providing inspiration for viewers who are looking to get started. Kids love YouTube. Kids love YouTube so much that the platform has now created a separate app especially for kids. The YouTube Kids app is a service oriented towards children, with curated selections of content, that allows parents to filter videos by age rating. The channel is home to the viral video, Kid President:.

This banner is beautiful in its simplicity. The flashes of pink, blue, and green make the banner almost look like a galaxy of some kind, with their logo in the centre.

And, of course, around the logo we can see simple graphics that represent the content from the channel. National Geographic Kids is a big channel that covers a wide range of topics.

Their videos feature awesome animals, cool science, and everything weird and wonderful that sparks the curiosity of kids. Their banner is an amalgamation of all this weirdness and wonderfulness — showing different animals, science experiments, and even a spaceman.

The pop of colour also helps the banner stand out to kids when they land on the channel. The channel has a strong focus on learning and covers interesting topics, like programming. As of February , the five most viewed YouTube videos were all music videos — with view counts ranging from 4 billion to almost 8 billion views. Yep, billion. Lofi Girl is a music channel that features relaxing mixes that people can use to help them study or sleep.

They have a mantra that reiterates this on their banner: Study. This banner creates a peaceful scene and has a lot of layers. Little touches, like the warm glow from the lamps and the city lights in the distance add to this idea of tranquility. It almost welcomes people into this channel as a quiet room they can escape to. The banner looks like a photograph that was taken mid-concert and replicates exactly how they want people to feel when they watch and listen to their videos. The Jazz and Blues Experience channel is pretty self-explanatory.

Like the Kerrang! We can see a jazz musician in the background and the bold font chosen replicates that of a poster for an old jazz and blues club. The banner also includes a lot of practical information. Through text it tells potential viewers what they post, asks them to subscribe, and also promotes their Christmas album. Okay, we read books. But recipe books are expensive, limited, and not nearly as engaging as videos.

NishaMadhulika is a channel that focuses on vegetarian Indian recipes that are easy to cook and even easier to eat! This banner does so many things at once. For starters, it shows the beautiful kitchen and the host and chef of the channel, Nisha Madhulika. In addition, the banner includes lots of relevant information such as the channel link and hashtag.

Hashtags are a great way to encourage your audience to tag you in their posts so that you can engage with — and build — your community. Binging with Babish is a cooking channel that shows viewers how to make recipes from their favourite TV shows and movies. Unboxing is a YouTube phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. It simply involves people taking brand new products out of their boxes and reviewing them for viewers. According to The New York Times , the reason people love product review videos so much is that they give viewers the same feeling as retail therapy, without the price tag.

ToyBoxCollectibles is a family-friendly YouTube channel that features the unboxing and reviews of different products, such as board games, plushies, and collectibles. The banner is very cutesy — reflecting that family-friendly aspect of the channel. It has the logo front and centre, and is surrounded by graphics that are in-line with the brand both from a content and a colour scheme point of view.

Dope or Nope is a comedic unboxing channel, with the host reviewing everything from magic tricks to weapons. And it uses awesome 3D graphics. The main focus of the banner — just like the channel — is toys. The banner gives potential viewers a hint of what they can expect when watching the channel. MrBeast is one of the most accomplished creators on YouTube, with an incredible 55 million subscribers and counting. This banner encompasses both sides of MrBeast.

But the channel also covers lots of different topics, from lifestyle videos to travel vlogs. This banner is funny, cheeky, and a little bit unusual.

10 best freelance Youtube banner designers for hire in 2022

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Explore the Warhammer universes through animations, apps, shows, and more – all the new and improved app for the world's best fantasy tabletop game.

Free Editable Aesthetic YouTube Banner Examples

Youtube, as an open platform, has allowed independent creators to build their content just like the way they want it, without any management layers in between. In such cases, multimedia artists or you might call them animators , have the full-fledged access to create animated videos for entertainment or educational purposes. For you and fellow animation junkies, YouTube provides tons of animation channels with a wide range of animated content so you can find something that perfectly suited to your tastes and sense of humor! What interests you? Slice of life humor? Satirical movies and TV shows reviews? Or nursery rhymes for the ankle-biters? You can easily find them with a bunch of different types of animation techniques and styles on the platform.

36 YouTube Banner Ideas and Examples to Inspire You

best animated series on youtube banner

Use templates, high-res images, and graphics to make professional looking YouTube channel art even if you aren't a designer. That's because most alternatives come with major shortcomings. First you need to figure out the proper image dimensions that account for TV, tablet and mobile viewing areas. Then you need to spend hours learning the software and navigating through a maze of features you'll never use.

Harleen Quinzel.

Understanding YouTube Banner Size

Looking to grow your publishing business? Learn unique and creative ways to connect with your audience and build strong relationships with your clients. Want to attract new clients for your child care business? Learn how to create babysitting posters and other marketing materials to drum up some new business. Struggling to stay on brand while creating different designs?


YouTube templates , as is evident from the channel, are primarily focused on extremely flashy and attractive. Whatever your content is, you need to have a distinct YT banner to stick out. Dozens of communities such as anime, Fortnite, Minecraft, music, comics, or gaming, all have an aesthetic Youtube banner. These templates are mainly directed towards attracting maximum traffic to the YouTube channel Art and getting the maximum views and popularity out of it. These templates are mostly designed in slides images which are device sensitive and responsive as well so that they automatically adjust their size and orientation depending upon the device used by the user to view these templates.

For example, in a painting René Magritte painted in , we see an open umbrella with a glass of water on top against a neutral background.

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YouTube allows you to choose a screen from your video as your thumbnail or create a customized one. But, even if you have the best background for your video thumbnail or banner, choosing a complimenting font can be tricky. This article will reveal the 25 best fonts for YouTube thumbnails and banners. Image Source: Backlinko.

The times when the magic of animating text was only available to professional video editors and designers have passed. With the emergence of animated text generators, making text move , sparkle, and change colors has become easy for anyone with a computer or a smartphone. There are a lot of animated text generators out there — the question is, which ones are worth your time and effort? Simply said, an animated text generator is a tool that allows making digital text move. Animated text can quickly liven up your blog, social media profile, newsletter, or website.

Your YouTube banner, alternatively known as channel art, is the face of your channel. Needless to say, this first impression could make all the difference between gaining additional subscribers and losing viewers to other brands.

The series follows the adventures of a boy named Finn Jeremy Shada and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake John DiMaggio —a dog with the magical power to change size and shape at will. The series is based on a short film that aired on Nicktoons. After the short became a viral hit on the Internet, Nickelodeon 's executives passed on its option before Cartoon Network commissioned a full-length series from Fred Seibert and Ward, which was previewed on March 11, The same year, the series premiered on Cartoon Network on April 5, and ended its eight-year run on September 3, It was produced using hand-drawn animation; action and dialogue for episodes are decided by storyboarding artists based on rough outlines.

Shotkit may earn a commission on affiliate links. Learn more. Getting the right YouTube banner size is an important first step to make your channel really stand out. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about YouTube banner dimensions, as well as exploring what makes great channel art in

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