Incredible world of gumball

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The BEST episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball

The life of a twelve-year-old boy who happens to be a blue cat as he lives with his family and other strange creatures. Darwin Watterson : You're just a drop of embarrassment, in an ocean of shame. Sign In. Episode guide. Play trailer Animation Short Adventure. Creator Ben Bocquelet. Top credits Creator Ben Bocquelet.

See more at IMDbPro. Episodes Browse episodes. Top Top-rated. Clip Trailer The Amazing World of Gumball: Sarah. Photos Top cast Edit. Dan Russell Richard Watterson …. Teresa Gallagher Nicole Watterson ….

Kerry Shale Larry Needlemeyer …. Kyla Rae Kowalewski Anais Watterson. Jacob Hopkins Gumball Watterson …. Terrell Ransom Jr. Darwin Watterson …. Hugo Harold-Harrison Tobias Wilson …. Mic Graves Banana Joe …. Sandra Dickinson Alison Sandra Gator …. Logan Grove Gumball Watterson …. Kwesi Boakye Darwin Watterson …. Jessica McDonald Carrie Krueger …. Nicolas Cantu Gumball Watterson …. Tony Hull Anton. Steve Furst Principal Brown ….

Adam Long Mr. Small …. Alex Jordan Business Ogre …. Alix Wilton Regan Carmen Verde …. Ben Bocquelet. More like this. Watch options. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Carrie the Ghost is in 3-D if you put on 3-D glasses. Goofs Some characters' mouths change from red to black in some episodes.

Quotes Darwin Watterson : You're just a drop of embarrassment, in an ocean of shame. Alternate versions Some countries have a different opening theme of the show. The U. The Japanese intro shows clips from the episodes with a pop song playing. The Indian intro is done through a comic book style opening. User reviews Review.

Top review. Cartoon Network is coming back. This show is one of the apples of our time. I mean, so far, it has some sophisticated humor that makes us laugh, and it is on Cartoon Network. And it's current. I mean, T-Rexes in ? That's not on all of the TV shows today. So far, on Cartoon Network, not many shows are good.

The Problem Solverz and Johnny Test are two of the things killing it's rating overall. But this show is something new, something fresh. Check it out! Protecting a store from robbers, wearing a dress to school FAQ 5.

How old is Darwin? How old is Gumball Watterson? Who is the antagonist of the series? Details Edit. Release date May 3, United States. Cartoon Network United States. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 11 minutes. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content.

Top Gap. See more gaps Learn more about contributing. Edit page. See the full list. Double Take: Celebrity Twins. Recently viewed Please enable browser cookies to use this feature.

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The rather good Amazing World Of Gumball

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CreepyReading: The Amazing World of Gumball "The Unknown". who's your favorite character??? This podcast is the reading of many different creepy pastas.

New "The Amazing World of Gumball" Movie and Series Get the Greenlight

Superintendent Evil comes to Elmore Junior High to stamp out all of the students' cartoonish ways. Read the whole story here. Do you want to see your work up here? Consider entering our contest! August 3rd, And just like that, our art contest has come to a close! Congratulations TheEarthisround12 , Snow Walk , and Gameuser10 for taking first, second, and third places respectively! Check out their artwork and other amazing pieces right here!

Cartoon Network dunks on ripoff shows in best way possible

incredible world of gumball

Looks like The Amazing World of Gumball may be coming to an end. Recently, creator Ben Bocquelet announced season six will be the last for the Cartoon Network series. See update below. The animated series follows the adventures of Gumball Watterson, a middle school-age cat, and his eclectic family. The show is only partially traditionally animated and uses a variety of filmmaking techniques, including live-action, puppetry, CGI, stop motion, and Flash animation.

Combining a mixture of several animation techniques with live-action backgrounds , the series follows the misadventures of a hapless twelve-year-old cat named Gumball, who lives in the quaint little town of Elmore - where nearly everything has the power to come to life!

Good thing Gumball, Darwin and all your friends from Elmore are here to deliver with more hilarious misadventures in the Amazing World of Gumball. Prepare to be amazed! The Burden: Gumball and Darwin are given the job of looking after the lame school hamster. The Mirror: Gumball receives a scare email from a freaky ghost and decides to ignore it, despite Darwin's advice. The Pizza: The Wattersons complain about their day and order a pizza from Larry.

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We're continuously trying to improve TheTVDB, and the best way we can do that is to get feedback from you. Please consider taking this quick survey to let us know how we're doing and what we can do better. Seit ihm Beine gewachsen sind, geht er mit Gumball in die Schule und wird wie das dritte Kind der Familie behandelt. The series revolves around the life of Gumball Watterson, a year old cat who attends middle school in Elmore. Accompanied by his pet, adoptive brother, and best friend Darwin Watterson, he frequently finds himself involved in various shenanigans around the city, during which he interacts with various family members: Anais, Richard, and Nicole Watterson, and other various citizens. Le avventure e disavventure di una famiglia davvero strana, i Watterson. En ovanlig tecknad serie, fylld av udda personligheter. May - June

Despite not being interested enough to keep up with it all the time, The Amazing World of Gumball is surprisingly smart and self-aware.

Amazing World of Gumball

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Gumball's Embarrassing Video

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They often find themselves in various shenanigans around the city, during which they interact with fellow family members—younger sister Anais, mother Nicole, and father Richard— and an extended supporting cast of characters. Bocquelet based several of the series' characters on rejected characters from his previous commercial work while making its premise a mixture of "family shows and school shows", which Cartoon Network was heavily interested in.

The Amazing World of Gumball was part of a select group of classic Cartoon Network shows that had situations and humor that could appeal to both kids and parents—this group also includes such hits as Steven Universe and Adventure Time. It's therefore not all that shocking that the adventures of Gumball and his adopted brother Darwin went on for six captivating seasons, all the way up until the series finale and its polarizing cliffhanger. Even though the series is pretty solid as a whole, some episodes were clearly better than others. From the unrelentingly witty to the surprisingly poignant, many episodes in the series rank highly on IMDb. Update September 30th, by Tanner Fox: Having reached its conclusion roughly two years ago, The Amazing World of Gumball maintains a legacy as one of the best series to air on Cartoon Network in the s. Fans who grew up on excellent animated series from the 90s and early s like Dexter's Laboratory and Courage the Cowardly Dog will be fond of the dry wit and the surprisingly genuine nature of Gumball.

The first time we met Ben was in when he and Johannes Weiland just had started as juniors at studio aka, London. As a young director Ben tried to win pitches. But most of the time his ideas were dismissed.

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