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WATCH RELATED VIDEO: The Children's Cartoon Character With a Long Penis That Can Operate a Barbecue - This Morning

IT’S NOT A PENIS – IT’S A DILLERMAND by Thomas Enemark Lundtofte

A Danish animated children's TV show about a man with the 'superpower' of an infinitely extendable penis, has left parents and politicians quite unimpressed in Denmark. The show features an animated clay man in a striped red and white outfit with an extendable - sometimes helpful, sometimes out of control, yet fully clothed - penis.

However, even in Denmark, a country which is known to be progressive, people are not happy. People took to social media and called the show 'disgusting' and 'below standards' among other things. The show is targeted at children aged 4 to 8. In the TV show, the penis gets caught in the door of a bus, holds onto balloons as the character flies up into the air, and is used as both a helicopter rotor and a whip to tame a lion.

DR said that the show aims to recognise children's curiosity about their bodies. The show includes the parts they might find embarrassing and by having a childish adult with an unusual body as the main character, they might find it educational.

They play doctor games, examine each other and love naughty words," Margrethe Bruun Hansen, a children's psychologist consulted in the making of the show, told DR. Videos News India. Latest Stories. Mutual Funds. Science And Future. Human Interest. Social Relevance. Healthy Living. Reuters However, even in Denmark, a country which is known to be progressive, people are not happy. Reuters What do you think of this?

Let us know in the comments section. The Conversation 0 Start a conversation, not a fire. Post with kindness.

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Danish children’s TV show about man with the longest penis in the world leaves parents outraged

Want more Junkee in your life? Sign up to our newsletter , and follow us on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook so you always know where to find us. A new Danish cartoon called John Dillermand — aka John Penis-Man, aka Penis Penis-Man — has caused controversy, as it centres on a man with a giant, uncontrollable penis that gets into all kinds of mischief, but also helps save the day. The national broadcaster-created show is a claymation aimed at 4- to 8-year-olds. His penis accidentally catches fire after pouring gasoline over a barbeque Dillermand is struggling to light; it rescues balloons stuck in trees for children; it steals ice cream and accidentally short-circuits traffic lights in the process; it walks dogs, wrangles loose lions, and propels Dillermand into the sky as both a helicopter blade and a pogo stick. The penis does a lot, and Dillermand often watches on in shock — but, over each five minute episode, will set things right and get the penis under control to help fix whatever crazy situation it has caused.

A Danish animated children's TV show about a man with the superpower of an infinitely extendable penis has divided opinion among parents and.

Denmark’s new children’s show about a ‘man with very long penis’ receives backlash

A Danish broadcasting corporation has pencilled in a new animated series starring a character with a ridiculously long penis. In fact, his manhood can perform rescue operations, create murals, hoist a flag and even deviously snatch an ice cream cone from kids. He takes responsibility for his actions. When a woman in the show tells him that he should keep his penis in his pants, for instance, he listens. Which is nice. He is accountable. From our newsroom to your inbox at noon, the latest headlines, stories, opinion and photos from the Toronto Sun.

Denmark debuts new children’s TV show about a man with a huge and uncontrollable penis

danish cartoon penis

We aren't even two weeks into the new year, but it has already told to hold its beer. As we plunge headlong into the dystopian hellscape that is , a new Danish animated children's show called John Dillermand— about a man who uses his giant, elastic penis to save his community—has gone viral. Because what's more appealing to children than a mustached man who glides through the sky with balloons attached to his giant schlong? The new series, which was reportedly developed for kids aged yes, seriously follows its phallic protagonist as he uses his heroic dong to tame lions, distinguish fires, and cook hotdogs for kids.

In one scene John Dillermand uses his ginormous member to tame a lion scaring other children.

John Dillerman: New Danish children’s television show featuring a man with a huge penis

John Dillermand, the titular protagonist of the claymation show, has a penis two or three times as long as his body. It often gets him in trouble, and it can get really embarrassing, but when he stands by the fact that he is different, he can save children, babies and cars and even hoist the flag — with his penis. In fact, he can save the whole world if only he were allowed to. The opening sequence shows some of these misadventures. Sometimes they really look like less-than-ideal experiences, like when John Dillermand is dragged behind a bus because his giant penis is caught underneath. Which is nice.

Kids In Denmark are Watching a New Kids’ Show Called “Mr. Penis Man”

The stop-go animated show highlights the hazardous life of one John Dillermand, which translates to John Penisman. And he has a comically long penis that gets him into trouble and also solving various difficulties. Translated by RTL, the theme song explains that "there's nothing he can't do with it". Ultra Strips Down came under fire in September for allowing children as young as 11 to quiz a line-up of stark-naked adults. The programme's premise sees schoolchildren aged 11 to 13 grilling five males and females of different shapes, sizes and body gripes. They arrive on-stage donning beige robes before revealing all in scenes which some have branded "disgusting' and others bluntly stated are "child exploitation. After standing naked in front of the youngsters, perched on a series of stairs, they are asked about their figures, including the specific question: "Are you pleased with your private parts?

John Dillermand is a Danish stop motion animated children's television series about a man and his very long penis. It premiered on 3 January on DR.

Danes divided over children's TV show about a superpower penis

Jacob Ley apparently came up with John Dillermand, the eponymous character of his animated children's TV series, when making up bedtime stories to tell his own kids. In fact, he can save the whole world if only he were allowed to. Having been very successful with the test audience of his own kin, the director pitched it to Denmark's public service broadcaster DR, the Danish equivalent of the BBC, which has commissioned it for a episode series. Feedback is mixed, with some calling for its removal, but many others saying that children find it hilarious and that only adults would interpret any sexual connotations.

Denmark launches children’s television show starring man with the world’s longest penis

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. He uses it to cook sausages, walk dogs, whip a lion and impress the neighbours, though most of his antics end in slapstick disasters. DR says the show is meant to be a light-hearted comedy targeted at children between the ages of four and eight. Read more: Health Canada recalls thousands of candles for burning the wrong way.

We have a sponge living in an undersea pineapple, that yellow shapeshifting dog thing from Adventure time, basically everything from Courage the Cowardly Dog… The list goes on.

The Danish public broadcaster DR has caused an uproar with a new children's cartoon series about a man with a giant penis. According to the title song John Dillermand whose name translates as "penis man" , has the longest penis in the world and has many adventures with it. For some the show is a monstrosity; for others it's a welcome break with taboos. Mikael Arendt, general secretary of the "Church and Media" organisation, finds the series completely inappropriate. And utterly tone deaf in times of MeToo , when more than ever we expect everyone to keep their DR has talked a lot in the past six months about how its children's programmes have become increasingly important at a time when there is so much competing material out there.

The stop-go animated show highlights the hazardous life of one John Dillermand, which translates to John Penisman - a character with a comically long penis that gets him into trouble. In one episode a neighbour accidentally chops the end off with garden shears when it appears in a bush. It even has a jaunty theme song that explains "there's nothing he can't do with" his penis.

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