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One fan's attempt to catalogue and grade the best animated series on television. You can read my elaborate explanations here. There are several things interesting about this shot. Gibbon, the two-headed duck , none of the other creatures showcased here were featured in the original series timeline. You know you should have stayed And fought that sexy vampire lady. But Jake was feeling terrified, He was super scared of her vampire bite.

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Adventure Time finale trailer teases a war that must be fought

Do you know the symptoms of Lich possession? If not, you or your family members may be at risk. Listen to find out more. Plus, we're wrapping up season 2 in the next episode!

If you have any thoughts, feelings, or questions, please send them in! Contact: adventuretimepod gmail. Our first two-parter, baby! When an ancient evil known as the Lich escapes its amber prison, will Jake, Finn, and the power of liking-someone-a-lot be enough to defeat it? If you have any thoughts or questions for our upcoming season 2 wrap up ep, please drop us a line!

Rate us on iTunes: bit. So you wanna be a vampire? Get ready for kicks and tricks. Movie nights, amateur film-makers, and a fight over creative differences Who needs a ball of string to get through a labyrinth when you have Jake? Who needs a minotaur when you have a mud snake wishmaster named Aquandrius? Are you ready to get the psychic tandem war elephant to give you control? In this episode of Come Along With Me, we'd say that dogs can't die from peer pressure, but that'd be a bit of a stretch.

Are you cool enough to party with the party bears? Ain't no party like a party bear party 'cause a party bear party don't end til everyone gets third degree lava burns. I adore KK and Laura. As a huge fan of AT, this podcast is everything I could ask for! They offer a fun and thoughtful atmosphere through which they critique and analyze the show.

This is a fantastic podcast, they are so cheerful and bright! Any Adventure Time fan will enjoy and become invested in this podcast. Would recommend to any fan of the show.

Audio problems from the first three podcasts are already fixed as of Prisoners of love and an interesting discussion of these early adventure time episodes. Apple Podcasts Preview. NOV 16, 2. NOV 9, 2. NOV 2, 2. OCT 26, 2. OCT 19, 2. OCT 12, 2. Customer Reviews. Pod Meets World. Talk Ville. The Problem With Jon Stewart.

Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen.

'Adventure Time: Distant Lands' on HBO Max Is a Familiar, Welcome Return to Ooo

As a long time fan of Adventure Time, from the very first algebraic! Like so many fans, I wasn't ready for it to end, even after ten amazing seasons and almost episodes. So, when it was announced that Adventure Time would be returning with four hour-long specials , my heart about leapt out of my chest. Warning, there are spoilers ahead!!

Marceline has Jake and Finn over to watch a movie with her ghost Season Episode 13 "The Ultimate Adventure: Come Along with Me".

Adventure Time is a fantasy and comedy animated series that originally aired on Cartoon Network. Read on to learn about the show and how to watch Adventure Time in your country. Total seasons: 10 episodes , plus the hour-long specials Adventure Time: Distant Lands 4 episodes. The show follows Finn the Human and Jake the Dog on their adventures battling evil forces in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. The series was so beloved that it was brought back for four hour-long specials called Adventure Time: Distant Lands and are also available to stream on HBO Max. HBO Max subscribers opens in new tab also have access to premium HBO shows like Game of Thrones and Succession, as well as a ton of other shows that originally aired on other channels, like Steven Universe. Certain seasons are available on the Cartoon Network app for users with a participating cable provider. You can even enjoy the ability to watch on a number of devices, including mobile and gaming consoles with Sky Go.

Where to Watch Adventure Time’s Come Along With Me Finale Episode

watch come along with me adventure time

Come Along With Me is the thirteenth episode in the tenth season, and the two hundred and eightieth and final episode overall. It is the length of four of the show's standard eleven-minute episodes combined. The fate of Ooo is revealed to two adventurers in the distant future; Princess Bubblegum gathers her allies while Finn and Jake look for a way to prevent the coming Great Gum War against Gumbald and his army; An evil and powerful deity is unleashed upon Ooo. In the distant future, roughly one thousand years after the outcome of the Gum War, two friends named Beth and Shermy recover a rusty old mechanical arm that once belonged to Finn after it is unearthed by a Prize Ball Guardian. In their home , formerly known as the residence of Marceline the Vampire Queen , the two decide to visit the "King of Ooo" in order to inquire about its origins.

Unlikely heroes Finn and Jake are buddies who traverse the mystical Land of Ooo. The best of friends, our heroes always find themselves in the middle of escapades.

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The DVD release as with the seventh season, no Blu-ray release has been announced of Seasons 8, 9 and 10 finally offers an alternative to the frustratingly sporadic release schedule Adventure Time suffered in its later seasons. For example, Season 10 ran on Cartoon Network in 4-episode chunks, spaced months apart. With its snackable cartoon episodes, Adventure Time is a blast to binge, particularly the run-up to "Come Along With Me. The final seasons DVD includes a handful of special features, including animatics, a character gallery, song demos and a behind-the-scenes featurette. While not unwelcome, the special features on The Final Seasons DVD are a bit barebones, particularly for the end of a series.

About the vault-adventure-time-full-episode

Finn the human and Jake the relentlessly chill magic dog have been fighting monsters and figuring out their emotional biz for eight years now, but on Monday the televised portion of their adventures come to an end. At its peak, Adventure Time reached an audience of over 3 million viewers per episode, and it attracted the kind of devotion most shows would kill for. The dozens of artists who collaborated to create it clearly made it their passion project: When Cartoon Network announced the end of the show, creator Pendleton Ward, showrunner Adam Muto, a slew of writers, storyboarders, and alumni like Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar all said publicly how grateful they were for the show. One of the things that made Adventure Time so special was how it attracted some of the most recognizable voices in the world. He too is mourning the loss of the show.

With the finale of HBO Max Special Adventure Time: Distant Lands entitled Come Along With Me, touching on the darkest theme yet: death.

Watch Adventure Time: Come Along With Me

Going into Come Along With Me was a surreal experience. The idea of a series finale for such a massive show was almost unreal to me, not to mention a show that has sold itself on having many, many, many, MANY hanging threads. When I sat down to watch the long-awaited finale, I went in with a sense of excitement, but also a sense of dread.

Adventure Time, The Good Place, and the friends you make along the way

However, it wasn't really an ending for the show's main characters Finn and Jake. There were story arcs resolved the war for the Candy Kingdom, Simon's recovery, Marceline and Bubblegum's relationship and sacrifices made Fern, Betty, the tree fort , but in general, it was a "life goes on" ending where Finn and Jake were a relatively small piece of a bigger story. Together Again has been promoted as the duo's "biggest adventure ever. Finn's Obsidian cameo showed he outlived Jake, evident by a large memorial tattoo for his brother and accompanied by Jake's granddaughter Bronwyn. Fans had speculated Together Again would be the story of Jake's death -- it turns out it's actually the story of Finn's afterlife. The first scenes look like a flashback to Season 1, but it quickly grows twisted before turning out to be a simulation feeding an elderly Finn his happiest memories as he stands in the afterlife's waiting room.

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Island Song (Come Along With Me) by Ashley Eriksson | Adventure Time | Cartoon Network

Season 10 Episode 13, Series Finale:. September 03, Post a Comment. Season 3 Episode 6: Rick and Morty are back for a new episode, and this week we have a new version of Rick and Morty, toxic Rick, and toxic Morty. So spoilers ahead for the episode, let's recap the episode. Rick pulls Morty out of school after he discovers that Jessica is single. The two go on a mission retrieving a crystal on a Death Star trench run.

Die-hard supporters were pleasantly surprised upon hearing their favorite buddies would be returning to TV screens with this limited series, featuring four brand new, full-hour long episodes, and based on reviews, they were not disappointed. Will the charming adventures of Jake and Finn stop here, or will they make a comeback for the second time? Whether or not the HBO Max special will be renewed for another season is dependent on a few factors. Jake, a human cartoon played by actor Jeremy Shada, and his talking, double-agent best-friend dog named Finn, voiced by John not-Joe-the-baseball-legend Dimaggio, reigned Cartoon Network as beloved partners in crime for almost a decade before creative directors announced Adventure Time their official resignation.

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