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#249: Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki – Tomatsu Haruka x Ando Masaki

I feel rather overwhelmed by everything that goes on at home and with the kids, yes, even though they go to school five mornings a week boy do three hours go by fast! I just want to read! One of the most beautiful books ever. The use of colour, the use of white space, the gorgeous features of each character, even if they only are seen on one page. Toppi was an Italian illustrator and comics writer who died in Such a romp this comic! A sword-fighting, magic boat-flying, prison-escaping, treasure-stealing heroine with a sense of humour.

And her new sidekick who makes the best tea in Turkey. This ones for the cat lovers. They are such gorgeous creatures and I love how this graphic story brings together so many different ones. The rest of the story though is quite dark.

And I was glad to see his name on another graphic novel, which I read via Scribd. Scribd by the way has quite a few translated graphic novels, mostly from French. She walks away from her deadbeat husband and three children and disappears off to the beach. Her story is told by her friend, to her other friends who have gathered at her house.

And what lovely seaside views. Blanche, for that is her real name, is trying to figure out who killed her sister, and that leads her to the brothel. Supermarket — Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson. The story though was a bit lacking. I was in a bit of a reading slump recently. Picked up a book, nah not for me, at least not at this time.

Picked up another. Also not quite the right fit. So I figured a good comic would do. Scribd recommended it to me, probably because I had read Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland before that.

Army Shanks and a whole other bunch of people are searching for Far Arden, supposedly a myth, but someone once found out how to get there. A very darling and enchanting comic for all ages, Little Nemo is an update on a classic early 20th century comic strip by Windsor McKay.

The only problem is getting him to Slumberland. As Nemo has no interest being the playmate. Will he ever get to Slumberland and meet the princess?

Does he want to? What is Slumberland anyway? Even getting there is a thrill. I read this because it was illustrated by the awesome Gabriel Rodriguez, who is responsible with writer Joe Hill for one of my favourite comics ever, Locke and Key. One ignores her family in her devotion to the band. Another is an unfortunate caricature of a heavyset woman who has no friends at work.

It was rather painful to read at times. I was intrigued by the cover. I mean, giant head! Teeny tiny town! But it was still an interesting enough story about the chance meeting of two strangers at an airport, and how this meeting changes their lives. I really liked the artwork but I think I was expecting something either a little more eccentric or deeper. Lemire excels in taking ordinary people, those living in small towns, their lives a little bit lost and their hearts a little bit broken, and turning it into an emotional, unforgettable, moving story.

I loved Essex County, and Underwater Welder was just as excellent. Jack and his wife are expecting a baby in a month when he goes off to the rig to work. He sees something in the water that makes him think of his dead father. Not just think but more like return to that time when he was a child and his father was still alive, and as that happens, as his memories creep into his life, they pull him away from his wife and his unborn child. Lucille — Ludovic Debeurme A painful read this one. Lucille is an anorexic teenager.

She is slowly starving herself so that she can look like the other girls. Arthur is a boy with OCD, the son of an alcoholic fisherman. And they somehow meet and become friends, then more than friends. The illustrations are spare and panel-less, which makes for a rather different flow from the typical comic.

A moving, minimalistic read. So why did I read this? Still have no idea. I did like the black and white illustrations.

And the whole story, despite the potential for gore and bloodiness, is simply and effectively told, although we are not given any answers. Because I really adored the cover art — by Malaysian-Singaporean artist Sonny Lies — but I definitely did not like the artwork within. So it was very disappointing. Elizabeth Bennet always looks so harsh and angry.

Ah what can I say, I adore Adventure Time. I never thought I would as it seemed rather cutesy. One of the more disturbing comics ever. But with Locke and Key, while it was violent and morbid, it had a lot of heart.

Those were some awesome kids. A deadbeat guy who seems to hate everything and everyone and thinks the world has done him wrong. I felt so angry reading this. And I love its diverse characters. That is, not everyone is skinny and white and straight. But compared to another recent read, Pretty Deadly, it was a little more easily understood although still puzzling and had some decent and relatable characters.

One thing I did appreciate is that this comic written and drawn mostly by men has females as its main characters. I was just disappointed that Scribd only has seven issues. I had such high hopes for Edward Scissorhands. Perhaps too high. I was looking for expecting a whimsical delight, a dark fairy tale, as I sort of remember the movie to be.

Edward is accused of hurting a kid and the town hunts him down. I was a bit disappointed that the artwork was more cute than the cover made it out to be. Nothing wrong with cute illustrations, i just prefer less-cute!

It does have some nice detailing and great use of colours though. Now this was the kind of cute whimsy that I was expecting from Edward Scissorhands. The art direction also confused me in some panels. I wondered if it was because I was reading it as an e-book version on my tablet. Yet it was the first time I had to stare and re-stare at more than one panel, relook the rest of the page, and wonder, what am I looking at??

It made me a little frustrated and confused at points. Ok so another comic set in a zombie-infested world. This time the main characters are four teens, one of whom wields a samurai squad.

So reading this one was a bit tricky. I was trying hard to be fair and not compare it to The Walking Dead all the time. There are a lot of similarities of course as zombies are pretty much zombies wherever you go. This one is set in California and they start out living in Yosemite. I kind of wish they had shown more of Yosemite!

But the kids move on, trying to find a plane they saw. And after finding a zom-infested hospital, they end up on a farm, a well-secured place with beds and toilet paper and a secret.

It was however a bit different from what I was expecting and so I was intrigued enough to keep reading. So three comics from NetGalley this week, and I was just wanting a bit more from each of them.

One I had too high expectations for my inner teenager was very disappointed and thus, rather angsty. One was beautiful and whimsical but a bit confusing — it really needed more exposition. And the last, because it was yet another zombie story, needed to push the envelope more than it did.


Testo originale Traduzione in italiano Sonohi, jinrui wa omoidashita Yatsura ni shihai sa rete ita kyoufu wo Torikago no naka ni torawarete ita kutsujoku wo Hanata reta yumiya yo, kabe wo koe umi made tonde ike! Fumareta hana no Namae mo shirazu ni Chi ni ochita tori wa Kaze wo machiwabiru Inotta tokoro de Nani mo kawaranai Ima wo kaeru no wa Tatakau kakugo da. Ya wo tsugaeoikakeru Yatsu wa nigasanai Ya wo hanachioitsumeru Kesshite nigasanai Genkai made hikishiboru Hachikiresou na tsuru Yatsu ga ikitaeru made Nando demo hanatsu. Emono wo korosu no wa Dougu demo gijutsu demo nai Togisumasareta Omae jishin no satsui da.

Lemire excels in taking ordinary people, those living in small towns, 1: Shokugeki no Soma – Yuuto Tsukuda, Shun Saeki (Illustrator).

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Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season – 01

shokugeki yuko ando live

Blu-ray Region A Food Wars! Staff Art Dept. Maki Takano J. Megumi Hirata J.

I thought there was some sort of sequel or spin-off to Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance thanks to the suspiciously similar title.

Thank you, Kentarō Miura. — Weekly Shonen Jump 50th anniversary Shikishi ...

The original magazine is practically synonymous with works that focus primarily on fighting and action; Shonen Jump is often considered to be its own subcategory of shonen anime and manga. Due to its high popularity with young teen boys rivalling only CoroCoro Comic an iconic children's magazine , many have seen early Jump manga as the Trope Codifier for many series that would follow in its later works as well as its competitors. Thanks to the popularity of Jump in its home country, there have been many exports of its well known manga worldwide during the West's manga boom. It mainly carried translations of manga that first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump , but tended to publish them on a monthly schedule similar to the earliest output of the Japanese Jump. The magazine introduced many Americans to some great series, such as Naruto and One Piece.

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Why not compile another list after doing one about some of the most popular harem anime out there. This time it will focus on popular ecchi anime. Fans have flocked to the ecchi anime for a long time. It is so common that anime from other genres feature special fanservice episodes. This Ecchi anime list sets up your mood.

Yuu Haruna, whose father is on assignment overseas, lives with his Director: Naoto Hosoda; Writer: Naoto Hosoda; Cast: Yūko Gotō.

testi sigle ost – L’ATTACCO DEI GIGANTI (Shingeki no Kyojin)

I feel rather overwhelmed by everything that goes on at home and with the kids, yes, even though they go to school five mornings a week boy do three hours go by fast! I just want to read! One of the most beautiful books ever.

Yuko Ando - Shock Lyrics | Attack on Titan | TheWaoFam Lyrics

Countless birds burning their feather Scatter the ashes and grins in peace Somebody please disperse Even the testimony I was once here Bones will turn to sand and disappear. Do you have a translation you'd like to see here on LN? You can submit it using the form below! If your language is not listed, we are currently unable to accept it at this time. If you are interested in becoming a community translation checker for your language, please get in touch via our official Discord!

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