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Unlike all other iterations of Disneyland around the world, the first, and only Magic Kingdom park created by Walt Disney, in Southern California still plays Steamboat Willie on a continuous loop from morning to night daily at the Cinema on Main Street see Figure 1. The famed animated short is spotlighted on the cinema marquee along with a banner indicating that additional Disney cartoons are shown inside. To exhibit six classic cartoons, each with a separate soundtrack, in the compact space of the Cinema required Imagineers i. The Main Street Cinema is an original Disneyland attraction dating from opening day on July 17, Inside the wood-paneled room of the Cinema, there are six screens each displaying a short film in a continuous loop all day long.

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Plane Crazy About Mickey Mouse

I also agree on the design. He is much more spindly, not quite the round, fluffy guy that Oswald was. And he's definitely much more of a rogue. I'm interested to see the evolution of Mickey much more than the Oswald or Julius characters.

He just seems to have so much development over the years, that it will be very interesting to watch. There's also a real change coming in Mickey, and the reason why Donald Duck surpassed him in popularity.

Humor derives from pain; either our own or more often, someone else's. But with that, there is the part of our minds that, in order to see it as funny, you had to feel that the character deserved it in some sense. Mickey became such a nice guy that you couldn't feel his pain was comical; you ended up feeling more sympathetic. With Donald, you could laugh at him because you felt he deserved what was coming to him.

But this one is funny because the character of "Mickey Mouse" hadn't been established in people's minds, so you could get away with doing a lot more to him. And to Minnie. Mickey is a bit of a rogue in this cartoon which is very different to Oswald. We didn't see Oswald deliberately scare and laugh at Sadie or try and force her to kiss him! Another change is how Oswald was constantly changing shape - getting squashed, losing his head, bouncing round as a ball, removing his tail and ears, wringing himself out etc.

With Mickey and Plane Crazy these kind of gags are much less frequent. As a result, some of Mickeys bangs and crashes seem a lot more painful check out Mickey's face when he crushes his nuts on a branch falling down the tree. Another interesting thing to mention is that Mickey is immediately being established as a creature of the barnyard. There's no reason for a cartoon about flying planes to be set on a farm - in Oswald cartoons, the rabbit was just wherever the action was and you're not expected to think where he would live.

Here, however, we're introduced to a character who apparently lives on a farm and so all his friends are farm animals rather than a random assortment of dogs, cats, wolves and elephants. This time around, I watched Plane Crazy with the sound down, so that I could see it the way it was originally animated, without a soundtrack.

I will revisit it again with the soundtrack to see the differences, but I think I can honestly say that the entertainment value could not increase. The story is simple — Mickey Mouse admires Charles Lindbergh, and decides to get in his own plane and take a flight.

He creates a second plane out of a beat up car, and manages to get Minnie up in the air with him. Of course, as in any good Disney story, something goes horribly wrong, and the plane comes crashing to the ground. The real thing to marvel at here, though, is not just that this short was done almost entirely by one man, but that there are no shortcuts.

The backgrounds are more detailed than the Oswalds, the characters have more fluid motion, and the point of view changes frequently. Take the sequence where Minnie is in the plane alone, flying behind a cow, and the POV is from behind her, as it shifts from side to side as an example. He is obviously different from the current rounded, smiling mouse we know as the corporate symbol. Mickey in Plane Crazy is a spindly limbed mouse with a fat oval body and circular head.

Mickey here is also more of the adventurer and the mischievous soul than he would become later. While up in the plane, he forces a kiss on Minnie, which prompts her to jump out of the plane. Plane Crazy. The IAD is in financial trouble. Please read here. Search Advanced Search. Mickey tries to emulate his hero, Charles Lindberg, and woo Minnie with his own, homemade airplane. Clips Used In:. Reused Animation Used in:.

The first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever made. Although this cartoon is the first Mickey Mouse cartoon made and originally produced as a silent cartoon , it was fourth Mickey Mouse short released after failing to pick up a distributor during a theater audience test screening on May 15th, The short would receive a wide release with sound on March 17, CED Disc. Laserdisc CAV. Laserdisc CLV. Technical Specifications. Aspect Ratio: 1. Color Type: Black and White.

Sound Type: Mono: Cinephone. Print Type: 35mm. Negative Type: 35mm. Cinematographic Format: Spherical. Original Language: English. Original Country: United States. No comments posted. Be the first! You must be a logged-in user to submit comments!

From Michael Sporn : An historical note rarely stated: This was the first animated film to use a camera move. The POV shot from the plane made it appear as if the camera were trucking into the ground. In fact, when they shot this scene, they piled books under the spinning background to move the artwork closer to the camera.

From Samuel E. Lago : I saw this film recently and I must say, it was surprising. The Mickey in this film is far from the lovable Mickey character we know of today. I now realize how much of him was softened.

His personality is the same, except he is less caring and kind than he is now. For example, when he is calmly flying the plane, winning Minnie's admiration, he asks her for a kiss. When she refuses, he puts on a devilish grin and charges the plane forward, upsetting and frightening Minnie. The he forcibly grabs her and tries to kiss her, he is unsuccessful thusly in wooing her in the end of the film.

Nonetheless, this is still a good film with some hilarious moments like when Mickey tries to climb on the out of control plane by grabbing on the udder of a cow that is hanging on for dear life on the back of the plane. Everytime he grabs on, milk spills onto his face, drowning him and sending him tumbling onto the floor.

From Yolanda Wallin : Mickey sure was different than he is today. I mean look at his appearance. No shoes, no gloves. All he has are his shorts. Compare this Mickey to the one in The Simple Things. From Jerry Edwards : While interesting historically as the first Mickey Mouse cartoon animated, I find little of interest in the short.

The sound doesn't add anything to the short, it was obviously animated as a silent cartoon, with sound added later.

I do enjoy the excellent aerial stunts in the animation and the fun gag of the cow being chased by the low-flying plane. In fact I liked Mickey's character a lot better back then than in his final days. Let's compare him with the one in the short Pluto's Christmas Tree. If Mickey were like he was in Plane Crazy , he would have probably just thrown Chip and Dale out of the house. Mickey was not terribly cruel back then, just mischievous and bratty.

He certainly would've never tried to hurt or kill anyone. All through the short, one can hear familiar songs. At the beginning, the first few notes to "Reuben and Rachel" are played. The only dialog in here is when Minnie says "Who, me? My favorite thing about the "MouseWorks" series is that the series' animators have made Mickey a more complex, and thus more interesting, character.

Of course, this is a regression not a new development. You know this if you've seen: Plane Crazy Plane Crazy was the first Mickey Mouse short made, but Walt couldn't sell it. As a silent short it was probably too similar to the "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit" series he had lost the rights to.

After the success of Steamboat Willie , Plane Crazy was released as the second Mickey Mouse short with sound effects added in. Watching the film it is easy to tell it was once silent since it uses written words and written sounds. The short is interesting because it has some excellent sight gags and many wild camera angles. This short is also pretty racy by later standards. There is an outhouse gag, shots of Mickey's posterior, shots of Minnie's undergarments, and the famous cow udder scene, that's repeated in Steamboat Willie.

In the early 's the Hays Board set up standards that banned such scenes well into the 's. However, what is most interesting about this short is Mickey's personality. He is outright cruel and quite irresponsible.

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse are two of the most recognizable characters in pop-culture. All of that originated with a test screening of the short Plane Crazy in , and now House of Mouse lovers can buy art from that first appearance. Heritage Auctions is taking bids on two pieces of animation art and a cel from Plane Crazy. The lot includes two original hand-drawn animation drawings from the short.

While Mickey Mouse had appeared in an earlier short titled, Plane Crazy, Steamboat Willie is often considered to be the official debut of.

Steamboat Willie: Facts, Stories, & Trivia About Mickey Mouse's First Cartoon Ever

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Mickey's Airplane Kit Mickey Mouse cartoon

mickey mouse plane cartoon movies

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Mickey is trying to fly an airplane to imitate Charles Lindbergh. After building his own airplane, he does a flight simulation to ensure that the plane is safe for flight but the flight fails, destroying the plane.

Lost Disney Film with Mickey Mouse's Predecessor Found in Japan

Disney is said to have had the inspiration for his anthropomorphic character from an old pet mouse he had on his farm. Success came only six months later with Steamboat Willie , one of the first cartoons to feature a soundtrack connected to the action. The mouse became a star of the screen and then of the comic strips. While the drawing and animation were assigned to Arthur Floyd Gottfredson and others, Walt Disney continued scripting, and was the voice actor for both Mickey and Minnie. In total, Mickey starred in more than movies.


Add to Favourites. More by WaltWiz Mickey Mouse. By WaltWiz He was so poor that he didn't even own a pair of shoes. The picture was called Plane Crazy ; now, that was the year that Lindbergh flew the Atlantic.

Disney's first successful film starring Mickey Mouse was a sound-and-music-equipped animated short called Steamboat Willie. It opened at the Colony Theater in.

PLANE CRAZY Mickey Mouse

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Five times Mickey Mouse did classical music

Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. When Disney learned Universal was poaching his animation staff, he walked away from his creation determined to create a character he would own. At first, Disney wanted to call him Mortimer, but his wife, Lillian, talked him into changing that to Mickey. Inspired by that, Disney and Iwerks made their third Mickey Mouse short a musical piece starring Mickey as a riverboat pilot who finds ever-inventive ways to keep a tune in motion. The result was a huge hit for Disney, who put his animators to work outfitting the two previous, unreleased silent Mickey Mouse shorts for sound for wide release in theaters. Hot dogs!

You can watch feature animation. You can watch live-action films.

We were screening another picture in our projection room that night. For fun, Walt ran Plane Crazy first. It was crude in many ways. When Walt made it he was just 25, and he hadn't perfected the technique of animation yet. Too, it had been made originally as a silent film, and sound had been dubbed in afterward. I reminded them with some heat that if it hadn't been for that old crude Mickey they wouldn't be sitting in their own projection room with their own swimming pool outside.

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: Not illustrated. Excerpt: This is a list of short animated films starring Mickey Mouse but not including cameos, cartoons that use his title card but he does not appear in or cartoons that are not his but he still stars in them, such as those with Pluto.

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