Akira konoe persona 5

Either way, the Thieves feel like this battle will fix everything, so you might as well give it your all. Note that the EX refight is only available in the post-game: the regular refight is the same as the normal battle. Fortunately, this first phase is actually fairly simple, not least because of the giant railguns mounted in the corners. Most of the attacks are well-telegraphed and simple to dodge. The rocket punch can be avoided sideways, and pretty much all of his laser attacks face forward. If you back him towards a corner, you can actually avoid most of these just by running between his legs.

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Persona 5 Strikers - Akira Konoe Guide

Anyway, the thieves have a feeling this fight will fix everything, so you might as well give it your all. You should take this seriously. Note that the EX refight is only available in the aftermath: the regular refight is the same as the normal fight. Luckily, this first stage is actually pretty easy, not least because of the huge railguns mounted in the corners.

Most attacks are well telegraphed and easy to dodge. The Rocket Strike can be avoided sideways, and pretty much all of its laser attacks are forward facing. If you corner him, you can avoid most of these just by running between his legs. However, be careful when lasers shoot out of his robo shoes, as he will turn to you while those beams are coming out.

He also has a rocket spam that most of the time you just have to walk around to dodge. The hallmark of this fight is when he uses Supernova. This leads to constant beam spam and rocket fire. Reach to a corner and slide along the wires to dodge all attacks until the Zephyrus mech overheats. At this point, grab one of the railguns and blast the mech to knock it down, giving yourself a good shot at free hits. I personally chose Makoto, Sophia and Zenkichi.

Drains: none zeros: Bless Resists: psi Weak against: electricity, nuclear energy. Right after taking out the Zephyrus mech, Akira the Hero himself pops out with a Radiant Sword, ready for phase two.

There are two ways to approach this Osaka prison boss fight vs Akira the Hero boss fight. First, his cross slash is a dashing attack. Finally, towards the end of the fight, he will start using Megidolaon to avoid making confusing moves. This will suck you in and then explode to deal massive damage, so get running. Then we have his Justice Sword Moves. There are four of them: Alpha, Beta, Omega, and Zero, and mixing up which means what is going to hit you in the face.

Alpha is three slashes in a row. Beta is an overhead swing that usually makes anyone it hits dizzy. Omega is an AoE swing around him.

Finally, Zero is a ranged slash that creates a sword beam. Akira the Hero is a quick and nimble target, but his weaknesses give you plenty of options. Nonetheless, his moves are fairly well telegraphed, aside from the bars and Sword of Justice until you get the hang of which one does what. But the Akira the Hero fight? For starters, he also now has Megidola, a ranged blast that must be dodged.

Justice Slash Zero is now two Sword Rays — a vertical one that you have to dodge to the side, followed by a horizontal one that you have to jump over. When it lands, it triggers a shockwave that covers the entire arena and must be jumped over. This is arguably one of the trickier EX refights, if only because basically everything that made it difficult before his speed and short attack telegraphs has been increased to He will chain moves much faster and his moves are meaner.

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Persona 5 Strikers Zephyrus Mech and Akira the Hero Boss Guide

Sadly, the card has no effect, but EMMA response did the trick. His poor phone though…. All this time you refused help, even now despite your insistence that you've changed You will surely fall to your own demise with charred wings if you keep up this charade You seek freedom?

May 5. First pick to run a jail, after my little test run.” Akira Konoe The Real Pokémon Au for Persona OC ♣️ Alt for @GoldxKeeper (N)SFW [Lewd is.

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This boss battle comes in two parts. Phase 1 has you fighting Akira's Zephyrus Mech which is weak to both nuclear and lightning. Ideally, you'll want to conserve as much SP as possible in preparation for the second phase. But it should be okay to use magic if three people share the load, and if you change tactics after the first All-Out-Attack. Equip Mind Chokers on Makoto and Ryuji. The best Personas for Joker will be Thor and Trumpeter. If you can get Thor's level to 68, then all better since you get the added benefit of stacking Elec Boost and Elec Amp. Start with Rakunda Debilitate consumes too much SP and Matarukaja then move in and spam the mech's weaknesses until you knock it down. It will go into hover mode after recovering, so phantom dash to the Railguns around the area and fire until the mech crashes. There are wires you can use to move between different guns during the cooling period.

Persona 5 Strikers - Painful Past+: Akira Konoe Request Walkthrough

akira konoe persona 5

Akira Konoe is the one behind the EMMA software that has been locking up people in jails and turning them into Monarchs. He is the head of the Madicce corporation and like all the other bosses, he also has a deeply disturbing trauma that made him this way. In retrospect, he means good by bringing justice to the world but his methods are extreme and inhumane. In this guide, you will learn how to beat Akira Konoe in Persona 5 Strikers in the easiest way possible. Osaka Jail is filled with hordes of mobs with less bulky enemies to deal with.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete all the requests in Persona 5 Strikers. While only 50 of these need to be done for the trophy, all of them should be done to gather all the personas.

Fav villain (Spoilers!)

Just like in Persona 5 , Persona 5 Strikers has eight elemental types of damage. There are also physical and gun-based attacks for technically eleven in total. Not all of them have traditional bosses and the game overall only has five major story bosses. Along with going through those fights, there are some other things worth mentioning as well. There will be spoilers in terms of which characters become bosses. The sequel to the beloved JRPG took the franchise in an unexpected direction, incorporating hack and slash elements akin to a Musou title.

Full Cast & Crew

One of the most popular characters in Persona 5 Strikers , and in the series at large, is Ryuji Sakamoto, which makes the lack of respect the games give him that much more of a shame. Ryuji is the first companion main character Ren gathers in his quest to build the Phantom Thieves, staying with the player character through thick and thin. That goes for both the original Persona 5 and the Musou-style sequel Persona 5 Strikers. However, both games often treat Ryuji as little more than a joke, willfully forgetting his background and personality and how ripe they are for pathos and dramatic storytelling. This is not the only way the games deliberately undercut their male characters - their refusal to allow for any male romances in Persona 5 , for example - but the way Persona 5 Strikers did it for Ryuji actively undercut its own story. Its need to keep Ryuji a joke made its own story worse. Ryuji is the comic relief, and that in itself is fine.

Welcome to the Persona 5 Strikers Guide for all the Requests and August 28th – Painful Past: Akira Konoe – Osaka Jail – Rematch the Boss.

Persona 5 Akira Konoe

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So while I enjoyed my time with Strikers, like I said any time I get to spend with the Thieves is much appreciated, I feel like there was a lot of stuff only briefly touched upon that could've used further expanding. Like as a Maruki fan I constantly debate with myself the argument that, while it's all good and well for the superpowered Thieves to say that adversity is the crucible by which we become stronger, there are people even worse off than them that that philosophy just doesn't help and whom would take Maruki's reality in a heartbeat and again it can be further argued that those people are emotionally vulnerable and aren't in the right mindset to make that decision. So I was making those two my phone's lock and home screen backgrounds when I noticed that the color schemes remind me a lot of the Portal games and now I can't unsee it. I'm honestly still floored that Konoe is officially 28 in Strikers.

Akira Konoe is a character from Persona 5 Strikers.

Persona 5 Strikers has an all-new arresting story with old and new characters in the game. The designers have totally overhauled the battle arrangement of the game. It has changed over from a turn-based battle framework into a free-streaming battle framework. With this new style of battle, it is essential for the players to become familiar with the new arrangement of moves and personas that the game has to bring to the table. Many players have asked about Persona 5 Strikers Akira Konoe. Akira Konoe is one of the main bosses in the game.

A guide listing all the requests available in Persona 5 Strikers, where to find them, and what their rewards are for completing the missable achievement: What are Friends For? It also contains tips on how to complete the more complex requests, such as: Prison Mail, Forgotten Desire, and Thief Challenges. Note that some spoilers will be found when looking through the request list. Requests in Persona 5 Strikers are your optional side quests which you receive when you talk to people while exploring each city.

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