Hathaway chars counterattack

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Hathaway chars counterattack

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Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway Ending, Explained

Bullets change governments far surer than votes. Twelve years after Amuro Ray and Char Aznable confronted one another before disappearing in the event later known as the Axis Shock, the Federation began tightening its policies and deporting more people, dubbed Illegals, into space. Striking at high-ranking Federation politicians and officials with the hope of breaking nepotism and weakening the government into a position where they can forcibly create a policy advancing human migration into space to save the planet, Hathaway and Mafty participate in strikes against the government using mobile suits, and although their actions do not have the same indiscriminate madness of traditional terrorists, nonetheless cause civilian casualties.

On a flight from the moon to Hong Kong, Hathaway manages to secure a seat with Federation politicians and thwarts a terrorist attack from a group claiming to be Mafty, impressing Federation captain Kenneth Sleg. Their flight is diverted to Davao, a city in the Philippines, and here, Hathaway encounters the enigmatic Gigi Andalucia again.

She arranges for Hathaway to lodge with her and is surprised that Gigi has deduced his identity as Mafty. Hoping to evade the Federation, Hathaway arranges for a diversionary strike against Davao, hoping to take out several key politicians and escape during the chaos.

However, when the attack begins, Hathaway feels compelled to save Gigi, which in turns delays his extraction and return to a nearby Mafty base. He decides to set his sights on Oenbelli next and intends lend a hand to the anti-Federation forces here.

The trilogy was announced after Gundam Narrative broadcast, and originally set to release in July , the first part ultimately released in Japan on June 11, after being delayed eleven months by the ongoing global health crisis.

This unusual combination of pursuing a path of destruction in a misguided aim of bettering the world and lingering doubts sets the table for tragedy. This is a recurring theme in Gundam , and Martha Vist Carbine had, in fact, mentioned this during the events of Gundam Unicorn ; women are be instruments of both great change and great catastrophe during troubled times, creating possibility in the hearts of strong men and consuming weaker men, driving them towards acts of destruction.

Hathaway appears to be trending towards the latter, and while he is shown to be a capable, competent leader capable of motivating those around him and inspiring countless more, the unusual dynamics he has with Gigi could prove to his downfall. Their pilots possess a strong sense of morality, determined to do what they believe is right, respecting the power that they wield and using their machines to affect positive change.

Clashes between Gundams thus become a metaphor for two unyielding forces coming to a head, and the pilot with the stronger conviction triumphs to parallel how certain ways of thinking are more resilient. Kira Yamato fought Rau le Creuset and his Providence in the Freedom, defeating him and showing that nihilism was ultimately doomed to fail against those who resolved to make the most of what they had.

Setsuna F. These machines are clearly made for destruction, lacking the sleek and elegant design of earlier Gundams. The Federation uses Gundams to forcibly crush opposition, while those who stand up to the government have appropriated its power for themselves and aim to cause destruction in equal measure. There are parallels in reality; society today is in many ways, taking steps backwards as the lessons of the past are forgotten. People insist on deleting figures from history for their past deplorable actions rather than using them as an example of how not to act.

Emotions and social standing matter more than evidence and truth. This sets the world on a perilous precipice — as people increasingly refuse to listen to facts and lose their history, they become prone to making the same mistakes, potentially creating tragedies and atrocities even worse than those of their predecessors.

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Their conversation foreshadows the instability of this world, which is placed in sharp contrast with the various amenities of commercial space travel: small details in the flight show that despite the political turmoil in the Universal Century, technology has advanced steadily.

In a moment reminiscent of Dark Knight , masked intruders board the flight and immediately demand the passenger manifest. They claim to be a part of Mafty, a name that refers to both the terror organisation and its enigmatic leader, who fancies themselves to be the next coming of Char Aznable and acts with the aim of forcing space migration.

While the passengers are immediately frightened by their arrival, Gigi seems unusually calm in the situation. The terrorists show they mean business by executing one of the ministers on board, but Hathaway ends up creating an opening, allowing him and Kenneth to eliminate the terrorists. It is therefore the case that the tragedies Hathaway experienced during the Second Neo Zeon War, coupled with his education and background, would lead him to see the Federation as irredeemably corrupt, a system that could not be fixed with diplomacy or discussion.

Whatever his beliefs might be, Hathaway has a helluva poker face: here, he plays the part of the reluctant hero who happened to be in the right place at the right time and speaks with high ranking Federation officials, even though viewers know that Hathaway would have no qualms orchestrating an operation to kill them later on. Hathaway betrays nothing to her, but internally, he is shocked that the conclusion could come so easily to her.

After Gigi leaves, Hathaway is left to deal with his conflicting thoughts about her. Members of the military have a few questions for Hathaway surrounding the incident, and then subsequently arrange for his accommodations in Davao until he can be on his way. Their facilities are well-appointed and clean, with mirror-smooth reflective surfaces to denote how clean they are.

This creates simultaneous discomfort and allure for the folks around her, and Kenneth certainly has taken a liking to her. Because Gundam is predominantly set in space and the Sides, there is hardly a chance to see how Earth is. With his arrangements made, Hathaway returns to his suite and dines alone presumably to avoid Federation surveillance , at least until Gigi and Kenneth show up.

Before leaving with Gigi, Kenneth sits down and shares a brief conversation with Hathaway. The Universal Century is fond of featuring mysterious women that, as Kenneth suggests, have the power to reign back powerful men.

From Lalah and Quess, to Rita and Mineva, their roles indicate in a war, perhaps the hearts of men, and their resolve, matter more than the weapons they wield. The fact that Mafty has access to mobile suits holds two implications: that they have enough support to garner the resources needed to acquire such equipment, and that there exists a manufacturer willing to sell to terrorists.

That Mafty uses these approaches indicates the organisation, despite their conviction in their ideals, are still relatively untrained and lack the resources or know-how for more precise methods that nation states have access to.

Terror groups invariably fail for this reason: even if their aims are commendable, their methods will only cause governments to tighten their grip. For the purposes of my posts, the terrorist group Hathaway leads will be referred to as Mafty, and I will refer to Hathaway by his original name rather than his pseudonym. In the elevator, Hathaway encounters two other guests: a man and a woman who appear quite close, leading Gigi to get close and question Hathaway about their earlier conversation.

Meanwhile, Gigi feels that her intuition is on the money: while Gahman circles outside and prepares to fire on the hotel in an example of danger close, Gigi deduces that Hathaway is the sort of person who is willing to take great risks for his cause. One of my favourite things to do in any given Gundam post is discussing the mobile suits and their traits.

However, the Federation pilots continue firing, surprising Gahman and showing viewers how little human life matters to the Federation. With a bold and decisive personality, Emerelda is a skilled pilot in her own right, but off the battlefield, treats her allies as her own siblings.

From a symbolic standpoint, this shows the disconnect between the combatants inside their mobile suits and bystanders on the ground: so focused are the pilots on their fight that they have no time to consider how much collateral damage is being caused, mirroring how militaries and terrorists alike never stop to consider what side-effects their actions have, so long as they win. Details like plasma rounds melting stanchions on the ground and buildings crumbling as mobile suits land on them accentuate the size and mass of these weapons.

The weight of every swing, and the momentum that needs to be bled off prior to each turn conveyed the idea that mobile suits are heavy, sturdy machines. The bulky Messer, and its Federation counterpart, the FD Gustav Karl named after the M2 recoilless rifle are both cumbersome looking machines designed for survivability and mobility.

Gigi becomes overwhelmed by the battle around her, prompting Hathaway to hold her close. Meanwhile, Kenneth has arrived on the scene to sort things out, and Gigi runs off into his arms, prompting Hathaway to flashback to a moment twelve years earlier.

Assuming this to hold true, it means that in spite of himself, Hathaway is falling for Gigi. As such, when I write about Gundam , I often bounce ideas off him, and some of the insights here are credited to him. It is superbly enjoyable to be able to speak with folks who really know their Gundam , and in the process, I learn a few things, as well.

Of course, said friend is most interested in the political and mechanical aspects of Gundam : for things like character dynamics, outside of the motivation that drives the different pilots, our discussion is more limited.

The next day, Kenneth takes both Hathaway and Gigi to the nearby Federation base where he is stationed. This is fine for professional settings, but is disadvantageous for things like relationships. Unsurprisingly, the navy is almost always the most superstitions: the beliefs that seafarers have had stem from centuries of braving the unpredictable open ocean, and even now, some superstitions persist.

For now, however, Hathaway remains in charge. While the Federation may have become quite corrupt and unyielding, there is truth in the statement: regardless of how noble a cause is, the moment its proponents see fit to disrupt society, destroy property and take lives, their very own supporters have invalidated it.

Hathaway himself publicly considers the events of the Second Neo Zeon War a fluke, downplaying his skills as a pilot. For me, this removed any doubts about the fact that Gigi is interesting to him, enough to distract him from his original goals.

Hathaway heads to the local ferry terminal and drops off his luggage for someone from Mafty to pick up. To the Federation, who are monitoring transportation into and out of Davao, it would appear as though Hathaway had arrived, purchased his ticket and then left the island.

While at the ferry terminal, a Mafty broadcast overwrites the previous programs being shown. Mysterious broadcasts have long been a headache for television companies: poorly-secured signals can be defeated by setting up a transmitter near the original broadcast point or a headend and impersonating the signal by reading out uplink parameters. Today, signals are more difficult to hijack because they also carry a sort of key to ensure that the recipient only receives what was intended.

After leaving the terminal, Hathaway arrives on a lonely beach a ways away and sits down. As Hathaway settles into thought, a small sailboat soon pulls up and its operator asks Hathaway to board. Hathaway thus links up with Emerelda and sets off for the next leg of his journey, while Kenji takes his place to ensure that his original travel plans are seemingly fulfilled.

Here, Hathaway feels much more in his element, dealing with a group of dedicated if misguided band of individuals who are confident that they are working the world to make the world a better place.

Upon arriving at the hidden Mafty base, concealed in the ruins of Side 2, Hathaway is brief on their latest operation: to retrieve a container from space containing supplies and a high value asset. At the Federation command centre, officers monitor the developing situation and notice irregularities, prompting them to send Lane and the Penelope out. At this point, Kenneth has made it very clear that he intends to beat Mafty himself — besides his charisma, Kenneth is a former mobile suit pilot and therefore, well aware of the tactics needed to meet them in combat.

Folks who have read the novel One More Side or A Sky Longing for Memories artbook will find that the whole of the internet is mistaken about things.

Unsurprisingly, the atmosphere, gravity and physical constraints the environment poses means that any lengthy battles here would feel more like a dogfight between two pilots, as opposed to the high-speed sword-play that is seen in the vacuum of space.

Gravity is why the Universal Century deploys Base Jabbers, thermonuclear flight platforms that offer mobile suits limited flight in an atmosphere. One of the joys about Gundam is watching how the different universes address common problems, and newer series like 00 and SEED have both impressed from this standpoint. These missiles use a psycommu to guide them, and when fired in bursts, can quickly overwhelm enemy mobile suits in spite of their low yield.

During the course of battle, Hathaway also swats a few Gustav Karls out of the air before he realises that Gahman is inside the Penelope, as well. By UC , the meaning of Gundam has clearly eroded from the earlier days. Banagher was quite reluctant to take on this role, but as he began understanding the sorts of things that Mineva and Daguza were speaking off, he would accept that it would be necessary to get into the cockpit and do what he could, eventually becoming a legend in his own right by stopping Gryps II from obliterating Industrial Seven.

The fact that two Gundams are fighting one another further speaks to the immorality present in the Universal Century: Anaheim Electronics evidently has no qualms about building Gundam-type machines and selling them to opposite sides of the war.

User Reviews

The latest Gundam film has crossed a sales milestone that the franchise hasn't managed to clear since Anime News Network reports that Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway , which premiered in Japan on June 11, has now become the second Gundam movie to break the billion yen mark at the Japanese box office. The only other film in the franchise to achieve this level of success was Char's Counterattack , released more than 30 years earlier. Hathaway dropped to fourth place in the box office rankings during its second week in theaters, but the movie has still pulled in 1. The movie is the first part of a planned trilogy of films that adapt the novel Hathaway's Flash , which was written by the original Gundam 's director, Yoshiyuki Tomino. Certain screenings of Gundam Hathaway were preceded by a special screening of the first fifteen minutes of Char's Counterattack.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (Japanese: 機動戦士ガンダム 逆襲のシャア, Hepburn: Kidō Senshi Gandamu: Gyakushū no Shā) is a Japanese.

Hathaway Noa - Wallpaper and Scan Gallery

After Char's rebellion, Hathaway Noa leads an insurgency against Earth Federation, but meeting an enemy officer and a mysterious woman alters his fate. Yoshiyuki Tomino Yasuyuki Muto. Hathaway is hiding in plain sight and finds himself in the company of Earth Federation Captain Kenneth Sleg, and the enigmatic woman Gigi. This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth. I was very lost in this.. Felt like it was all over the place.

WATCH: Netflix releases first ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’ trailer

hathaway chars counterattack

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There will be spoilers for this movie and the book series as a whole!

Gundam Hathaway is the Best Gundam in Years!

Does Gundam Hathaway actually do it? Read on and find out. One thing I really like about Gundam Hathaway is that if anything, the marketing has been pretty misleading. Hathaway meets Gigi, a rich girl who takes an interest in him immediately as she finds out his secret. Their silhouettes are way too bulky, and the scenes they appear in are just unpleasant to watch.

Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway’s Flash Preview is Packed With Action

Despite its massive popularity, the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise has a lot of side stories that have never made it outside of Japan. One of these stories is Hathaway's Flash , a three-part novel series about Hathaway Noa, the son of series veteran Bright Noa, as he acts as the secret leader of the anti-Earth Federation group Mafty. Written by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of Mobile Suit Gundam , the story is one of the later stories featured within Gundam 's Universal Century timeline. Recently, a new movie trilogy was announced based on Hathaway's Flash , with the first movie Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway having been released earlier this year on Netflix. While many might be eager to go see the latest Gundam movie, it might be beneficial to watch some other shows also placed within the Universal Century for context. As Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway takes place in the year UC , there is a lot of history and politics that help to frame the movie's setting. The very first Gundam series is important for a variety of reasons.

Hathaway actually carries over from 's Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, set 12 years after the events therein.

It is based on a novel that first appeared in , and the trilogy it kicked off has sold 1. It has taken over 30 years for the novel to be adapted for the big screen. What keeps this story relevant?

Surprisingly, little of that matters. The one thing you do need to know going into this movie is basically common knowledge: Because of their wealth or celebrity or just their whiteness, certain people can get away with anything. Noa, the son of a major character from Mobile Suit Gundam , is willing to do whatever it takes to change the world. Hathaway , in other words, reckons with privilege in a way that action movies like this rarely if ever do. Remember that hole in Australia? Driver: He must have a lot of time on his hands.

In addition to being the first original Gundam theatrical release, Char's Counterattack was also the first Gundam production to make use of computer graphics during a five-second shot of the Sweetwater colony rotating in space, being made at Toyo Links. As the film opens, Char's forces have arranged to drop the asteroid Fifth Luna on the Earth.

I like Gundam a lot. Would Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway hit me hard enough to change my mind? I should back up for a moment. The series has been often regarded as impenetrable in the West and not without good reason; the series has been ongoing since , and for decades the best portions of it were locked to Japan by language and rights issues. The true comparison is their impact on popular culture.

Mobile Suit Gundam was hit hard by , with several projects having to be postponed or canceled outright, but it seems as if is looking to make up for lost time as the upcoming feature-length film that revisits the original universe that introduced anime fans to the popular mechs in Hathaway's Flash has released new information about its cast. The film, which follows the spiritual successor to both the hero Amuro and villain Char of the original series in Hathaway, is set to be released in May of this year, barring any further unexpected delays. Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash is set to give a big makeover to the original universe that started it all , with a unique protagonist who has yet to be revealed as either good or evil. With this upcoming film setting up a world of "greys", it will be interesting to see how the story, which originally debuted in following the release of the Gundam film, Char's Counterattack , makes use of the characters that came before it and is able to update the original universe using some amazing new animation currently at the studio's disposal for creating this new universe filled with this colorful cast of characters.

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