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Since it aired earlier this year, Sk8 the Infinity has been making all sorts of waves in the anime community. Viewers enjoyed the story, action, and comedy of the series. And of course, they loved the characters. Sk8 the Infinity introduced the audience to a cast of colorful skaters each with their own style, personality, and abilities.

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SK8 the Infinity - Anime

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. He is Eve. The counterpart. Perfection in its purest form.

An opponent. A romance worth breaking. After the first S-race between them was interrupted by the police, the king of skateboarding is already making plans for a restart — this time with a bet on his lips. If Langa wins, he can have whatever he wants. But if he loses — and he surely will — he becomes Adam's Eve. The toy in the S-race. The unwanted companion at Ainosuke Shindo's side. His Mom and Dad had worked hard to get this opportunity for him and he wouldn't let them down.

So, until he was able to survive on his own, he'd be living with his Mom's best friend and her son while attending high school in Okinawa Since the death of His Majesty Oliver Hasegawa, Langa and his mother have been ruling the kingdom on their own, and what used to be the distant problem of Ainosuke Shindo is quickly becoming urgent as he tries to prey on their vulnerability.

So in desperation, Langa personally travels to a faraway land to ask for help. But there he meets the Crown Prince, Reki, and realizes that falling in love wasn't quite in the plan.

He has had enough of needing to experience Langa being head over heels for his best friend, and Reki being unconsciously so in love with him while somehow still thinking he's straight. Does Reki even realize that holding hands with your best bro when you walk isn't very heterosexual of him?

Reki and Langa are obliviously in love with each other, so Miya decides to make a plan, team up with Langa, and end their pining shit. Prince Reki is always being compared to Prince Langa, who bests him everywhere it matters: fighting, looks, popularity with girls.

This wasn't his first time "accidently" falling on top of his friend. But what did come as a first was his heart still throbbing the same way it did when he was in the air.

Kaoru is an assassin for hire. He works with the Shindo firm to make certain people vanish so the business stays a float. By day he is a calligrapher who works with his AI assistance help. Kojiro is a defender of the peace. He has a small team he works with to make certain the rich and powerful follow the same rules as everyone else.

By day he is a chef. What happens when these two rivals meet? The silence lengthened, taut between the three of them. Tadashi knew what was expected of him, knew what he should be; dogs loyal to the Shindo family did not disobey, after all. If he said nothing now, then there would truly be no one by Ainosuke's side. A lifetime ago, he had found a lonely boy crying by the pool house. When Ainosuke's father burns his skateboard, Tadashi chooses to express an opinion. A DK era AU.

Reki is a powerful witch in which he has the knowledge of repairing wands. With some help from Joe and Cherry, they try to figure out this new step in their relationship. Meanwhile Adam, Cherry, and Joe try to rebuild their friendship.

But everything is threatened when Adam's Aunts announce his engagement to a woman who is determined to stop Adam from skating. The S community must also contend with the appearance of a dangerous new skater with a tendency to injure their opponents.

With the future of S at stake, they must rely on the bonds of love and friendship they've built while skating. But will that be enough? Langa isn't sure about a lot of things, but he knows that he wants to skate infinitely with Reki. Everything about the redhead makes him feel alive, and he would do anything to keep that chaotic sunshine in his life as long as he possibly can. As the two continue to learn more about life, love, and each other, they'll have countless adventures that help to evolve their relationship.

Years after fleeing Japan, Karou is forced to return to the very city he has been avoiding to help an ambitious detective, Kamata Kiriko, in taking down the last Yakuza clan in Okinawa: Ishikawa Clan.

With an alliance with a secret underground gang named "S", Karou and Kirko are guided through a new criminal underworld and the resistance who risk annihilation from the Ishikawa Clan.

While Karou only promises to help Kiriko in the areas she asked for his help, he quickly finds himself facing figures from the past and recalling the tragedies that placed everyone in the situations they are in now. As Karou and Kiriko's investigation drags on longer than expected, they are unprepared for the events that will unravel with every discovery.

Secrets are uncovered, truths suddenly being lies, and hidden events, that only the dead would know of, are brought to light. Struggling to fit in at his new school, teenage vampire Nanjo Kojiro juggles friends, family, dealing with his emotions, being half-dead, and trying to hide his crush on local punk, Sakurayashiki Kaoru. Miya gets in trouble at school and he calls Joe to come get him. But instead of Joe, it's Cherry who walks into the principal's office. Langa is back in Okinawa with his husband but he doesn't think about the people he left behind.

Not when that just makes his heart hurt but when a fight and a bit of luck lead him to discover his best friend is still as amazing as ever. Lighting up a stage like his made for it. Langa is 16 again and he doesn't know how to cope. Reki thought they were supposed to be infinite. Langa had promised after all but here he was at 24, no best friend insight as he plays his heart out for people who should make him feel inspired.

So why can't he stop writing songs about the Snow-haired idiot? When Reki was hit by a car and died, he expected that to be it. It's the end of the line; he kicked the bucket; his number was up. But what if he's offered a deal to go back to five days ago, to fix the things he's done and die a second time? Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Get an Invitation. Why did you have to call mom?

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SK8 the Infinity has announced a new anime project is now in the works! Debuting earlier this year as part of the Winter schedule of anime releases, SK8 the Infinity was a brand new original anime project from Studio Bones that quickly caught the attention of fans everywhere. Putting a whole new spin on the sports anime world with a focus on skateboarding with a lot of anime flair thrown in , even the English dub release of the series went viral during its run. But after it wrapped before the Spring season, fans had been wondering whether there would be more. During a special event for the series in Japan, SK8 the Infinity has announced a new anime project for the franchise is now in the works. Unfortunately the announcement did not come with any confirmation in terms of what type of anime this new project will be whether it's a second season or potentially a movie , nor any production or release details, but you can check out the teaser announcement from the series' official Twitter account below:. If you wanted to check out SK8 the Infinity to be ready for this new anime for the franchise, you can find the 12 episode first season run streaming with Funimation. offers sk8 infinity for soothing bath and beauty treatments. | ✓Free Shipping ✓Lowest Price ✓Hot Deals.

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This year, Anime Expo brought remarkable voice acting talent. Among those voice actors was Daman Mills. You know? Not only that, but I direct as well. But then also being a director and being able to kind of sculpt it to how I feel it can be its best self, you know. Daman Mills now voices characters that he once grew up watching. He said:.

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sk8 the infinity infinity

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Whether an anime makes viewers laugh or has positive messages that lift spirits, there are some great choices when it comes to uplifting series.

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Marcy Wilder , Web Editor March 2, The animation is gorgeous… except when the characters are very far away and it gets ridiculously and hilariously low quality. A great segment of this is a montage of Reki showing Langa different moves over two weeks, but the creators chose to not have any dialogue during it. In case you were worried, the anime does have classic anime hair.

SK8 The Infinity Chibi Group Graffiti T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top

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High school student Reki Kyan is passionate about one thing: skateboarding. When night falls, he heads to "S," an illegal underground race inside a mine where skaters compete in highly dangerous situations. After a loss that results in his skateboard being destroyed and his arm being broken, Reki is now incapable of practicing at all. While working, Reki runs into his new classmate, Langa Hasegawa, a half-Canadian and half-Japanese boy with no skateboarding experience whatsoever. Langa is in desperate need of money. After they both visit "S" when tasked by Reki's boss, they get into trouble and are forced into a bet that requires Langa to skate in a race.

A place for adventure and freedom.

SK8 The Infinity was already released on blu-ray in Japan. However, things are going to change. Indeed, Aniplex of America has announced a blu-ray release. Obviously, this is the news international fans have been waiting for! Furthermore, you will not have to wait too long to get it. The boxset will be released on June And pre-orders are already open exclusively at RightStuf.

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