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Sign In. Hide Spoilers. This one isn't just for the kids argyle 2 February Captain Simian is possibly the best cartoon ever aired, without exaggeration.

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Ranking the ’90s Most Obscure Sci-Fi & Fantasy Cartoons

Posted about 17 years ago edited about 17 years ago. Register Login. Net » forum » General Discussion » Overlooked cartoons. General Discussion. Anyone ever remembered a cartoon they used to like, and then ask all their friends if they'd ever seen it, only to find out that nobody else has seen it? I have. And I've been thinking about it a lot lately. There are a few cartoons I liked that are either sadly overlooked or weren't rated well enough and ended up cancelled.

Time to discuss. First off, predating the great Sheep in the Big City by many years, there was another cartoon in the vein of Rocky and Bullwinkle called The Mouse and the Monster.

Anybody else remember this show? It was about this mad doctor who stole a dead composer's brain and made a Frankenstein-like monster so he could bring back this musical genius.

But the monster escaped, and went on the lam with a mouse named Chez. And the very mention of liverwurst made him go crazy. Sheep in the Big City is worth mentioning, since it falls into the latter category. So does Freakazoid, since it only ran for like, two seasons before it got canned.

And the Earthworm Jim cartoon. I'm constantly asking people if they remember it, and nobody does. And then there's the faint memories of some show that started out with a live action black guy in a cartoon world. All I remember about it other than that is some kind of venus flytrap kind of plant, I think it could talk too. And there was some sort of cartoon with monsters in high school or something, I actually have a Burger King toy from the show around here somewhere.

Posted about 17 years ago Quote Permalink. I own Leather Sleeves. Nobody has ever heard of Two Stupid Dogs , predominantly because it was on for a quantum period of time.

I lurved it. Archaic Sage. Omnitarian wrote on Sun, 01 May Nobody has ever heard of Two Stupid Dogs , predominantly because it was on for a quantum period of time. Two Stupid Dogs was too stupid, dawg. It's funny, parents thought Beavis and Butt-head would corrupt our children and bring a plague onto the land.

Little did they know that a few years later we would get a show called 'South Park', which makes Beavis and Butt-head look like Dora the Explorer. But, yea, Freakzoid rocked. Officer Sheriff Bradley from the The Nickelodeon version, not the crappy Disney version. Doug wasn't really overlooked Lots of people who like old school Nick appreciate that show a lot.

Including me. Oh dear god, some of the laughs I had with that show. I miss them. Ares Enduwa. Basically all of the above. Hysteria and Freakazoid. Angry Beavers? Oh snap, I can't believe I forgot about that show. Angry Beavers was easily my favorite childhood show.

But wasnt that attached to rocky and bullwinkle. Im not sure I was so young it was all one thing. Katz - Made by the creators of Home Movies.

You will like this. Hey Monie - Again by the same people that made Home Movies. Its on BET. Dilbert - I think this was a perfect adaptation of the comic strip.

It would have made it if it wasn't on UPN. Clerks cartoon - I really liked this cartoon. What ABC and Disney were thinking when they thought this was meant to be a kids cartoon is beyond me. They even see the movie? Megas XLR - People think its just a kids cartoon, but if you look at the amazing detail in the animation 2nd season and great writing, there is something there that many cartoons lack.

Its on CN. It was all about this kid and his many adventures. Kinda felt a little like a Hardy Boys novel and Indiana Jones. It was on Nickelodeon in the afternoons a loooooong time ago. Back when Nickelodeon was really good. Yeah, that long ago. Hysteria was the best show ever. It was really funny. Father Time was probably the coolest character. You can't forget Tiny Toons Adventures. They showed it at 6 AM on Cartoon Network for a while but then it got replaced.

I watched freakazoid once. Don't remember it at all. Home Movies anyone? That show was the best Does anyone remember KaBlam Action League That show was good, and What-a-Mess, that was pretty good too. Alvin and the Chipmunks! I just remebered those guys! In more modern programming, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of the best cartoons I've ever seen, and I consider myself a frickin expert. How many other cartoons besides Animaniacs, God rest its timeslot are cool enough to properly pull off a Big Lebowski cameo?

Posted about 17 years ago edited about 17 years ago Quote Permalink. And so my brothers and sisters, whilst we await the Second Coming of Sheep in the Big City, I propose that we watch endless reruns of all the shows named above, especially Histeria!

Well I have to go back in time now. Bloobloobloobbb Bloobllooobllobbbbb! The Critic has been and always will be one of my favorite cartoons. And who could possibbly forget Freakazoid? I was willing to give this place another chance… and another… and another… for more than a year now. I thought this was supposed to be an EarthBound forum.

I thought this was supposed to be one of the more civilized places on the internet. I was wrong. Yet I knew it all along. Tweet me up - Video Games for sale - current auctions. I always liked Mission Hill. Forgot about my favorite show ever, Home Movies. Oh my god, whoever said Kablam -- YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sniz and Fondue! Prometheus and Bob! Mootie HcGee. Invader Zim. No one I know with special exceptions know what it is. Invader Zim and Home Movies, yes! The camping episode where the Russian kid whizzed in McGirk's canteen, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard before.

List of Programs Broadcast By UPN - Cartoon

With it, a cherished memory and ritual vanishes, as technology, economics, and regulations force changes to a way of life. The decline of Saturday Morning television began in , when NBC began airing a Saturday edition of Today , followed by live action shows aimed at teens. Mark Evanier recollects his experience as both a viewer and employee of Saturday Morning cartoons, explaining the lucrative economics of early series, how toy companies. That was often cost-effective and deficit-financing became even more the norm for syndicated shows. Toy companies found it paid off to underwrite the cost of a series that promoted their products. A Mattel or Hasbro could easily sink a few million up front into a show about characters they were marketing to make those characters more famous.

List of Programs Broadcast By UPN - Cartoon The new lineup, a sister block to Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC, would be called Disney's One Too.


CBS kicked off its new Saturday morning line-up for the season on September 10th at 8AM with Captain Kangaroo , the only live-action portion of its five-hour kids block. Three and a half hours were brand new color cartoons. Click on the image for a larger version:. Gordon, Jr. Had it launched successfully, all three broadcast networks would have pre-empted their Saturday line-ups at various times for live coverage. Thankfully for the millions of children hoping to catch the premiere of the new CBS Saturday morning, there were perhaps only a few pre-emptions to inform the public that the mission was being delayed. Levine distributed in the U.

UPN Kids launches all-new shows

upn saturday morning cartoons

Airing on Sunday mornings, the block aired for one hour to am , then two hours the following year to a. This was likely due to several UPN affiliates in large markets also dually carrying the Fox Kids block for newer Fox stations especially those of New World Communications ; the former Fox affiliates in those markets mainly also retained the Fox Kids schedule on Saturday mornings, who is not carrying Fox Kids in order to instead expand Saturday morning newscasts or retain other local programming. This eventually proved to be a conflict for UPN, as the more well-known Fox Kids block was given primacy in advertising and promotions by those affiliates including the continuation of the local children's Fox Kids fan clubs run by those stations over UPN's unproven children's programming. In January , UPN began discussions with The Walt Disney Company owner of rival network ABC to have the company program a daily two-hour children's block for the network; [3] however attempts to reach a time-lease agreement deal with Disney were called off one week later due to a dispute between Disney and UPN over how the block would be branded and the amount of programming compliant with the Federal Communications Commission 's educational programming regulations that Disney would provide for the block.

Fox is giving us "C-Bear and Jamal," the animated tale of an African-American boy from the 'hood' who learns to deal with life with help from a cool-dude teddy bear.

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And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it. Welcome back to Saturday Morning Superstars! I am not sure if these were new episodes or reruns. I was already an adult at this point.

Watch TV Shows on UPN

Even the good stuff. By: Dana Leigh Brand , Contributor. Raise your hand if you remember the shame of admitting you watched The WB. Its successor, The CW, is about fifty times worse. If you want everyone to judge you for your paranormal romance obsessions by all means start talking about something on The CW. How did this come to be?

There are also additional hours from WB, Fox and UPN, and, of course, I don't recall being very fond of Saturday morning cartoons.

After these messages… we'll be gone, forever

Although technically in its second year, UPN Kids considers this fall as its official launch, complete with four new shows in a two-hour block and a marketing campaign that has kids sounding out the network acronym. We also needed some marquee names that would make kids want to turn to UPN on Sunday mornings. Jumanji, produced through the new animation division of Columbia TriStar Television, will benefit from the better-than-expected showing that the feature experienced at the box office and in home rental. Levy-Sarnoff says she feels the TV show delivers both in production value with edgy and appealing creative, and, she stresses, in richly developed stories.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

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Toonzai was a group of cartoons broadcast on Saturday morning on The CW. It was first broadcast on August 14, It used to be named The CW4Kids. The programs were broadcast on weekday afternoons. The block is programmed by 4Kids Entertainment.

It encompassed every major genre of television, marking its placement well above competitor The WB as the 1 most watched television network in history.

Looking Back at Saturday Morning Cartoons

For five months, the station reverted to being an independent station, though the only effect on the station's schedule was the replacement of UPN programming with syndicated film packages during prime time and on Saturday afternoons, and infomercials taking the place of the network's UPN Kids block on Sunday mornings. Alongside UPN prime time programming and a blend of cartoons and a few live-action children's shows from both Fox Kids and UPN Kids , KCWE carried some recent off-network sitcoms and drama series, movies on weekend afternoons and evenings, some first-run syndicated shows, and overnight programming from the Shop at Home Network. It's difficult to see upn kids in a sentence. Airing on Sunday through Friday mornings, the block aired for two hours each day usually from 7 : 00 to 9 : 00 a. The Disney Afternoon ended its run in syndication, in September

Compared to the format of One Saturday Morning, One Too differed in that, instead of incorporating hosted segments, short gag segments from the shows featured in the block such as Sabrina: The Animated Series, Doug and Recess, all of which — along with a few other series — were originally aired on One Saturday Morning were usually shown, often preceding the start of each program, and after commercial breaks. Kids UPN. The new lineup, which was developed as a companion block to Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC, was originally announced under the name "Whomptastic" a name quickly discarded because it was used as an in-universe profanity replacement in Disney's animated series Recess , before being renamed Disney's One Too. The block aired for the final time on August 31, , with the time periods being turned over to UPN's affiliates; this left UPN as the only "big six" broadcast television network without children's programming, and one of only two major commercial broadcast networks that did not air a children's programming block the other being Pax TV, which discontinued its Pax Kids lineup in , before reviving children's programming as I: Independent Television through the launch of Qubo.

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