Best nickelodeon shows of all time ago

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Best nickelodeon shows of all time ago

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The way that I see it, everyone needs to have one show ready-to-go that's easy to watch at any time. Having a TV show that you can throw in the background while making dinner or that you can happily fall asleep to after a tough day can make for the ultimate wind-down.

And honestly, Nickelodeon shows are the best for that. Not only do they combine the comfort of nostalgia, but they're also just incredibly well made, often with jokes and plot lines which still hold up today.

Though there's a vast array of their shows you could choose from for this, I've lovingly compiled a list of Nickelodeon shows you should rewatch immediately — because these are the absolute pinnacle of that channel's genius. Some of these shows you'll thankfully be able to rewatch over on The Splat, but others may require a YouTube hunt or even a dedicated streaming rental always totally worth it for a Nickelodeon show, though. But however you manage to track down and rewatch these legendary Nickelodeon shows , I can assure you that it's totally worthwhile.

All of them have aged surprisingly well, and feature an earnest amount of depth and pathos which you may never have noticed or appreciated as a kid. So, do yourself a solid, and get back in touch with your inner '90s child by rewatching any or all of these childhood masterpieces.

Doug is still weird and wonderful in the greatest way. Probably the best sports-based game show ever made, and still one that I desperately wish I could be on as a contestant.

Just seeing the slightest glimpse of any of the show's events instantly makes me feel so pumped for life that I almost want to renew my gym membership. Even as an adult, the two short-fused titular beavers of the show are still worryingly relatable. Goofy, ridiculous, and pretty mad about the world same , Angry Beavers is a cartoon still worthy of plenty of love.

With its humble DIY props and surprisingly well-written plot I can remember bawling my eyes out due to the big twist of one particular episode , Space Cases is still a must-watch for science-fiction fans of all ages. With Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie set for release in November , you're definitely going to want to rewatch as many episodes as possible in preparation.

This cartoon had the sort of depth and heart that are definitely worth revisiting as an adult. Featuring a strong, young women as the lead character, The Secret World Of Alex Mack is a reminder of the private, personal strength of all teenage girls. Alex Mack is the absolute boss in this show. No question. Rewatching this classic cartoon as an adult is frankly a little strange. But it's also a completely endearing experience.

Especially when you suddenly find yourself relating to the parental characters in ways you could never have imagined possible as a child.

Because, very simply, The Midnight Society is not a gang you ever stop being a member of. But if you still need some sort of further impetus to rewatch this glorious show, then it's definitely worthwhile just to see a young Ryan Gosling, who shows up in an episode of Season 5. And honestly, this show is so much darker and more subversive than you ever remember it being.

Clarissa Darling was, and forever will be, the voice of a very specific generation. There's plenty of great tidbits of wisdom to be gleamed from the show, but ultimately, it's the '90s throwback fashion, references, and technology which are a joy to relive. There's plenty to love about this game show, but ultimately it's reliving just how much you wanted those prizes as a kid.

CD player? BMX bike? A VHS television set? Guide me to them, Kirk Fogg. Everything, from the endless parade of awesome guest stars , the oddball set of recurring characters, quirky story lines, unique dialogue, and incredible theme song make this show eminently rewatchable. It isn't just one of the best Nickelodeon shows of all time, but likely just one of the best shows — period.

There's something so wonderfully vulnerable about this cartoon that it continues to tug on my heart strings even now. If you're currently worrying about what the hell your life is doing right now, then As Told By Ginger is definitely the cartoon to provide you with some of those answers.

Thus instantly reviving your deep nostalgia for summer camp. So get ready to rummage through your old memories of camp shoe box that you've kept at your mom's house. Because sometimes life can feel exactly like a beast with two heads, dragging you into the carefree, lazy world of Dog before pulling you back into the high maintenance, perpetually anxious world of Cat. I don't care how old we all are now, this show is still an absolute riot.

And orange soda is still a delicious beverage worthy of singing love declarations about. So full of utterly repugnant, perplexing, and downright bizarre tasks that you can't help but watch it while squirming behind one of your hands, Double Dare is still so much gross fun. Rewatching Nickelodeon shows is pretty much what pajamas, take-out food, and a few frosty beers were invented for. I'm pretty certain of that fact. I've researched it quite heavily. So go kick back, get comfortable, and start reliving the TV shows of your youth.

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25 Best Nickelodeon Shows Of All Time Ranked

Whether they're exploring the everyday lives of ordinary kids or tackling the more fantastical, Nickelodeon produced a variety of hits in the '90s and s, and cartoon aficionados often debate which comes out on top. Over at Ranker , the site's voters have come together to do just that, determining collectively which are the best of the best. With a zany premise that draws from a widely-held belief that cats and dogs are natural enemies, CatDog saw the two literally combined as conjoined brothers. Following the siblings Cat and Dog as they navigate life alongside one another, complicated by their vastly different personalities, CatDog saw the pair frequently coming up against trials because of their differing opinions. Despite this, not to mention Cat's tendency to trick his brother, and Dog's greater popularity in their hometown, they remain the best of friends.

Ranking the Best Nickelodeon Shows of All Time · Clarissa Explains It All: · 9. Are You Afraid of the Dark? · 8. Hey Arnold: · 7. Alex Mack: · 6.

The following cartoon episode throwbacks, ranging from the oddball comedy of CatDog to the pre-teen drama of As Told By Ginger , all share one thing in common. They create animated Nickelodeon channel winter wonderlands. So when the next big storm blows through and the snowblower won't start, take a break from the stress by finding a good spot to get comfortable and rewind the clock with these classic Nickelodeon throwbacks. An iceberg chunk drifts over the ocean surface of Bikini Bottom. Their moody neighbor just wants to sit by his fire, squeeze a lemon wedge into his tea. Turner Susanne Blakeslee lies to her husband about caring for a sick relative at the nearby ski resort. It's all so friends and herself can enjoy a "Just Moms Weekend.

8 Nickelodeon Shows That Are Way Darker Than They Should Have Been

best nickelodeon shows of all time ago

I was born in so I missed out on the original airing of many of these shows. However, thanks to the great sister network that was Nickelodeon Games and Sports and Sports for Kids more popularly known as Nick GaS , I was able to live the memories that so many others got to experience at the time. The high levels of creativity, literal messiness, and necessary mental knowledge are all unrivaled to their competitors during the s. Thus without further to do, I and a few other TYF writers share our list of the 10 best Nickelodeon game shows. Slime Time Live continued the Nickelodeon love affair with sliming people, which was spawned from several other shows that will be featured on this list.

They range from being goofy and exaggerated to grounded and relatable.

The five best Nickelodeon shows: from SpongeBob SquarePants to Doug

Top 10 Best Nickelodeon Shows. Striders and Boo laugh Old Nickelodeon bumper playing Strider: Although Nickelodeon is mostly regarded as a sad, shambling mess nowadays The network has had some really amazing shows over its 36 year history! And had groundbreaking effects on Western animation! And it was no wonder!

10 Best Nickelodeon Cartoons of the '90s

Doug went through the typical problems you face growing up, all of which he worked through while writing in his journal. We stan a self-care king. All That was hands down the perfect sketch comedy show for kids. The jokes had something for everyone. It also introduced us to some of the network's brightest young stars. Everybody's got that one friend growing up that it seems like you can get into any kind of crazy situation with and they were that for each other and all of us too. Amanda Bynes brought so many iconic characters to life on this show that no one can ever question her comedy chops.

Best Nickelodeon Shows · 1. Avatar: The Last Airbender (–) · 2. The Legend of Korra (–) · 3. The Adventures of Pete & Pete (–) · 4. Invader.

Best Preschool TV Shows

Back in the 90s, kids television was taken to another level. There were several channels that rose to prominence during the decade that were home to some of the most memorable shows of all time. Among these networks was Nickelodeon , which continues to be a primary player on the small screen. There were plenty of fantastic shows that were on the network, which led to some shows flying under the radar.

Top 5 Nickelodeon shows of all time

Nickelodeon used to be a cornerstone of life as a kid back in the s and early s. The list of great shows they had was exhaustive. What really made it so special though was they were specializing in any one type of show. You had comedies, dramas, young kid shows, shows for teenagers, live action, cartoons, game shows, all of them were perfect.

We've compiled the average episode rating for every Nickelodeon show to compile this list of best shows!

Behind the Curtain at Nick Animation

When most of us think of kids' TV shows, we probably think of series filled with mostly innocent adventures and lessons about life, with maybe a handful of adult jokes thrown in for the parents watching. Still, there are some TV shows that have aired on networks devoted to kids' programming that got surprisingly dark and probably fueled the nightmares of youngsters everywhere. In fact, some of us might have to wonder what kind of people we would have become if we'd watched lighter shows as kids. Plenty of the darkest series on Nickelodeon, and we've picked out eight that were way darker than they should have been. Check them out! There is something fundamentally creepy about a show following the adventures of a bunch of babies who can talk and reason and concoct plots, and Rugrats didn't hold back from getting pretty dark. Sure, we got classic shenanigans like the Reptar On Ice tale, but we also got terrifying dream sequences and fantasies.

Let's be real: When it comes to cartoons, Nickelodeon does it best. From a lovable sea sponge who owns a meowing pet snail to a kid with goldfish who are secretly fairies, Nicktoons have completely shaped pop culture. And, even better, many of them are coming back, thanks to fans' outcries for reboots, spin-offs, and remakes.

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