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However, Macron also took the time to meet with a group of legendary otaku artists as part of his itinerary — being an unlikely otaku, as reported by Sora News Macron recently took to Twitter to share videos of his meeting with the coterie of manga icons including Hiro Mashima who is the creator of the Fairy Tail franchise; Hidetaka Miyazaki who is the director of popular video games such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne , and Sekiro ; and Katsuhiro Otomo who is the creative brains behind the cult manga, Akira. Culture connects people, and deepens friendship. In other entertainment news, a Power Rangers restaurant just opened up in Tokyo. Delayed quote. Updated once every 10 mins.

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One piece olympic

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Anime Characters are Brand Ambassadors

What he did next was unexpected: He bent over and touched his fist to the ground. Any One Piece fans watching would immediately recognize the reference. Congrats to him! Speaking with the Greek press, Tentoglou was asked about the competition.

The interviewer did not forget to ask what was up with the pose. Luffy is one of the iconic Japanese characters roped in to promote the Tokyo Olympics and sell merch.

Doing the pose makes sense for an athlete trying to summon all the power necessary to win. This technique involves Luffy speeding up the blood flow in all or selected body parts, in order to provide them with more oxygen and nutrients. This makes him much faster and more powerful. Tentoglou is the latest athlete to meld fandom with Olympic gold.

As Kotaku previously reported , Russian air pistol athlete and The Witcher superfan Vitalina Batsarashkina also took top spot in her competition with a Witcher medallion hanging around her neck. What sets these two apart is not that they are fans of anime or games. Rather, they both have displayed their fandom in very public ways as they achieve Olympic glory.

The A. About Kotaku Store. By Brian Ashcraft. Photo: Patrick Smith Getty Images. Kotaku East Japan.

Sportsman celebrates with One Piece pose

One of the primary promotional elements of the soon-to-conclude Tokyo Olympics has been its pop culture, from its videogames to its manga and anime. Videogame music was used during the parade of nations at the Opening Ceremony. If not for the pandemic severely limiting the number of people who could watch the events, there might have been more poppy stuff the organizers could throw at them. But it is not all the Olympics throwing anime references throughout the Games period. Even the Olympians themselves are making anime gestures that have since gone viral on social media. Both took place during the track and field portions of the Games. First it was a Greek long jumper; then it was an American shot putter.

Home to more than 10, athletes at the Summer Games and 2, at the Winter, the Olympic Village is one of the world's most exclusive.

Olympic Wide Mouth One Piece Ag Skimmer White | ACM19300

Sir Ben Ainslie won three consecutive gold medals from to before passing on the baton to Giles Scott who won in Rio Click here for the Finn video preview. Imagine that! The reigning World Champion — as your coach. However, the defending Olympic Champion has four Finn Gold Cups under his belt, and is still the most successful sailor in the fleet. Scott will have that mental toughness in spades, and his boat speed will be good too. Unlike Scott, however, the successful Cup campaign seems not to have distracted him from the Olympic program but to have enhanced it. Seventh at Rio , Junior looks in much stronger form this time. Although the Finn is a one-person dinghy, in many ways year-old Junior will be helming his boat with Maloney as his wingman.

Why Olympic beach volleyball players wear bikinis

one piece olympic

The Tokyo Olympics Committee made this decision at the end of the previous edition of the Olympic and Paralympic games which took place at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Iconic character Son Goku of the popular anime Dragon Ball has been chosen as brand ambassador for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo, Japan. A brand ambassador, according to sources, is someone hired by an organisation or institution to represent a brand in a positive light, hence increasing brand awareness and sales. Basically, it is a celebrity or influencer who plays this role, with the aim of using promotional strategies to reinforce customer-product service relationships, touching a large audience to consume more products.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Olympics are underway in Japan, and athletes have begun their journey to win a gold medal.

Aimee Fuller reveals she gave up snowboarding after 'brutal' crash at the 2018 Winter Olympics

He ended up winning the gold medal. This is clearly the unusual story of this week. This Monday, August 2, Miltiadis Tedoglou, a Greek athlete, embarked on a funny ritual before his performance. A way, certainly, to give yourself strength before competing. As a reminder, appeared for the first time during episode of One Piece , the Gear 2 allows Luffy to accelerate his blood flow and, thus, to become stronger and faster.

One Piece Olympics

The Tokyo Olympic Games are proof that anime has reached all corners of the world, with athletes of various nationalities presenting routines inspired by their favorite series. We really celebrate, too, with our friends around the world. We feel unlimited respect for your effort and achievements! With a great passion for anime waking up in the middle of the Tokyo Olympics and a couple more days before it ends, the only question left in the air is what other surprises both the competitors and the event will provide. And you? Tell us in the comments.

Stano, who had never before won a race outside of Italy, produced one of the biggest The Olympic gold medal is the recognition for all the efforts and.

The Olympics Timeline Has Been Cruel To Simone Biles

Their tributes have resonated with fans across the world; even the manga's staff are expressing their delight. The One Piece staff official Twitter and Instagram accounts issued messages of gratitude to Tentoglou and Otterdahl for their actions. Last week, archery bronze medalist Takaharu Furukawa referenced Is the order a rabbit?

One Piece fans may have spotted a particular reference to the anime at the Olympics, as an athlete imitated an iconic pose before winning gold. Standing before his national flag, the athlete proceeded to press his fist to the ground, imitating the gear second second gear in the dub stance. When asked about the pose in a following interview, Tentoglou said, "If you know, you know It's from One Piece. It's a power up that Luffy had. The huge popularity of One Piece in Japan, as well as the rest of the world, meant that many fans likely caught the reference before it was clarified in the interview.

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