Medaka box medaka and zenkichi married

Superhuman Physiology: Because Zenkichi has been together with Medaka since they were two, he has trained his body so that he can stay by her side. Zenkichi is very strong , causing a small earthquake with only a stomp, and was able to survive being skewered by six blades at once. Even though that was ultiamtely restrictive of him as it restricted him to being the enemy of the main characters. So, Kumagawa ultimately earns his first victory against Medaka. Not by beating up Medaka, but by believing that she would win, by believing his friend would live.

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Medaka box medaka and zenkichi married

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Who is the mc of Medaka box?

Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Forum Settings Forums. Medaka Box. Medaka Box Chapter Discuss Manga Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Pages 2 « 1 2 [3]. DO NOT discuss the source material beyond this chapter. If you want to discuss future events, please use separate threads. Zenkichi with his capability and his hard work really not letting me down especially when compared to any useless main male chara Medaka although seems overpowered but still can lose in term of other things..

This was a great manga to read. Gonna miss it. The ending is good, zenkichi and medaka ended up getting married but it missed one thing..

Kumagawa whereabouts are unknown only leaving a single message that he had fun through those past 4 years, loser is still a loser I guess. But but but where's the marriage ceremony and the romantic kiss with the bells ringing and stuffs well nvm i can live with that but man they should have dissed our MC yh our MC none other than Kumagawa. Now i feel really bad i so wanted to see him and ashin'in san :. Hopes to god the series will will resume or some spin offs will done sooner of later :.

Honestly, Medaka was ugly as an adult. Also i find stupid that he removed their powers now they've grown just so he can get to a normal life ending thing. Well i appreciated the manga but i feel like there is too much stuff missing after all and mostly Kumegawa time skip appearance he was so awesome as a character.

I guess it was the right ending to have it that way but im still going to miss Medaka Box, i had great time reading it with all the jokes and exaggerated character well Damn I find the ending pretty rushed considering they had time to waste on the shiranui arc I liked it the least out of all the arcs , I good ending for Medaka x Zenkishi, I would've liked it better if it had a wedding page at the end though.

Damn no Kumagawa or Anshin'in appearance or new info. My god was I wrong this Manga was great I loved everything about it. I find it very sad that Zenkichi ultimately failed in his dream to catch up to her. He says it himself, Medaka will always be far better than him.

He doesn't even get to defeat her before the story ends. Ahhhh such a bittersweet feeling! So sad to finish this series but happy as well that Medaka and Zenkichi can finally be together.

Signature removed. I'm crying because its over. It was a good ending and I usually don't like time skip endings, but it worked for this series. It was nice to see that everyone was doing well and that Medaka and Zenkichi will finally be together forever. The only problem was that Kumagawa and Anshin never showed up.

Even though we know they are okay and that is just their way of doing things, I just wish they would have been in the last chapter. At least we got to see what they wrote. At first I thought it was going to end without that. The color page at the end was very pretty and brought feels lol. Overall, I really love this series! For some reason, the loss of powers struck me the wrong way. Maybe partially because I've always seen adults as "more powerful" than kids, but this presents the opposite, which raises plenty of questions of how society functions.

I also seem to be cynical, since without actual confirmation that the marriage occurs, I can only assume that it gets delayed yet again, like every single other time they wanted to get together. Lupus said: For some reason, the loss of powers struck me the wrong way. I was just wondering how adults - who usually don't have superpowers - can keep teens in line.

Do teenagers actually rule the world, instead of adults? It just raises too many questions. I say this because they originally planned to marry right after graduation, but this was delayed for an entire decade. Apparently, Zen wanted to catch up with Medaka, but the ending unfortunately has him realize how hopeless that lifelong dream was.

That's why I can't assume that they succeed in getting married this time. Maybe I'm too literal a reader. Also, is Medaka still headmistress, or was that just a temporary thing? Lupus said: I was just wondering how adults - who usually don't have superpowers - can keep teens in line. StarkSan said: He waited until he got into a high position in the company so he could work with Medaka even though he didn't really 'surpass' her. I think that he wanted to earn his place by Medaka's side working his way up in the company so he could feel more like her equal rather than her shadow.

Right after he graduated, there was still too much of a gap between them with him being fresh out of high school and her the headmaster. And yet, he talks about "the disparity between Medaka and I", after she talked of restoring the moon. As if he realized that the past decade didn't really change anything, at least not in the long run.

I guess by this point I'll just have to accept that his priorities are vastly different from my own and they'll simply not make any sense to me. It's like, what's the point of distinguishing between Abnormals and Normals if "normal" people can run up walls, destroy the floor by stomping on it, and have mindsets that make no sense? Yes, there is no trying to understand Zenkichi's mind :P But for a normal, he was pretty powerful. Great manga.. Can't believe it's actually over.

I'm going to quickly go over my thoughts on each of the arcs. I enjoyed this way more than I should've, which is kinda sad since I didn't enjoy it a ton. The shift to battle shonen was jarring to say the least but I was aware it was coming so it wasn't that build plus the build to Kumagawa was great. Unzen was a garbage villain. The best villains, with the main one being the best character. The best "battles", particularly Kumagawa vs. Hitoyoshi family.

The best humor, thanks to Kumagawa. The best character development. Also the most quotable arc, thanks to Kumagawa. The only thing holding it back is it could be dull when Kumagawa wasn't around. I never cared for Hinokage vs. Plus, I never loved the conclusion. I'm wavering on a 8 or an 9, I'll go with 9 for now.

It also had the pointless twist that Wanizuka was related to Munakata. Along with some great chapters like or whichever one Zenkichi realized he's just been lusting for Medaka. Actually, I don't want to do this anymore. I rated the other arcs in chapters not too far back so if anyone's interested, which I doubt, you could check those out. I liked Medaka Box but it really did peak at the Minus Arc unfortunately, almost none of the other arcs were really that strong but several of them provided strong moments at least but as a whole, the Minus arc is really the only time the series excelled on most levels.

It's partially why it's the only story I read twice. But a lot of them didn't do much for me or even actively annoyed me like Nienami. The art was generally nice I guess, I could follow most of what happened from panel to panel.

Monde11 said: Ending felt rushed but it was a pretty good manga. So that's it. It's over. Man what a ride it was. I could write a lot of stuff about the good parts and the bad parts of this series but I really don't feel like it. There were so many crazy-interesting-likeable characters and it was always fun watching them do insane stuff. Sure the manga had it's share of weaknesses but I was always willing to overlook them because it was just so damn entertaining.

And in the end isn't this what's most important? That you simply have fun reading it? I'll read it again some time in the future. All I can say is: Nisio is a huge troll. Just marathoned it in 4 days. Ayyy, I finished it.


Waking, Medaka greets Zenkichi. Zenkichi greets Medaka, trying tell her how beautiful she has become, but is interrupted by her dogs. Medaka is amused by her dogs clambering over her. Zenkichi thinks to himself that Medaka has become docile, and that even The End, and all the skills Medaka learned with it, have faded away.

Medaka accepts, telling him that if she wins, he will have to marry her; Zenkichi thinks to himself that their conditions are the same. Zenkichi notes that this.

When did Medaka Box end?

Home Ecchi Manga Page 3. Kurokami Medaka, a first year, is elected as Student Council President, and the first thing she does is establish a suggestion box, later dubbed by students the "Medaka Box. She asks her childhood friend, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, for help and he grudgingly agrees, becoming the Student Council's lowest ranking member. Soon Medaka recruits two more people to the Student Council, the former judo club member Akune Kouki as secretary and the current swim club member Kikaijima Mogana, on loan for yen a day, as treasurer. Now the Student Council members spend their days solving the problems submitted through the Medaka Box, whether they be hooligans in clubs where they don't belong, girls who need help writing love letters or people who've lost their pets, gradually earning the respect and admiration of the entire school. Tefure Chap 11 [JA]. Kagura already has a girlfriend.

Is Medaka a killifish?

medaka box medaka and zenkichi married

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Z enkichi Medaka was in fact so smitten with Zenkichi for saving her, that she immediately asked him to marry her, though he shot her down just as quickly, a rejection she took quite hard. This was her first and last rejection.

Who Married Medaka?

Zenkichi is highly determined; despite being only a Normal, he can keep up with Specials and even Abnormals. An Abnormal is an individual possessing overwhelming capabilities such that the individual is unable to control that aspect of themselves and inherently seeks to master this power. Medaka enters herself and becomes the victor, choosing to marry Zenkichi once they both graduate. Medaka and Zenkichi discover she is to become the next host for Iihiko Shishime, a year-old being. Kumagawa always loses, but the person who decided Kumagawa always loses is none other than Kumagawa himself. Want to Be Winner!

Medaka Box Explained

With some advice from Maguro, Akune might have a chance winning against Best Pain. Maguro himself is more interested in Black White aka Naze Youka. Air Date : 22nd-Nov A spot has opened for Class 13 and Medaka has been invited to join. Air Date : 11th-Oct Read More.

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Medaka Box Abnormal 10 – That’s Not Semen

The series follows Medaka Kurokami, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, Kouki Akune and Mogana Kikaijima, who are the members of the student council, during their various adventures to honor suggestions presented by academy members in order to better the academy. It received three light novel series, two series with two volumes and one with one volume between and It was adapted into a episode anime b television series that aired between April and June A second episode season aired between October and December

Medaka Box 192 END *SPOILERS*

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Okay, I have to admit, that was pretty clever. I imagine it was far less impressive for the manga readers here except perhaps while they were reading it , but it was something of a surprise for me. There were plenty of hints throughout both episodes, not least her appearance I blame the glasses… and that swimsuit… , her love for money her position would be the treasurer of course and the intelligence she showed beyond the two other members of her team. Back to the swim team for a moment, I wonder whether they became monsters for the sake of money, or if they were monsters even before that.

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The only time he gets a chance to be number one is in popularity polls and my faves lists. What I really like about Kumagawa is that he gets his ass kicked constantly. The story never lets him win and challenges him to grow. At the end of the day, for all his flashiness he kind of just acts like a regular good for nothing. Underneath it all I see Kumagawa as a character whose broken in kind of an ordinary way.

Medaka kurokami is the titular main character of the anime, manga medaka box. Biggest loser, highly chaotic, chara growth for days. Main character status belongs to medaka ok, this has become annoying enough that i felt compelled to make a post about it. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime medaka box abnormal on myanimelist, the internet's largest anime database.

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