Baka and test episode 2 auditions and update

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Casting Call for Baka and Test Abridged

As always, you can listen to the podcast using the player above, or download the mp3 using the link at the bottom of this blog post. The podcast is also available via the iTunes Store online. Just follow this link to view the podcast in iTunes:. In this episode, I talk about a very important aspect of voice acting that is often overlooked and sometimes deeply misunderstood. It was step 3 in that list of 5 and it is this:.

It is vitally important to your success as an actor to understand which kinds of characters you can believably and competitively play. Most people think that a voice actor can and should play any character they want to.

While this is theoretically true, the reality is that there are always going to be certain types of characters that suit your voice better than others. Without understanding which characters are most appropriate for your voice, chances are you will try to audition for roles that do not suit you. Doing so lowers your chances of getting hired. Let me help you avoid that headache. I want to explain to you just how important it is to understand which characters do and do not suit your voice.

Armed with that knowledge, your chances of getting cast will improve astronomically. But I bet if I use that recording to compare the style of my voice to various other actors, I can probably find a lead to discovering my character type. Usually singing coaches tell you your highest note and your lowest note.

We use many notes when speaking. Maybe your coach meant that the center of your voice is at B below middle C. You could go to a piano, find middle C and then hit the B note just below it and see how that relates to your voice. Loved the podcast, very helpful. I plan on asking others what my character types are.

I know that there are plenty of voices that I need to try so I can be aware of the types of people I can voice effectively. I can obviously play female voices, I just have to figure out what type. I can also do a select few male voice. I never knew that when hear yourself talk you sound deeper then you really are. That makes me wonder what I sound like to others.

Anyway, a question for you. Is that true? Thanks and by the way I love the Sasuke and Itachi reference, big fan of those two and Yuri as well. Your casting type is even true in Durarara since Shizou has a younger brother and seems to be one of the oldest compared to the others.

When I think back to some others shows or anime you are in I can see the pattern. Most agents are not interested in dubbing work for anime because the pay is too small.

Most pre-lay work pays far better than anime and so agents are interested in representing you in that area. But you never get paid less, it just means your agent gets paid a little to give you access to the work and represent you for the contracts. Another fantastic podcast. I would also like to add that auditioning for amateur projects, such as through the VoiceActingAlliance , is another good way of figuring out what other people think suits your voice.

As a total aside, I wanted to ask about microphones. Thanks for recommending the Voice Acting Alliance. I referenced them in an earlier podcast as well. The Blue Snowball does not do the same job as the Yeti. While both are USB microphones, the Yeti is a far more professional sounding microphone than the Snowball.

The Snowball is fine for podcasting, but it sounds thin and in the past it has had gain problems so it can be hard to set the right levels with it. The Yeti was designed to sound more like professional large diaphragm condenser microphones, even though the capsules in the Yeti are actually medium diaphragm in size. However, the Yeti is a cheaper option for those who are on a tight budget. I know certain voice actors who use the Yeti as a home audition mic.

I know of no voice actors who use the Snowball. Thought I might as well share here for the others to see! There are graphs that show which voice part sits where musically. They are usually done by putting the low and high notes on a staff of music. Do you know how to read music notation? Thanks for the example!

Your voice part is determined by seeing where the passaggios lie in your natural voice. The only way to know for sure is to take some classical singing lessons. I really appreciate you taking the time to record this podcast for all of us trying to start a voice acting career. It feels great that someone as prolific and respected as you is doing all of this. I do have a suggestion for a future episode however. How to go about auditions, what places to look for, and where to go from there.

But just general tips on how to get started, make an impression and get noticed. I try to outline the process of getting started in the first 3 episodes of the podcast. Have you listened to the first 3 episodes?

Here they are again: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3. Do you have competitive acting skills? As your acting skill improve, acting opportunities will begin to arrive. My apologies. I had been listening to the podcast out of order, and thought I had caught them all, but missed a few. There is another question I wanted to ask you. Do you have to change the way you go about acting, knowing that your voice is essentially a backdrop for whatever the player wants the character to be? With the Wizard, I just try to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

If I add to many flourishes to the character, it will be harder to listen to him over long periods of time. The variations must come in my emotional acting, not in my technical vocal production. I basically just try to act to the best of my ability.

Being miscast is a most horrendous feeling. I had brush with it a couple times when I first was starting out on the VAA. Through trial and error I figured out my niche in the VA world. And the added archetype is great help in discovering character voices.

One question, when making these podcasts, how much do you edit them to make them sound smooth? I sounds like one contiguous take with no editing whatsoever. Are you just that good without messing up or just good with editing? Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experiences being miscast! I work hard to make them that way! I do not record them in one continuous take, that would be too stressful.

I record a paragraph at a time and then stitch them all together to make one smooth whole. Thanks for once again bringing us yet another clear and very informative podcast. It has really made me think about which roles I audition for when it comes to amateur voice acting. How do you take care of your voice? Also, how do you prepare yourself before beginning a recording session?

Admittedly, it takes a bit of getting used to; at least in my case, that is. That aside, works great and seems to help keep my throat in awesome shape. Still, I can make a few recommendations to those with, by far, more experience than myself and to whom I have personally learned from. Really good stuff. As far as the tea goes, I recommend that tea only as a remedy if your voice is hurting.

Your voice wants to be healthy. My drinking two or three cups in the morning is a result of my own convenience. That having been said, I can certainly see the impracticality of it with respect to a professional VA. I need to go brew myself a fresh cup.

With respect to Jack however, my recommending the tea was more or less a result of his comment of his voice being strained. As some comments on the Amazon webpage I linked beforehand will attest to, the tea certainly seems to help in such instances.

This is a very nice podcast Mr. Freeman at least i get to know what my character type would be. I was wondering if you could make podcast about when a character sings if you could.


No account yet? Registering is free , easy , and private. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. Game Reviews Columns incl. Industry Comments Advertorials.

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Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! Episode 2: YELL AND RESPONSE

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baka and test episode 2 auditions and update

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There are 26 shows to choose from, marking a significant increase from the 16 offered last summer. Sunrise is back with another original series, leading the way in the fantasy department. G are going the sci-fi and heartfelt drama route with their noitaminA shows, plus the latter is providing an original vampire series of its own. Staff may have something to say about that with its own adaptation. Continuing with the format introduced in the last preview , each entry is now divided into two paragraphs as follows:. Once again, the overall impressions at the very end categorize the shows in a way that should help you decide what to watch.


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Dude Looks Like a Lady

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Akitarō DAICHI

Well, this was a much slower and kind of boring episode. Without a clear goal in mind, I did have a worry in mind that Mashumairesh would turn out to be more of a CGDCT type of show with some music sprinkled in. This episode was basically that. Not much of anything important happened other than Himeko and Howan getting closer. It was just pretty boring for me.

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Casting Call for Baka and Test Abridged Series

Whether it is due to their gorgeous hair, delicate features, snazzy dressing, or fey nature, some boys get called "little lady" more often than they'd like. The opposite of Lady Looks Like a Dude , this trope involves male characters who, despite entirely identifying as male and making no effort to seem otherwise, are frequently mistaken for female by other characters. Frequently results in an Unsettling Gender Reveal ; the difference is how much another character has invested in the dude actually being a lady The Crying Game versus any scene with Kazuki in Get Backers. Compare Ambiguous Gender and Bifauxnen. Could result in Viewer Gender Confusion. May be a Gendered Insult , if the implication is that looking like a lady is a bad thing. See also Elfeminate.

August Taylor Two Cocks One Girl (POV)

Part 2 of my seasonal anime first-impression reviews! I'm probably going to have to start making these reviews more concise, because I went WAY…. What a season!!!!!! I've reviewed terrible anime before.

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