Anime character react to 4th great ninja war

However, despite his popularity, Jiraiya is actually a pretty terrible person. His perverted behavior generally comes across as disturbing, as opposed to hilarious and lighthearted. And it's not just his predilection for peeping on women in the bath, or the fact he's aroused by a year-old's transformed body. He also neglects important responsibilities and can be shockingly callous and cruel. The fact that Jiraiya is a deeply flawed person does not necessarily make him a bad character. It's perfectly reasonable to like or even love a fictional character who does reprehensible things.

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Anime character react to 4th great ninja war

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Tobi/Obito Uchiha/"Madara Uchiha"

From its very first pages, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma caught the eye of a lot of Shonen Jump readers. It was hard not to, with the opening chapter mixing deliciously rendered food with some of the most shameless cheesecake to reach the magazine's pages since To-Love-Ru. The series went on to use those paired features to carve out its own sort of shonen action to turn the life or death battles of its peers into imaginative cook offs, running for almost seven years and inspiring a still-ongoing anime adaptation in the process.

The series never quite reached blockbuster status, but it was assuredly a hit for quite a while, with fans clamoring for the mouth-watering gourmet of its lovable and eccentric cast. Fans of long-running manga are likely all too familiar with disappointing final arcs. Ask anyone and they can probably point to at least a couple of favorite series that lost their spark at some point and limped to the finish line.

But what sets Food Wars apart is just how universally its final act is looked down upon by even the series' most ardent fans. Despite the lengthy and convoluted Ninja War arc, fans still love Naruto and have kept up following the story of his son. People may mostly dislike Near and Melo's arc but can't deny that Death Note finale was still fantastic. There were somehow enough vocal vans clamoring for it that we're even getting Bleach 's final arc animated next year.

Yet the most consistent reaction I saw to the news of Food Wars getting a full adaptation was confusion and rolled eyes. It would be easy to just say the last storyline was bad and move on, but the nasty aftertaste of the final arc has lingered for long enough past the manga's conclusion it seems in poor taste to simply throw it out. Instead, we'll need to take a hefty bite out of the final chapters and chew it over to figure out how Food Wars took a recipe for success and cooked up a full-course meal of disappointment.

The first major hurdle of what would become known as the BLUE arc was, rather unfortunately, proving it needed to exist at all. While the conclusion of the preceding story line had left a few dangling plot threads, it had more or less wrapped up the central conceit of the main cast's narratives by the time it ended. Sure, Megumi had never gotten to win on a big stage, there were some lingering questions about Soma's mother, and none of the first years had graduated, but Soma had made good on his entrance ceremony challenge to become the 1st Seat on the Council of Ten.

Furthermore the team shokugeki had fully completed Erina's face-turn and capped off her own emotional arc by turning the reins of Totsuki over to her capable hands.

It wasn't a perfect ending, but one could easily imagine the series calling it there. But that ultimately didn't happen. It's a suitably over-the-top escalation from the maniacal food fascism of Azami's arc, but it causes a notable shift in the series' dynamic. Up 'til now, Soma and his friends had always been underdogs working to subvert and break past the expectations of the gourmet world's elite, using their humble means and unique connections to food to show up the food snobs who dismissed their dishes before so much as sniffing them.

But with the Noir, it essentially turns the Totsuki kids into Food Cops who have to stamp out the crazy and unique talents of their criminal counterparts. That's just not as engaging as their eternal underdog conflict, and it sucks a lot of the fun out of each cooking battle when our heroes are the top dogs defending their perch. It doesn't help that, uniformly, the Noir characters just aren't interesting.

Save for their leader they're a gaggle of one-note weirdos most memorable for their horror movie character designs and cheesy gimmicks. Previous antagonists in the series were often gimmicky and trope-laden, but they almost always featured some level of humanity to make them more rounded people. Not so with the Noir — the closest any of they come to personality is their devotion to their general. Which leads us to…. From his very arrival, Asahi Saiba starts off on the wrong foot as a character.

He of course has a tragic backstory featuring an abusive parent — the go-to for making your anime villain easily sympathetic — and was taken in by Joichiro during the chef's globetrotting, learning his techniques and eventually using his talents as a cook to support himself and escape his family. This isn't bad in its own right, but the entire time it's playing out you can't help but wonder how absolutely none of this was ever mentioned beforehand or why nobody seems to really care outside of Asahi posing a threat as a really good chef.

That leaves the would-be rival feeling like a contrived amalgam of rehashed motivations to make one final rival for Soma to overcome.

His entire personality is that he's a supernaturally good chef that nobody ever knew about before, and despite his bleak and serious backstory he manages to feel less like a real character than even his cartoonish cronies. The only problem being that it amounts to him combining two other characters' skills to make a new dish with their specialties, which is just a more simplified version of what Soma and the rest of his entourage have been doing for the whole series as they learned and took inspiration from their rivals and enemies.

It's also got a glaringly obvious flaw — Food Wars has evangelized how important a chef's personality is to making a truly great dish since the beginning, and so making your ultimate villain another copycat gimmick makes every win he gets over the established cast feel totally unearned. And there are a lot of those because Food Wars goes out with that most classic of Shonen manga storylines: a tournament arc.

BLUE — the greatest international cooking competition in Food Wars' world — always seemed like it would make for a good final setting for the series. After all, it would allow our budding super chefs to test themselves against the whole wide world of cuisine and see how they measure up, right? Unfortunately, for whatever reason, that never comes to pass in the final chapters.

Instead the series cuts the cast down to Soma, Erina, Megumi, and Takumi Aldini and pits them against the aforementioned one-off gimmicks of the Noir. The ensuing battles are rote reiterations of earlier conflicts What's this? The devil you say. Boring non-battles with equally boring villains are certainly a bad handicap, but Food Wars had proven before it could still ring some great character moments out of less than perfect setups with the conclusion of the Team Shokugeki, right?

Surely the relationships Soma and Erina have built up across the series could be mined for some solid drama in this final act? Sadly that hope is crushed shortly after the introduction of the person in charge of The Blue: Mana Nakiri, Erina's mother and another owner of the Divine Tongue.

Now she's invited Asahi and his Noir to The Blue because she believes none of the chefs her daughter or father have cultivated could hope to intrigue her pallet ever again. Already this isn't a great start — it hinges Erina's major conflict on a made-up superpower while also regressing her back to where she was before overcoming her abusive father in the previous arc.

So that's a thing. So our ultimate enemies end up being a rehashed version of Azami that retroactively makes the past arc worse, and a shoe-horned in ultimate rival whose defeat you can see coming a mile away. Thus Food Wars ends with a limp, disappointing finale and strolls off into the sunset to join its brethren in the pantheon of completed Shonen Jump series. Food Wars could have ended the way every Shonen Jump series seems to end — skip ahead to a few years, show us what everyone's doing as adults, end with a fun callback to the first chapter and call it a day.

And it does do that, eventually. The first entry is almost a carbon copy of the conclusion to the Team Shokugeki. We see all the students as 3rd years or graduates, catch a glimpse of how Soma's influence as the 1st Seat has inspired his underclassmen, and everyone's haircuts are different so we can tell time has passed.

We're then treated to a pleasant enough flashback to how Joichiro met Soma's mother and learned to love cooking again, and if the series wrapped there it would almost be nice enough to wash away the lingering bitters of what preceded it.

Then the incest happens. Well technically almost happened. Apparently one of the other lingering questions the creators sought to answer was who Asahi Saiba's real father was, and in a flashback so poorly considered it could make you lose your lunch, it's revealed his father is none other than Azami Nakiri, who had a drunken tryst with Asahi's mother at some point and unleashed his inferior villain spawn into the world.

Which also means that this whole time Asahi was trying to win the Blue and force Erina to marry him, he was actually trying to bang his half-sister. That's awkward enough, but it turns out Food Wars just loves forgiving villains with no real justification, and this is all a way for Erina to accept her newly found brother into the family and fix all his lingering issues from being an abused criminal.

And from there everything wraps up neat, tidy, and totally without satisfaction. We skip ahead to everyone's mids with even more new haircuts, get cliff notes versions of their futures that in many cases have almost nothing to do with their previous characterization, and wrap it all up with one last two-page spread of the whole cast being molested by peanut butter-squid tentacles.

It would almost be heartwarming if it weren't the 3rd time in a year we saw this and also, you know, the incest. Yet that's how Food Wars goes out: with a poorly planned final dish that only serves to remind you of when the series could cook up a meal that knocked your socks off. While there are doubtlessly series with worse endings, the real nail in the series' coffin is the utter lack of anything worthwhile to experience.

Naruto , Bleach , and plenty of other troubled finales still featured something in their last moments that might make it feel worthwhile, but here readers would be better served going to bed without dinner. Or at least skipping dessert. No account yet? Registering is free , easy , and private.

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Goal to the Future Lycoris Recoil Teppen—!!!! Login or Register forgot it? And then it all went to hell. Part 3 — Le Plat Principal BLUE — the greatest international cooking competition in Food Wars' world — always seemed like it would make for a good final setting for the series.

Except it didn't. Part 4 — Le Desert Food Wars could have ended the way every Shonen Jump series seems to end — skip ahead to a few years, show us what everyone's doing as adults, end with a fun callback to the first chapter and call it a day. RightStuf - Anime, Manga and More. Requiem of the Rose King Episodes Jul 12, anime.

Requiem of the Rose King does play fast and loose with both history and Shakespeare. Can a good story overcome its lackluster animation? What was your favorite anime in Spring ? Was it Kingdom? Summer Time Render? Paripi Koumei? Or maybe there's another really popular anime we are forgetting about?

Jul 12, 5 comments. Jean-Karlo and Steve check in on the first half of this anime throwback. Buckle up for the might, magic, and mammaries of Bastard!! They really don't make them like this anymore. This series is streaming on Netflix Discla In the live-action series, Nagomi Kinoshita, the grandmother of the main lead Kazuya, is hooked on a p In a Twitter post announcing the win, Ken Akamatsu noted that he will be the first manga creator in Japan's legislature.

Some novelists such as Gra It is unlikely that this was the result of a criminal act. He was 60 years old.

8 Naruto characters who should've been resurrected during the 4th Great Ninja war

Good evening. Skip to content. Latest video Latest information 30 cases. I've seen such an RPG! Cinematic adventure RPG to enjoy with high quality 3D animation! The holy war that ended 3 years ago begins again!

Although some initially saw him as a typical manga and anime protagonist comparable to those in other shōnen manga, others have praised his personality and.

How Food Wars Lost Its Flavor

Naruto Shippuden: Inheritors of the Will of Fire is the sixth movie in the Naruto franchise and the third of the Shippuden series released in Kekkei Genkai abilities are suddenly disappearing from the neighboring villages save for Konoha which the others begin to suspect the thefts were their doing. Leading to the threat of a great ninja war. Tsunade is ordered to find the culprit or Konoha will be destroyed. However, it doesn't take long for the true villain, a former Konoha ninja named Hiruko to present himself, declaring he's after Kakashi's Sharingan. Not long after Kakashi goes missing and is declared a Missing-Nin. Naturally, Naruto and Sakura are worried for their former teacher and, along with Sai and against Tsunade's orders, go after him in the hopes of proving him innocent and bringing him back home as well as stopping Hiruko from instigating a war. Community Showcase More.

Top 10 Strongest Edo Tensei Reanimated Shinobi | 4th Great Ninja War

anime character react to 4th great ninja war

In the world of Naruto , becoming a Kage is the dream for a lot of young shinobi. The village leader is a highly respected position, but it requires some serious power and political knowledge. They also all had unique jutsu that were difficult for others to learn. The First Hokage used Wood Release, a chakra type rarely seen following his demise. Many of the high-level jutsu developed as the shinobi world rose were created by the first three Hokages.

It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

Traditionally, the strongest ninja of each village is said to be the Kage, and while these village heads are strong, towards the conclusion of the show we get a much clearer idea of how their strength compares to many of the other characters in the show. Each choice will be decided from their most powerful form that is either shown or referred to in the series. There were plenty of other ninjas that just missed out on making it into the top ten. For the first part of the series we are only told stories of Minato Namikaze, the Leaf Villages fourth Hokage. In Shippuden , however, we get a first-hand look at his strength in battle. While Minato is extremely powerful in his base form, having a plethora of jutsu to draw from including the fabled flying thunder god jutsu as well as the Rasengan, Minato is at his strongest during the fourth shinobi world war when it is revealed he has half of the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed within him.

8 Reasons Autistic People Love Anime

Everyone retired for the night after the trio left the room to give them space to process everything, that was 4 hours before. Some were exhausted, so they all agreed to sleep after seeing one students with white hair and curelean colored eyes, checking on them, they assumed he's one of the trio's friend so they let him be. Everyone was talking with each other, laughing, doing exactly what normal people would do if they talk to others, children being children took out games to play, others wanted to do some training. Mainly Past Sasuke for being his normal stuck up emo self. Others are having snacks together as they talk, and the rest are absolutely minding their own businesses. They hear the door creaking as someone have opened it, they saw a teen walking infront checking the stage, back stage and doors under the bleachers, he nodded as he took out a books and wrote something, he was about to head back outside to let the characters be, but someone stopped him before he could walk out. Til we all meet Next time" He said as he bowed down again and walked out of the door like its normal having random people in the school "Don't they teach kids here to kill? He's really polite and kind that no one may assume he can kill" F Kakashi said as the others only shrugged in response.

More characters should have died in the Fourth Great Ninja War, but the only one who ended up dying was Neji. To make things even worse, Neji's.

Legendary Anime Battle. Naruto Vs. Erza

If you are faster than your enemy, it tilts the battle in your favor. In his base form, he was strong enough to fight and overwhelm the same Madara that almost killed Guy. His Speed is far greater than Naruto. Ichigo is superior.

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Many characters in Naruto Shippuden would have been significant assets if they were resurrected.

Naruto to the future And React

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In childhood he was a member of Kakashi's team. Obito Uchiha was the Black Sheep of the Uchiha clan with a reputation for being perpetually late and untalented. He was crushed by a landslide while saving Kakashi, and had Rin remove his left Sharingan to give to Kakashi, who had lost an eye protecting him earlier.

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