Halloween cartoon movies 90s

The '90s were an excellent decade for Halloween movies. From kid-friendly classics like Hocus Pocus to films that redefined the horror genre like Scream , the '90s had the best Halloween movies. The proof is in the enduring nature of almost every film on this list. These movies are as much a part of the spooky holiday season as candy corn and costume planning, and as an added bonus, they'll all take you right back to the '90s, when the fashion choices were daring and every October the streets were dotted with orange, jack-o'-lantern-faced garbage bags filled with leaves.

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Halloween cartoon movies 90s

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We Ranked the 51 Best Animated Movies of All Time, From Snow White to Soul

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, SPY. Is there a better holiday than Halloween for kids? You get to dress up in a costume , eat candy , decorate with spooky items and you can finally watch scary movies that make you feel like a grown-up. Age-appropriate Halloween films are available for all groups, even toddlers, and in some cases can be a great way for parents and kids to enjoy screen time together.

Another glorious morning. Makes me sick! Growing up is hard. The famous family continues to make the undead hilarious and heartfelt, while Wednesday Addams tries to fit in at her new Assimilation Elementary School. A sequel is set to be released on October 1, , just in time for Halloween.

Snap snap. While most Disney films for kids include some traumatic event why, Walt? Toddlers will love seeing their favorite characters from the Acre Woods in this sweet Halloween film about friendship.

The film has a running time of over one hour, which may be too long for some tots, but that just means parents can split it into two days leading up to October One less decision to make about safe screen time? Thank you, Pooh. Sincere Linus is convinced that the Great Pumpkin will visit the pumpkin patch on Halloween, so much so that he skips trick or treating to prove his theory.

Sally agrees to wait with her Sweet Baboo, while her big brother Charlie Brown opts to go trick or treating only to find his bag filled with rocks. What more could you want in a Peanuts cartoon? Or lay down. Thankfully, his best friend Chowder is around to play, but the pair soon find that their pickup game of basketball is rudely interrupted when the house across the street eats their basketball. The story of Halloween king Jack Skellington landing in Christmas Town combines two beloved holidays and throws in plenty of ghastly surprises, heartwarming musical numbers, and truly creepy characters that older kids and teens will love.

If your kids like a film with a bit of a love story angle, the classic tale of the most famous friendly ghost should be on their Halloween list. The Halloween movie for kids stars Bill Pullman and Christina Ricci as a father and daughter duo who move into a haunted mansion in hopes of connecting with their late wife and mother. Instead, they find a trio of unruly ghosts and one young ghost who lives up to his friendly hype.

As far as the scare factor, later installments of the Harry Potter films definitely amp up the darkness. One of the few instances of the movie being just as good as the book, Harry Potter is an excellent series for young readers who want to unlock their imagination and meet characters who will grow with them, movies included.

Young Miguel has musical aspirations but is told by his family that he is not allowed to pursue his love of the guitar. When he accidentally travels to the Land of the Dead, he meets his relatives and learns the importance of family while also helping to heal the old wounds of those closest to him. Little kids may be a bit nervous about the numerous skeletons in the film, but the message of positivity shines through and leaves viewers feeling inspired.

Angelica Houston is divine as the Grand High Witch, who assembles her coven at a hotel in order to conspire to rid the world of children. Their plan hits a snag when a young boy overhears their meeting. Sorry, the kids. We did it again! Kids, kids.

The 13 Best Family-Friendly Halloween Movies from the 80s and 90s

It's easy to get nostalgic around any holiday, and the Halloween season has some great movies and TV shows to get everyone in the spooky but mood. For many, peak nostalgia is for one decade in particular: the '90s. Bright colors, pure cartoons, and teen-driven live-action shows made television in the '90s a wild time. Halloween, especially, was celebrated in the form of creepy and cutesy holiday specials and shows dedicated to all things scary, and everything had that signature '90s aesthetic. And there are more than enough options to entertain an autumn night in. Goosebumps is probably the most well-known creepy kids show from the '90s.

Everybody's favorite monkey is having non-scary adventures in one of the best animated Halloween movies for kids! George prepares for the town Boo Festival and.

The Best Animated Halloween Films

From hardcore horror to chilling children's classics, these '90s films are still giving us nightmares. Can you remember the first movie that scared you? Chances are, it's still giving you nightmares. Kids who grew up in the '90s had a wide variety of films to traumatize them, from horror movies we stumbled on when we were far too young to children's movies that were way more intense than they needed to be. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of some of the scariest movies that spooked '90s kids. Don't be surprised if remembering some of these frightening flicks still sends a chill down your spine. Though decidedly not for kids, the Child's Play series centered on a doll terrorizing a little boy, and somehow managed to scar a generation of young people who should never have been watching these movies. There's no way the remake of The Witches can be anywhere near as terrifying as the original, starring Anjelica Huston at her most frightening as The Grand High Witch. Sure, Gizmo was cute, and Gremlins 2 had a more comedic bent than its predecessor, but that doesn't mean it wasn't also really scary when viewed at a young age.

90's Costumes

halloween cartoon movies 90s

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Halloween Movies & TV Specials Every ’90s Kid Can Watch With Their Kids

The 90s, what a time! Bold fashion and bolder personalities ruled the decade. Whether you were just a little too young to remember the era, or you want to bring back some fond memories, we have the styles and characters to help you achieve the perfect throwback nineties costume for men and women! We have costumes modeled after all of your favorite pop culture icons from music, movies, and TV. You could suit up as one of the Spice Girls for a women's 90s music group theme, or go as larger-than-life rapper Tupac Shakur. How about MC Hammer?

30+ Non-Scary Halloween Movies for Adults, Teens, and Kids

The expressed goal of adapting Batman: The Long Halloween in animated form was to be the most comics-faithful DC animated movie to date. Part One, available this week on Blu-ray and digital, obviously only deals with the first half of the story. And while the animation feels like its a hybrid, the backgrounds at least look hand-painted on black paper, like the classic Animated Series. Batman Jensen Ackles comes across as a rookie superhero at a crossroads. Having hoped to simply intimidate street thugs for a living, he finds he must rise to the challenge of being a detective who can outsmart the most devious of criminals.

its animated DC movie Batman: The Long Halloween – Deluxe Edition Home Entertainment, and inspired by the iconic mids DC story.

8 Halloween Cartoon Collections That Are Must-Haves

The leaves are turning, pumpkin spice is in the air, and grocery stores are stocking candy by the pound: it must be Halloween. If you grew up in the halcyon days of the '90s then you remember the glut of amazing Halloween TV specials that filled the airwaves. The '90s were a decade when you could always count on at least a couple of funny or scary Halloween shows for kids every week in October. But what were the very best programs?


Halloween is next month, and as you start to brainstorm costume ideas, you may be considering going for a throwback look. The '90s were defined by iconic characters, spanning across television, movies, and video games, with distinct character designs that make for standout Halloween costumes. If you're ready to channel your favorite fictional characters and have a nostalgia-packed Halloween, we've rounded up some of the best '90s Halloween costumes from across the web. The Magic School Bus animated series, based on the book series, was also a '90s childhood staple.

The Halloween Tree is a animated fantasy - drama television film produced by Hanna-Barbera and based on Ray Bradbury 's fantasy novel of the same name.

The Scariest Movies '90s Kids Can't Forget

Now that October is here, can Halloween movies be far behind? But for Lynn and Kelly Farmer, something scarier could happen. A slump in the family business means the Farmers will lose their home — unless the spirited twins find a way to save it! The treat: watching the girls turn the tables on Agatha by snatching her magical moonstone power source! Enjoy more excitement than you can shake a wand at, as the Farmers team up with a carefree hobo and other allies to break the spell on Aunt Sophia. When pupils disappear into thin air or turn into pigs by mistake, everyone points a finger at Mildred Fairuza Balk — the worst witch in the school.

If the kids are too young to watch your favorite scary movie together, pick out one of these family-friendly films that are just as festive and entertaining. Buzz and Woody are back again. This time, the characters end up stranded at a roadside motel and as toys start to disappear, the crew has to band together to figure out what's going on. When Sam asks his grandmother for a Dracula figurine, she tells him to write to Santa to ask for it as a gift.

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