Animated movies from the 60s

Richard Linklater is known for the films that revolve around the suburban culture and the effects of the passage of time. He uses his distinct cinematic vision to mold his unique narratives in conveying so. Consider his Before trilogy; they are less plot-driven and more about human interactions between people, and they vary in time and situation over a long period. It follows a less conventional movie narrative of having lots of drama in telling the story of the decade of the space age. Instead, it achieves its core intention by making a visual memoir of that era from nostalgia, memory, and ephemera.

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Given how drugs alter the fabric of reality itself, animation may just be the perfect form to represent the effects they exert over the human mind. Needless to say, the singing and dancing animals that dominated the period which we now refer to as the golden age of cartoons constituted only the first attempt at figuring out what this new medium was truly capable of.

In the decades that followed, animators from all over the globe devoted their careers, lives and, in some extreme cases, sanity to pushing its boundaries. Along the way, they naturally came up with sights normally reserved for those under the influence of some or other narcotic. Here are some of them. Fritz is an anthropomorphic feline and a pseudo-intellectual who goes to NYU with the pretension of becoming a poet, though he mostly spends his days looking for young women to seduce.

This movie tells of a future in which we humans have been abducted by huge, blue humanoids that, thanks to a hefty language barrier, fail to recognize us as a sentient species and therefore treat us like pets. Unsurprisingly, he never finished it before his death, though a semi-completed version is available on YouTube. This is the only classic Disney film on this list, and for good reason.

While most features produced by the entertainment powerhouse when it was in its heyday have a soft and sparkly feel to them, Pinocchio is dark and gritty, perhaps more so than people give it credit for. From child slavery to substance abuse and stranger danger, the titular wooden toy must traverse all the dangers and perversions of the adult world if he ever is to become a real boy.

This one is a cult classic amongst animators, regardless of whether or not they like The Beatles. Although the four superstars were initially supposed to voice their equally idiosyncratic cartoon equivalents from start to finish, they can only be heard in the closing segment.

No worries, though, as the film still sports a conceptually challenging yet charming animation style as well as a surprisingly zany plot, both of which save it from becoming more than just another glorified music video. The Vincent van Gogh museum is a popular destination for shrooms-consuming tourists wondering the streets of Amsterdam, and for good reason. Thanks to their flowing brushwork to their vibrant color palettes, the work of this famous Dutch painter has an extremely psychedelic quality to it.

For this cinematic homage, directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman hired artists who crafted The premise: seven acclaimed animators contribute shorts to an anthology film.

There were no requirements, limitations or expectations—and the result shows. On top of that, none of the stories connect, making for a delightfully disjointed viewing experience that never drops its pace or starts to feel stale. While the story follows a familiar trajectory—that of a group of rabbits trying to find a new borough after their old one gets bulldozed by a housing development project—it features as much blood and gore as Lord of the Rings.

Considering how the film also constructs an entire rabbit culture complete with its own language, that comparison may hold up in more ways than one. As far as psychedelic graphics go, this film might take the cake. Produced in Eastern Europe and based on a popular Hungarian folktale, its story follows three princes born from the womb or a horse goddess who embark on a quest to save their brides-to-be from the depths of the Underworld while reclaiming their forlorn kingdom in the process.

The animators deliberately avoided using black contours to allow character and background seamlessly flow into one another. The result is a captivating fever dream of religious magnitude. I may have just regrown a few new brain cells. If you like Cat Stevens there is a piece Moon Shadow, with his music, most excellent. I guess if I were couch locked in the center of a really intense smoke, it would be better.

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The evolution of animation – a timeline

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Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood review – Richard Linklater’s sweet memoir of the 60s

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The Best (And Worst) Marvel Cartoons of the 60s and 70s

animated movies from the 60s

Toy companies have taken to underwriting films about their products, a slimy practice that has proved exceedingly profitable. The quality of these films has been uniformly abysmal. The simple-minded stories are badly told, the designs look uninspired and the animation itself limps along, as if the characters were afflicted with some crippling neuromuscular disease. Any suggestion of violence or dramatic conflict is carefully excised to avoid offending the self-styled watchdog groups. The product features exploit children, yet parents are forced to patronize them because, aside from the re-releases of the Disney classics, what is there for a child to see?

Given how drugs alter the fabric of reality itself, animation may just be the perfect form to represent the effects they exert over the human mind.

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Added by rogercastoro on 5 Jan Toby Tyler Pollyanna My father used to say that if we ever had the money you have, we would eat steak and ice cream three times everyday! Ten Who Dared. The Horse with the Flying Tail.

Best animated space movies for kids

The best animated space movies for kids will introduce your little ones to the concept of intergalactic travel while allowing you to kick back and enjoy some entertainment, too. There are few media forms as captivating as animation, which can hold the attention of adults and children alike. Then, when the kids are a little bit older, you can introduce them to our selection of the best space movies. Ever wondered how aliens would react to humans? Planet 51 takes that question and makes it into a parody sci-fi movie.

Top 10 Best Animated Movies of the 60s · Unlock Super Powers, Login Now: · The Sword in the Stone · Top 10 Best Animated Movies of the 60s · One Hundred and One.

The unfortunate successor to The Golden Age of Animation , starting in the late s and lasting until the early s. Limited Animation was the rule, not the exception during this time. Its start coincided with the Fall of the Studio System in Hollywood.

Menu Top Editors Login. The list consists of 12 members. List Gallery Activity. The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm.

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Learn more about the films and the music of the legendary s in this gallery including Maurice Jarre's Dr Zhivago and Henry Mancini's Breakfast at Tiffany's. Elmer Bernstein's score for this Western classic can be heard everywhere, from James Bond films to Disneyland. The score effectively supports the film's story line and has become almost as iconic as the film itself. Michael Caine stars in this film which tells the story of the rift between the British Army and the Army of the Zulus - the Battle of Rorke's Drift in This was the fifth James Bond film and the fourth to feature music by John Barry. With the theme sung by Nancy Sinatra and incidental music which took its cue from Japanese styles, reflecting the film's setting, You Only Live Twice has become one of John Barry's most loved James Bond scores.

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