Slam dunk idiom

View more opinion on CNN. CNN When the January 6 House select committee announced Monday that it would be holding an emergency hearing the following day with a surprise witness, John Dean sounded a note of warning. Dean, the former White House counsel who pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice during the Watergate scandal, noted there had only been one surprise witness during the Watergate hearings: Nixon aide Alex Butterfield, who revealed the existence of the secret taping system in the Oval Office. Sign up for CNN Opinion's newsletter.

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English Urdu Dictionary

Metaphors are not dissimilar to idioms in that they express non-literal meanings, says Gareth. For example, we have a metaphorical idea that life is like a journey. These phrases express the underlying metaphor, but not in a specific, fixed way. It can be really difficult to find the root of famous idioms. Often, they reflect iconic or symbolic actions that are no longer common knowledge. A good example might be bury the hatchet. The answer?

Native Americans would literally bury their weapons at the end of a conflict. And with lots of idioms, no one is actually certain where they came from. A variation of the phrase stuck and is now commonly used to describe defensive play. It refers to the sound made when nervously squirming around in a plastic seat in the last, tense moments of a game, or towards the end of a nail-biting season. But it was originally a very literal strapline on a poster for a movie called The Broadway Melody. We all understand it to mean something boring and repetitive, even if we have never heard of the original movie — or have a clue what a groundhog actually is!

It came to prominence in when a young, female New Zealand MP, who was giving a speech about climate change, used it to shut down heckles from older, male members of parliament. It means to do something showy or ostentatious, like announcing a new policy, as way of distraction. An assortment of our most intriguing idioms, their possible origins and how to use them. Exploring the hidden histories of obscure words, and common buzz phrases.

What's a gubbins? Or a mosey? Find out the origins of old words and phrases. Get the bard in your corner with this video guide. Main content. Dropping the mic and jumping the shark. What is an idiom and what makes it different to a metaphor?

Plenty of idioms kicking about today emerged from the world of sport. Films have been another fruitful source of idioms. You must enable JavaScript to play content. The rise of the internet has led to lots of new phrases and idioms. The dead cat strategy might be deployed by politicians who are getting lots of negative attention.

Eight ingenious idioms and their origins An assortment of our most intriguing idioms, their possible origins and how to use them. Coinages that changed the world — and some that tried to Don't be mardy! What eight old words actually mean What's a gubbins? How to speak like Shakespeare Get the bard in your corner with this video guide. Related Content Similar programmes By genre: Factual. Schedule Downloads Blog.

Idioms for Medical Interpreters: Part 1

The English language is full of metaphors and similes. This podcast looks at a different, commonly-used idiom or metaphor each episode. Each season has an overall theme for the idioms and metaphors, including sports, body, weather, disaster, and war metaphors and idioms. Sponsor This Podcaster. Learn English: Idioms and Metaphors.

For me, the hardest idioms are the ones that come from the world of sport since I`m not very familiar with American sports (What is a slam dunk.

5 Sports Idioms: From 'Jump the Gun' to 'Slam Dunk'

These expressions are usually figurative and would be nonsensical if read literally. Some idioms are expressions that keep their meanings even after their origins have been forgotten. Others include words or phrases that are rare outside their idiomatic uses e. Others use recognizable words in strange ways e. And some are simply metaphors e. For example, using the American idiom like gangbusters may be a bad idea if you are likely to be read by British or Australian readers. Another think! It is a particular challenge for a computer translation. An epidemic, endemic language abuse? I like all this information, pretty useful.

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slam dunk idiom

In the Urban Immersion Adventure , we taught about baseball idioms. Bring your English to the advanced level with new vocabulary and natural expressions. Thanks for bringing us this awesome podcast and terrific app! Me and my boyfriend have lived in the US for 4 years and we still find your podcast super helpful. I really appreciate it!

If improving English is one of your resolutions for , you are in the right place. Bookmark our site www.

Commonly used Business English Idioms!

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Meaning: A substitute player in a sport; a substitute for a job who is not the most talented person. Meaning: A method of deception in which you conceal your actions by moving something frequently. Meaning: A series of undesirable effects that, one warns, could result from a certain action. Meaning: A useless medicine; a quack remedy; a product or measure promoted as a solution that really does nothing to help. Meaning: A sneak peek is an opportunity to view something in advance of its official opening or debut.

Where do modern idioms come from? have also contributed: ballpark figure (estimate), play hardball (act ruthlessly) and slam dunk (categorical victory).

Basketball Idioms

Sports idioms and metaphors are one of the most common types of idioms in the English language. You can find them a lot in casual spoken English, and the business world. Often, these metaphors use the imagery of action or competition to add emphasis to a description.

Look up a word, learn it forever.

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The move isn't worth more points than a traditional basket, but it is a show of force, dominance, and skill. Because of his incredible height, Sam racked up more slam dunks than any other player in the league. This conviction was a slam dunk for the district attorney's office. Their latest smartphone is yet another slam dunk for the electronics manufacturer. Sometimes hyphenated.

Metaphors are not dissimilar to idioms in that they express non-literal meanings, says Gareth.

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Idiomatic Meaning : A certainty; an action with a guaranteed outcome, or a similarly impressive achievement. This is related to the high probability of success for a slam dunk; success or victory will be easily achieved; something easily accomplished. Literal Meaning: Plunging something down with great force; a type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air, controls the ball above the horizontal plane of the rim, and scores by putting the ball directly through the basket with one or both hands above the rim. Usage: Informal, spoken American English. As a verb, it is usually used literally, but as a noun, taking an article, it becomes idiomatic. Origin: Late 20th Century, American English.

Recently, the animated film "Little Tiger Dun Big Hero" released a new "tiger-style idiom" picture that not only fully demonstrates the temperament of the national style family car. This new set of tiger-style idioms combines traditional auspicious idioms with movie elements to unlock more plots and is also a blessing full of vitality. Among them, "Tiger Head Tiger Brain" vividly depicts the simple and honest appearance of the tiger head hat on the head of the tiger dun born in the Year of the Tiger.

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