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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Medal questline - Updated stats of Angel,? Medal questline 1. Animal Rappy prize info updated, return trip from Medabot Island updated - Floating Fortress Fuyin finished - About This Walkthrough section updated to reflect the trimmed down guide - Section 3.

Odoro 3. Odoro Pond 3. Odoro left 3. Odoro Marsh 3. It was written using both versions, and carefully compared to both versions. Since the two versions are nearly identical it can be used for both games. I know the text art doesn't look all that great, but it serves its purpose. Now to explain the sections: - Updates - lists what happened in each update - Contents - tells where to find what - About This Walkthrough - what you are currently reading - Basics - explains a few basic things, like how to make a Medabot, and the controls - Walkthrough - should be obvious : - Linking - how to link, and what linking does - Frequently Asked Question - send them in and I'll answer them, if I can - Thanks - thanking everyone who helped make this guide what it is - Legal Stuff - covering all the bases and protecting my work Now you are ready to read this guide.

I hope you enjoy the game, and get a lot of use out of this guide! Obviously, you should press Start, since that is what it says to do. You are given 3 options or just two if you haven't played before - Continue, New Game, and Options. If you choose Options you are given 3 choices. The options are as follows: Robattle Time - Long 40 sec , Normal 30 sec , or Short 20 sec Choose how long battles last, measured in seconds.

Robattle Message - On displayed or Off not displayed Choose whether or not to show messages during battle. Just choose a tune you like.

Oh, this is the music played during Robattles. When you are through choosing your Options just press the A Button again. A Medabot is made up of 6 parts: Tinpet - the basic frame, in other words the skeleton Medal - the control circuit, or brain, of the Medabot Head - the head Medapart, which usually has a limited amount of uses Right Arm - the right arm Medapart, which is usually faster and less powerful Left Arm - the left arm Medapart, which is usually slower and more powerful Legs - the legs Medapart, which controls how fast a Medabot moves Each Medapart is unique.

Although many Medaparts have the same move such as Berserk action Hammer the power, health, and speeds of each part are different. No two parts are alike. There are some that have the exact same stats, but the abilities are different. There is something else you should be aware of - there are two types of Tinpets, male and female. Male Tinpets are blue, female Tinpets are pink. To customize a Medabot you must be in the Medabot menu. Once you are actually playing, and have a Medabot and Medawatch, press B to bring up the menu.

Choose Medawatch, then choose Medabot. You will notice 9 pedestals, and a Medabot or more, depending on how many you have on one or more pedestal s. Select the Medabot you wish to edit and press A. Now for the fun part! On the left is an image of your Medabot. Press R or L to switch the angle to get a better look at each side. The complete Medabot that will be built is influenced by three things: - The part you have selected.

For example, if you currently have the Right Arm selected, the complete Medabot will be built using the nearest complete set of Medaparts to the current Medapart on that arm. A set is all four parts Head, both Arms, and the Legs. If you don't have a complete set, the game will skip over the parts until it finds a complete set.

If it doesn't find a complete set, an empty Tinpet will be the result. Also, if you have a complete set, but one part is being used by a different Medabot, that set will be treated as incomplete unless you have more than one of that part. If so, the game will change to the next complete set. You can also use this to move a Medabot to an empty pedestal if you so desire. Here goes: Head Armor: health of the part, if this reaches 0, the part breaks. Rate of Success: the higher the number, the better the chance of the action being successful depending of certain things like enemy Evade and Medal compatibility - abbreviated ROS.

Power: the strength of the ability, the higher the better. Also note that a pink circle with a blue arrow next to the number means the Medapart has Chain Reaction, which means it can continue to hit other Medaparts if it breaks a Medapart.

Amount of Uses: how many times you can use the ability in a battle. Arms Armor: same as the head. Rate of Success: same as the head.

Power: same as the head. Charge: how long the ability takes to be used, in other words how long your Medabot spends walking toward the center of the battle screen, lower numbers are best - abbreviated CRG. Radiation: how long the ability takes to cool down, in other words how long your Medabot spends walking back to the side of the battle screen, lower numbers are best - abbreviated RAD.

Legs Armor: same as the head. Evasion: the higher the number, the better the chance of dodging an attack, if the attack can be dodged not all can. Defense: cuts down on damage dealt by enemies to the legs, and a higher number is best.

Proximity: influences the success of Strike, Berserk, Defend, and Heal actions; higher numbers are best. Remoteness: influences the success of Shoot, Aim Shot, Support and Interrupt actions, and higher numbers are best. Also, each part has a specific type of action and an affinity, displayed in blue boxes to the left of the stats.

The type of action is listed first, with a symbol next to the type. The symbol is either two arrows pointing towards each other left to right or two arrows pointing away from each other up and down. Sideways arrows show the part is influenced by Proximity, and up and down arrows show the part is influenced by Remoteness.

The affinity is listed in the bottom blue box, and shows what Medal the part works with best. And that brings us to the Medals. Each Medal has 4 pages of stats.

The first page, labeled Ability, shows the affinity of the Medal the blue box , what that Medal targets first the red box , the name of the medal the orange box in the top right , and the compatibility bonus of the medal a small blue box with an orange number and a green circle. The second page, labeled Medaforce, contains the Medaforces the Medal has learned. Medaforces are learned at level 10, 30, and The Medaforces are listed by level learned level 10 Medaforce is listed first, then the level The symbol shows who is targeted by that Medaforce.

The symbols include 3 arrows pointing right on a red background all enemies , 1 arrow pointing right on a red background one enemy , 3 arrows pointing left on a blue background all allies , and 1 arrow pointing left on a blue background self. Selecting a Medaforce displays a brief description of that Medaforce in the box at the bottom, and the Medaforce's skill affinity to the right.

The skill affinity shows what skill the Medaforce uses, so you know what skill to level up in order to improve that Medaforce. For instance, a Medaforce that uses the Berserk skill does more damage if the Berserk level is higher. The third page, labeled Rotation, is the Medal's battle auto-pilot setup screen. In battle selecting the Auto option makes the Medabot follow the actions you have setup on this screen. Press A to switch to the Action box.

The actions you can choose from are: H - use the Head's ability. R - use the Right Arm's ability. L - use the Left Arm's ability.

Pressing A again will then show an arrow above the Action box. This is useful if you want the Medabot to use an ability only once or twice, then just repeat the last couple of actions you have setup.

When the Medabot has performed all the actions you have setup, it will start over from the left arrow and continually repeat the process until the battle ends. The fourth and last page, labeled Skill, show the proficiency of the Medal with each of the 8 skills. Simply put, it shows how good the Medal is with a skill. The 8 skills are listed with Proximity skills on the left and Remoteness skills on the right.

Each time you use a Medapart a skill will increase by one point. If you use a Strike action Medapart the Strike skill will increase one point, etc.

When a skill has 8 points it will level up. Under each word is a black rectangle with lines in it.

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Gintama satirizes Japanese history, modern pop culture, and other aspects of Japanese life. It also parodies Shonen Jump mercilessly. It breaks the fourth wall a lot. The manga lasted from until The anime ran from to with a couple of breaks. In that time, they made episodes, plus several movies and OVA specials. Gintama is very loosely based on actual Japanese history.

Medabots: Metabee Version walkthroughs on SuperCheats - Walkthrough. on you at the moment from random battles or the store, now is the time to equip it.

Medabots May Be the Best ’90s Anime Fans Forgot About

Forgot password? User: Pass:. The Gang's All Here 5. Killer Queen 5. The Call of Cthulhu [m] 5. Rescue Operation: Yanagi Tournament Triumphant Doctor Drunkard 5. Decimal Detox [m] 5.

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medabots best moments

This model kit not only recreates the appearance of Dorcus, but also includes a special feature where users can Medachange this model into "Reckless Mode". The right arm sword "Forvice" and left arm hammer "Intense Beat" can be recreated with interchangeable parts. The model kit closely resembles the character's appearance in the series with the included dialogue parts and a detachable medal for its back. The customizable aspect of the robots in the series is represented in the model kit as well, allowing you to create your very own Medarot! The kit comes with two pre-painted and one unpainted clear red face visor part, allowing you to display the model however you want.

Anime trends are fascinating. Every once in a while, several shows with similar premises hit screens around the same time.

Medabots: Metabee/Rokusho (GBA)

Medabots—powerful robots granted artificial intelligence through special "medals"—serve at the whims of their owner. They are more commonly used in "Robbatling," a popular combat sport where two medabots face off against one another. In its professional form, Medafighters use their Medabots to qualify for the World Tournament and fight amongst the elite to gain the title of champion. Elementary schooler Ikki Tenryou has just gained his first Medabot: Metabee, an outdated model with no medal. Fortunately, however, Ikki manages to find a medal in the nearby river; but when Ikki places it into Metabee's head, the latter starts to exhibit strange behaviour. Short-tempered and rebellious, he refuses to obey Ikki's orders.

Medabots S Mega Man Battle Network Collaboration Will Appear Soon

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4.

Explore a wide range of the best medabots on AliExpress to find one that ShininSoul Series Games 32 Bits Video Cartridge Console Game Card US/EU Version.

Open Fandom RP (to all fandoms)

Dr Aki is my great grandpa and my mums grandpa he's the head scientist and founder of medacorp he's a good man but also very goofy but he's family. Nae: so grandpa gave you a medawatch and medal well why don't you slip the watch on make sure it fits. Agreeing with my mum I open the box and put on my new medawatch.

5 Best Places to Watch Gintama Online

The elbows were kinda bad and loose, it can get really annoying to be honest, but I still love this kit. Not really activily watching anything at the moment. But I love anime. I actually started watching anime regulary in my final High School years. Kinda realizing right now I could have looked for a DVD box of it at the convention, but hey

I officially declare this match a submission robattle!

Good stories tend to come when the creators know their limits and strengths. You cover up your weaknesses and emphasizes your strengths. Some stories know their weak point and still find a way to get around them. The strength and weakness is in Erin herself. The whole story is, in fact, more mythic than psychological.

Stay Logged On. Let's play Medabots! Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread: It's time to robattle, until your drop.

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