Chanticleer cartoon movie

The animator Don Bluth left Disney in when he felt the studio's animation division had lost its way. He was quite right at the time. But since then, with titles like " The Little Mermaid " and " Beauty And The Beast " , Disney has found its way again, and now it sometimes seems as if Bluth is wandering. His "All Dogs Go to Heaven" was also notable for the particular brilliance of its colors; it was dazzling to look at.

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In fact, even though when it was first released it was the biggest box office hit of any Disney animated feature to that time, it is not beloved by animation critics and some Disney fans consider it one of the worst animated features made by Disney. Being involved in the animation and comics communities when I lived and worked in the Los Angeles area introduced me to many tangent fan groups including furry fandom.

Furry fandom covers a very wide range of participants from writers and artists to people who actually make and wear animal costumes. The term refers to an interest in anthropomorphic animals that act and think in a human way.

What makes Robin Hood innovative and a milestone is that it is one of the major inspirations for the official birth of furry fandom around In the film, art director Ken Anderson created characters whose bodies looked and moved in a human manner but were covered with fur or feathers or scaly hide but had an animal head.

If you decide to explore furry fandom further, please be careful because just like any fandom, there are several offshoots that may be a little too extreme for your tastes.

Walt had been fascinated by the folk tales of Reynard the Fox and had considered making an animated movie about the character as early as Long John Silver would have told the tales to Jim Hawkins to parallel an action taking place in the film just as Uncle Remus had done in Song of the South.

Fortunately, Walt wisely decided just to make the film completely live action and it is a much better film for that decision. However, he would continually take another look at the possibilities of a Reynard story for almost three decades. Disney Legend Ken Anderson was also fascinated with the Reynard story and did some possible storyboard sketches in and even produced a script in with Reynard as a villain rather than an anti-hero. Disney Press released a page book in titled Chanticleer and the Fox featuring the concept sketches by Marc Davis in a shortened version of the story retold by Fulton Roberts.

The fox could still be sly and a trickster but this time he would use those skills to protect the community from the evils of tyranny. The final story for the film was written by Larry Clemmons, who started his career at Disney as an inbetweener assistant for Ward Kimball and eventually worked his way into doing story work since he quickly realized he would never be a really good animator.

He returned to the Disney Studio around to write for the original Mickey Mouse Club and Disneyland television shows. In the second half of the s and the s, Clemmons was the principal writer for Disney animated features.

With the help of the Sheriff of Nottingham, they tax the life out of Nottingham's peasants, leaving them all penniless but with the courageous Robin Hood as their only hope of overcoming this tyranny. You can see some of these comparison drawings at this link.

Robin Hood is not really as satisfying a story as some of the previous Disney features, but seems to be merely a collection of sequences that often seem more entertaining on their own rather than in the context of the actual film. That decision plus the directive to save money by reusing animation from previous films helped to prevent the film from becoming a possible classic. If you loved Snow White dancing with the dwarves, then you must have enjoyed Maid Marian dancing with her forest friends even though Marian suddenly grew taller since the dance movement was traced from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

If you enjoyed the Scat Cat band from The Aristocats , you saw them transformed into an instrument-playing rabbit or a dog. The robe that Prince John wears, and the crown worn by the puppet version of himself, are the same robe and crown the lion king wears in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

In addition, just like in The Aristocats there is blatant recycling of animation in the film itself where an action is repeated. Certainly having country singer Roger Miller as the narrator Allan-a-Dale jolts the audience out of the era of Medieval England, a jolt that is continued with the voice work of actors like Andy Devine, Pat Buttram and George Lindsey who were more associated with entertainment projects from the Old West or the Southern United States.

Others have commented that Phil Harris merely seems to be repeating his performance as Baloo the Bear in his interpretation of Little John. While I do not consider the film a classic, it is always fun to see the adventures of the character of Robin Hood and the voice work by actors like Peter Ustinov and Terry-Thomas is delightful. When Robin Hood was first released in November , it received mixed critical reaction but audiences loved it.

For a little more insight into the film, here is an exceprt from an article written by Ken Anderson himself for the Official Bulletin of IATSE a union newsletter for Winter where he spent the majority of the article describing the time-consuming process of making an animated film.

However, these particular insights that he shared into the Disney philosophy of animation stood out for me and very few fans have had the opportunity to enjoy them until now:. We tend to choose stories which are fairly well known because they work best in animation.

Live-action movies can spend time explaining the action in the story, but a cartoon is flavored by everything that goes into it and exposition is deadly to animators. The story line is an adjunct to the finished animated product. It must only be part of the finished product, not the purpose of it. Everything comes out of nothing. It grows out of the there. Walt Disney always said the creation of an animated feature was like planting a seed: It must be nurtured, pruned, cared for, kept alive until it blooms.

It makes no difference how stylized they are. We are not selling drawings or paintings. We show feelings which are recognizable all around the world. People like animation because they like to see evidence of themselves and how they feel. And a portrait, no matter how well done, is always colder than an animated caricature. We try to find better, more economical ways to accomplish our goals, but we cannot, must not sacrifice the quality of the end result.

So we made Robin Hood in much the same way we have made very other animated feature. Things have changed little over the years. But first someone has to come up with an idea for a story, which will stimulate interest. I did that on Robin Hood then worked on character conception. Studio executives favored a classic.

I suggested the story of the roguish outlaw Robin Hood, and they liked the idea. It was timely, and it would help people laugh at themselves just as they did during the Depression with The Three Little Pigs.

As director of story and character conception, I knew right off that sly Robin Hood must be a fox. From there it was logical that Maid Marian should be a pretty vixen. Little John, legendarily known for his size, was easily a big overgrown bear. Then I thought the symbol of a pig might be offensive to the Church, so we changed him. Richard the Lionhearted of course had to be a regal, proud, strong lion and his pathetic cousin Prince John, the weak villain also had to be a lion but we made him scrawny and childish.

I originally thought of a snake as a member of the poor townspeople but one of the other men here suggested that a snake would be perfect as a tlithering consort to mean Prince John. Follow us on Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram. Share this article. Tags Disney History. Comments Discuss this article on MousePad.

How to Get the ‘Rock-a-Doodle’ Rooster’s Goddamn Majestic Upper Body

I love Marc Davis's drawings. It's also interesting that because Walt Disney canceled this project Don Bluth ends up making a movie about Chanticleer. It's called Rock-a-Doodle. Even though his version is definitely different from the Disney version. Interesting, huh Phillip? Though a completely different film, Rock-a-doodle has alot of the same elements.

The film tells about Edmund, a boy whose favorite story of Chanticleer, a rooster whose singing makes the sun rise every morning until the Grand Duke of.

Rock-A-Doodle (DVD, 2005)

Back when I was blogging solo, I posted about a "How many of these animated movies have you seen" meme. Afterwards, I got an e-mail from my dad. Have I mentioned that I love my dad? After reading his e-mail, I decided that I had to rewatch Rock-a-Doodle and write about my impressions. Had my father and I been unfair? Or was it really the cinematic disaster that my dad remembered? Chanticleer is a rooster with an appearance and voice reminiscent of Elvis Presley. His vocals are provided by country singer Glen Campbell , Elvis having left the building over a decade before. Chanticleer could be an interesting character. His similarities to Elvis could have made for some entertaining moments.

chanticleer cartoon movie

Nonetheless, being an animated film fanatic, I felt it my duty to watch all his movies! I will give him credit though that his animation always is top-notch and there are some enjoyable things in all his movies! Everybody, that is, except the Grand Duke of Owls! Since owls are nocturnal, he would like nothing better than for night to last forever and for Chanticleer to be defamed! After Chanticleer wins the fight, he notices that the Sun has already risen and realizes that he never had anything to do with the Sun rising!

Hi your blog is very interesting, You don't need to download Netflix account we provide you free of cost app and watch all free movies and TV shows with this app Online Show Box. This movie trolls world tour Animation Movie trolls world tour was getting the movie plot gives "World Tour" a chance to go through innumerable hits, and it does as such so expediently that the film frequently feels less like a story than an anxious, candy-shaded clash of the bands.

Toggle navigation User area. Toggle search bar. Interpreted by. Christopher Plummer Glen Campbell. Plot — Chanticleer is highly respected by the other animals in the farm as he can make the sun rise every morning with his crow.

Movies like Rock-A-Doodle

Based on the charming French fable of Chanticleer, the rooster who raises the sun, Don Bluth's lively animated musical is more engaging for kids than his last effort, All Dogs Go To Heaven. Rockin' cock-a-doodler Chanticleer, undermined by the Duke, an owl who loves the dark and Bach and is given fruity villainy by Christopher Plummer, flees the farm to become a star known as The King in The City. Meanwhile his barnyard buddies are trapped in unending stormy night, under siege by the owls. So trusty hound Patou voiced congenially by aged Phil Harris, of Baloo the Bear fame and the requisite Little Boy - one Edmond, magicked by the Duke into a kitten - lead an expedition to find Chanticleer, bring back the sun and save the farm. The scenes mixing live action and animation are successful if unspectacular, and Bluth scores major points for getting the legendary Jordanaires to sing backing for Cambell's noisy but not unpleasant Presleyan numbers. Release Date: 24 Jun

Warning: spoilers! Why did I write this thing? Rock a Doodle was a movie I watched a lot in my chi.

Forgotten 90s animated movies: Rock-A-Doodle

In the modern world, animated movies are big business. According to The Numbers , a quarter of the 20 biggest movies of all time at the worldwide box office are fully-animated projects. Features told in the medium of animation have long been seen as a reliable way to make a buck, and that has never been more true than in the cinematic landscape of the 21st-century than now. However, that doesn't mean producing a project in animation means it'll be an automatic moneymaker.

Rock-a-Doodle Villain Grand Duke Appears on Color Model Cel

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The '90s were truly a golden age for animated films. Disney ruled the box office with an iron fist, leading to a veritable avalanche of animated movies, created in hopes of usurping Disney from the throne. The rise of VHS allowed '90s kids everywhere to enjoy their favorite animated films over and over again, much to the displeasure of their parents. Still, as we grew older, we held onto most of our memories of these films, but there were a few we managed to forget along the way. Sure, every '90s kid remembers the big films like The Lion King and Mulan , but what about the more obscure films we all used to love?

My definition of "underrated" is an enjoyable movie that was either a box office failure at its time, received negative or mixed reviews, one that was only truly popular among a cult audience, or a lesser-known film to casual animated movie watchers. For this list, I limited it to mainly family-friendly animated films.

Chanticleer is a rooster, beloved by all, who wakes the sun every morning with his Elvis-esque voice. The nocturnal Grand Duke of Owls does not appreciate this and sends one of his evil owls to fight with Chanticleer before sunrise to distract him from crowing at the correct time. After Chanticleer wins the fight, he notices that the Sun has already risen and that he never had anything to do with it. He feels embarrassed and is mocked at by his farmyard friends and leaves the farm for good! The film cuts to a live-action boy, Edmond, reading the bedtime story of our singing feathered friend.

Now, I know an everyday sunrise. But, imagine for a moment,. It happened once to us. Let me tell you all about it.

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