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Attack on Titan Final Chapter Features Historia Reiss’ Son

Attack on Titan tells the story of the people inside the walls of Paradis island through the perspective of a group of elite warriors in charge of fighting against the Titans. These warriors are members of the Survey Corps, who not only fight the Titans when they attack the walls, but they also go beyond them to fight in their claimed turf.

The story starts with the fall of the wall Maria, the outermost wall, and some of the main characters having to retreat even further inside, i. They then joined the th Training Corps to train to become members of the forces fighting against the Titans.

From then on, the story is told mostly from the perspectives of the members of the Training Corps, who after a dreadful fight against the Titans become members of the Survey Corps. The Survey Corps introduces a lot of veteran members, who become a few of the most important characters on Attack on Titan. In the fourth season, after a lot of ups and downs and reveals shifts first to Marley, the country that seems to be the main antagonistic force against the people of Paradis island.

This introduces a few more characters who become equally important to the plot of Attack on Titan. Take a look at how old all of these characters are here. When fans first met him in the th Training Corps, he seemed a little arrogant in his approach to life.

Dreaming of his comfortable career in the Military Police and not wanting to face the horrors of the Titans beyond the walls. After the attack on their graduation day, though, his responsible side came to light for the fandom. This turned him into one of the most capable leaders that led a lot of fights in the future, while taking full responsibility of his comrades. During the start of Attack on Titan , Jean seems to be a boy of 15, and by the start of season 4 he is a capable leader of about 19 years old.

When the fans first met him on Attack on Titan in the th Training Corps, Reiner seemed like a character that is as strong as he is responsible. It was only later that they found out the truth about him being a Titan, along with Bertolt and Annie, and leading the attacks on the people of Paradis island. Being a warrior candidate from Marley with the possession of Armored Titan, he is one of the strongest, as well as one of the most important, characters on the show. When he first arrived on Paradis Island, he was possibly a boy of no more than 12 years old, according to the fandom.

Which makes him a young but jaded man of 21 years old by the start of season 4 of the anime. Living all her life in disguise and then being forced to inherit a Titan by none other than her own father, Historia has an inner strength that can be compared to very few people in Attack on Titan.

When she accepts the position of the Queen of the island, she turns into one of the small group of people who are integral to the storyline. Being a member of the th Training Corps, she seemed to be 15 years old at the start of Attack on Titan.

This makes her the same age as Jean at 19, by the start of season 4 of the anime. Fans met the Beast Titan in season 2 of the anime, and it was even later that they found out the truth about the man inside the Titan.

Zeke's relevance to the plot of Attack on Titan only increased after the reveal of his relation to the show's protagonist, Eren Yeager. During his first appearance, he seemed to be a man of about 25, according to the fandom.

This places him to be about 29 years old during season 4 of Attack on Titan. The Captain Commander of the Survey corps, Erwin Smith , seemed to win over the fandom with his capable leadership and dynamic personality. He is one of those people who is never afraid to resort to unusual means to protect his people.

For the fandom of Attack on Titan , he seemed to be the leader they all looked up to. That is why the whole fandom seems to have been devastated by his untimely death in the show. Although creator Isayama Hajime never confirmed his actual age, the fandom speculated him to be about years old during his appearance in Attack on Titan. Hange Zoe seemed to be an eccentric character when the fans first met her in the show.

It is only much later that they find out just how strong she is and how relevant her skills are in the battle against the Titans. As the current Captain Commander of the Survey Corps, her importance in the plot of Attack on Titan is matched with very few people.

Isayama never seemed to confirm her actual age as well, but the fandom seems to think she is about years old during the show's start. This places her at about years by the time season 4 rolls around. Levi Ackerman is one of the main forces behind the attack group against the Titans.

He also seems to be one of the major rays of hope for the people of Paradis island. This seems to cause a sort of hero worship for him in the hearts of the people of the island, as well as in the Attack on Titan fandom.

Unfortunately, his age is also shrouded in mystery, as the creator only seemed to have revealed him being in his early thirties during the start of the show. According to the fandom, this places him at about years by the start of season 4. One of Eren's best friends and a current main strategists for the Survey Corps, Armin has had a tough life. Having been uprooted from his home, along with Eren and Mikasa, they faced horrors of Titans and humans both from a very young age.

By the time season 1 of Attack on Titan ends, he seems to be slowly coming out of his shell. His relevance to the plot of Attack on Titan seems to make him one of the few important characters in the show. The same age as Jean and Historia, he is about 10 years old during the first attack on the wall Maria. This places him at about 15 when he joins the Survey Corps, and 19 by the start of season 4. One of the strongest fighters on the show, Mikasa Ackerman seemed to have been Eren and Armin's other best friend.

With the second highest number of Titan kills, her relevance to the plot of Attack on Titan is almost unmatched. She is the same age as Armin and the others. This places her at 10 during the first attack on wall Maria, 15 during her joining in the Survey Corps, and about 19 during the start of season 4 of Attack on Titan. The protagonist-turned-possible-villain, Eren Yeager , is one of the driving forces of the show Attack on Titan.

With the power of the Attack and Founding Titan, as well as the War Hammer Titan, he is possibly the strongest character in the show. He is the same age as his two best friends Armin and Mikasa. This makes him a boy of 10 years old during the first time he faced a Titan, 15 when he joined the Survey Corps, and 19 by the start of season 4. Attack on Titan seems to have given the fandom moments that they will cherish forever.

With the last part of season 4 airing on January 9, , the hype is off-the-charts. What will Eren do and how will it alter the fate of humanity in the future? Fans are eager to find answers to these questions. New User posted their first comment. Log in. Manage your profile. Anime Listicle. Anushree Banerjee. Modified 31 Dec Note: This article contains some spoilers.

AoT New Era. You are not right. You didn't force your friends to realize your plans. Attack on Titan Wiki. Edited by Mason J. Sort by: Most popular Recent Most upvotes.

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AOT: Who Is Historia Reiss's Love Interest? #FarmHisu

Episodes Details. Iwaizumi Hajime has been a single father to his two sons since his wife passed away. Here I am again, and after searching through my pile of tr. Sakusa works as a receptionist at a vet clinic. Here you can tell us about bugs, some errors, missing chapters on our common Free Manga Park. January 26, emily black kennedy wedding tesseract universe conspiracy Sakuatsu dj Sakuatsu dj" sakuatsu NSFW Part 1 of my thank you for 15k twt followers!

Holger, September 12 ; Dot Pixis, September 13 ; Rod Reiss, September 15 ; Dita Ness, September 20 ; Interior Squad soldier, September

Historia Reiss Greeting Cards

Historia Reiss is a fictional character of the anime Attack On Titan. The plot of Attack on Titan centres on a civilization inside three walls, the last location where humans still live. Over one hundred years ago, humanity was driven to the brink of extinction after the emergence of humanoid giants called Titans, who attack and eat humans on sight. The last remnants of humanity retreated behind three concentric walls and enjoyed nearly a century of peace. To combat Titans, the country's military employs Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, a set of waist-mounted grappling hooks and gas-powered propulsion enabling immense mobility in three dimensions. Fan ships are a hot topic in the anime community, and everyone forms their own opinion about the ones that become mainstream or even when it becomes canon. Historia is the current ruler of Paradis Island. She was once in a relationship with her ex-partner, Ymir.


historia attack on titan birthday

You may have already used the stars to figure out which Bleach and Naruto characters you are based on your zodiac sign, but what about another wildly popular anime: Attack on Titan? Are you a hotblooded Aries like Eren Jaeger, who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals? Are you a Virgo like Levi Ackerman, who pays attention to detail and will eviscerate you for getting those details wrong? Or are you a knowledge-hungry Aquarius like Hange Zoe, who will take any risk necessary to find out the truth?

Attack on Titan followers are in the meanwhile, March 30 th , celebrating the birthday of the first character Eren Jaeger by sharing some wonderful work on-line. Over the course of every the anime and manga sequence, followers have watched Eren flip from an idealistic youthful boy proper right into a blood-thirsty killing machine and now, to a deity-like decide that has the future of your whole world inside the palm of his bandaged fingers.


Why settle for the same old greeting cards? One of a kind. So is your recipient. And hey, the more you buy, the lower the price. So go nuts. Historia Reiss Greeting Cards 1, Results.

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ATTACK ON TITAN: Release date confirmed for season 4 part 2 Season 30, "Love Is In The Air" for the first time to Violetta on her birthday In Episode 1.


The Survey Corps or Scout Regiment is made up of a group of elite soldiers that are in close contact with the Titans. In Attack On Titan , they are not there to only fight Titans, but are also involved in scientific studies and dealing with human expansion. They are highly skilled users of the ODM gear and risk their lives every day. Their ages range vastly with many young members on the team being very important characters to the story.

Attack on Titan Characters’ Birthdays


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Attack on Titan fans are today, March 30 th , celebrating the birthday of the main character Eren Jaeger by sharing some outstanding artwork online.

Attack on Titan has introduced Historia Reiss' child with the final chapter of the series! Series creator Hajime Isayama officially brought the nearly twelve year run of the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine series to an end with Chapter , and this meant the series answered some major questions fans still had lingering during the final arc of the manga. At the same time, there have been all sorts of new teases for what's to come for the future of this world. While fans won't get to see what comes next, some big seeds have been planted for who will be involved. The final chapter of the series revealed some major new developments for Historia after she had taken a backseat to the action due to her pregnancy which fans of the series had some major issues about when it was revealed in the anime.

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