Chinese cartoons update

June 5 is World Environment Day. To promote a simple, healthy, low-carbon lifestyle, China Daily and the municipal government of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, are sponsoring the International Cartoon and Illustration Exhibition. Entries will reflect ideas for a community with a shared future for mankind. The exhibition is open to art enthusiasts, cartoonists, and illustrators worldwide. The works should reflect the impacts of global climate change on society and everyday life and how the human race is dealing with climate change.

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Chinese cartoons update

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Cartoon Shows Political Shift

Hong Kong CNN Business Comic and animation fans in China were in for a nasty shock this weekend as authorities turned their crackdown on the entertainment industry to yet another target. Here's why. More Videos Beijing's sweeping changes to social order are popular with some. Chinese officials urge government action to revive Covid-battered economy. How China's workers are faring during a tumultuous supply chain crisis.

Analyst: 'Lockdown in Shanghai will rock China's economy'. How much longer can China's economy handle 'zero-Covid'? Covid and the real estate crisis weigh on China's economy.

Pandemic empties one of the world's busiest airports. Early Olympics attendees eat noodles served from ceiling. China lockdown is hitting world's biggest chipmakers.

Hong Kong independent news outlet closes after police raid and arrests. Chinese 'live-streaming queen' hit with huge tax evasion penalty. China's Evergrande downgraded by Fitch. The National Radio and Television Administration, the country's broadcasting authority, announced late Friday that it would ban cartoons and other TV shows primarily produced for children that contain any mention of violence, blood, vulgarity or pornography.

TV channels must "resolutely resist bad plots," and instead only broadcast "excellent cartoons with healthy content and promote truth, goodness and beauty," said the authority in a statement on its website. The new regulation applies to all cartoons broadcast on television as well as those streamed online — and though the authority did not name any specific shows, networks wasted no time in enforcing it.

Read More. Why is the Communist Party clamping down on China's biggest stars and fan clubs? State-run tabloid Global Times suggested it could have been removed because its "violent plot" included fight scenes and explosions.

The show's removal sparked widespread outcry and dismay from its Chinese fans. The topic trended on the heavily censored Chinese social media platform Weibo. One popular post, which broke the news on the ban, was liked more than 1 million times before being deleted.

A hashtag over the show's removal has so far been viewed more than 84 million times. It not only [expresses] belief in the light, but it's also my people's childhood memories. Besides, it doesn't bring people any negative impact," one Weibo user commented under the now-deleted post, possibly referencing the "light" of humanity and justice that saves the hero during the series.

The hero's ubiquity is comparable to that of Superman in the United States. Some on Chinese social media pointed out that conflict is a part of life and that cartoons offer a valuable way to teach children about more complicated issues. Others argued that if authorities were concerned about portrayals of violence or vulgarity, they might as well ban the Four Classic Novels — four highly influential works written between the 14th and 18th centuries and considered masterpieces in Chinese literature — as they include plotlines of civil war, government corruption, executions and murder, and young romance.

The novels, particularly "Journey to the West," and their adaptations continue to be taught to children and studied in schools. China's Weibo suspends 21 K-pop fan accounts for 'irrational star-chasing behavior'. But their protests may be in vain.

China has been signaling a crackdown on cartoons and other shows — including many produced in China — for a while. In April, authorities in Jiangsu province released a list of 21 cartoons and television dramas that could affect children's development.

The list included the well-known shows "Peppa Pig," a British cartoon series; "My Little Pony," an American cartoon; and "Case Closed," also known as "Detective Conan," a massively successful Japanese manga and anime series. Friday's ban comes as Chinese authorities clamp down on various sectors of the entertainment industry, ranging from "idol" competition shows to K-pop fan clubs and "effeminate" male pop stars.

During the government's efforts to clean up the industry, a number of "misbehaving celebrities" have been reportedly blacklisted by broadcast authorities, according to a list that circulated on social media in August.

In nearly all of the recent bans and crackdowns, Chinese officials and state media have consistently decried the supposed capitalist moral decay and Western values threatening young minds, and instead encouraged nationalism and loyalty to the ruling Chinese Communist Party among Chinese youth.

For instance, on Friday, Beijing's television and radio authority launched a training course designed to teach broadcasters and entertainment workers to make content that has a "positive influence" on the public, according to Global Times. That means discouraging materialism and vanity, it said, while spreading "correct values" such as "patriotic thinking" and "national spirit.

Lost in Animation

Yahoo Shopping team is picking the best deals we can find as the day goes by. Many of us grew up with the television—and our little indulgence comes with watching cartoons. The Octonauts is a fearless team of explorers that seek the depths of the oceans for endless fun and adventure. With the help of a fleet of aquatic vehicles, watch the pair—a courageous polar bear and daring kitten—slay missions with their talent and wit.

A daily selection of syndicated political cartoons includes the work of Robert Arial, Clay Bennett Cartoons: Chinese finger trap updated.

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We are the first," said Xu Liang with pride. Recently, the first season of the animated series "A Rambling Talk About Marx" created by Xu's team has finished the update online. The cartoon received 6 million views via various online platforms in China and abroad, with more than , clicks for the first three episodes on Douyin, known as TikTok overseas. The results left Xu feeling very satisfied. A graduate of the Shanghai Film Art Academy with a degree in animation, Xu has been interested in the artform since he was a kid. He still remembers that his first teacher was "Movie Magic," a television program about the visual effects of Hollywood movies that aired every Friday night. Animation combines comics and TV production. Although it was a relative new industry, the employment rate wasn't encouraging, as only about 10 percent of students in his major worked in this industry. After graduation, he worked for a TV program package job, which included design and promotion, at the Haha Teenage Channel, wrote his first book about software development and participated in the design of the interior decoration of the China Pavilion at Expo in He then returned to the TV industry.

Chinese Propagandists Try Cartoons for Communism

chinese cartoons update

In the footsteps of Shenzhen Internet Police , the police in China's capital, Beijing, will start patrolling websites registered on Beijing servers using animated police officers that pop up in a user's browser. From September, 1st, Beijing's new virtual cops will be active on 13 of China's portals, including China's biggest blog-hosting services, Sohu. By the end of the year, the virtual police's patrols are expected to cover all websites registered with Beijing servers. According to the statement, these cartoons officers will offer police help to Internet users.

A new Chinese animated cartoon shows a sample of what the country's astronauts will experience in space on the new Tiangong space station.

China Bans Cartoons With Live Actors

Jacob Nybroe, Chief Editor of Jyllands-Posten insists that his paper was not making light of the situation. Jyllands-Posten cartoon has been declared "an insult to China" by the Chinese Embassy in Denmark and has demanded a public apology from the cartoonist Niels Bo Bojesen as well as the paper in which the cartoon was published. Similar to the outrage that the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad in spawned, the coronavirus cartoon furore has spread to social media. China's public have shared memes of Denmark's surrender to Nazi Germany in World War Two, stating that the surrender took place in four hours, while Danes vigorously defend Jyllands-Posten on Twitter. Also Read : Coronavirus: Death toll climbs to , the infection spreads to every Chinese region. China was reminded by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen that Denmark has the freedom of expression, be it spoken or drawn.

The Latest Watchlist of Chinese Anime and Animation Series on Netflix (Updated to 2021)

But how can we bridge the learning gap between the two? Chinese Cartoon Recommendations 1. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. If you grew up in the U. The episodes are lesson-based and aim to engage the viewer in answering questions and learning Mandarin. For the most part, spoken Mandarin is taught in addition to trivia about Chinese culture.

“We will continue to promote new images of the virtual police and update our Internet security tips in an effort to make the image of the.

iQIYI - Asian Anime & Cartoon | Watch Free online with subtitles and dubbing – iQIYI |

Many are asking, is Hero Return coming back for another season? This had been going on in the mind of many donghua fans, especially those who had been following the story of Hero Return even before it got adapted into a donghua Chinese anime in The web novel where it was based off has plenty of chapters left to be adapted and although the first season of Hero Return donghua ended with such a good climax, it only left fans craving for more.

China calls Australia ‘two-faced’, mocks world leaders in viral cartoon of G7 summit

These Chinese language cartoons might just help! Each minute episode revolves around an endearing little boy called Hu Tutu — with his family, in school and in the neighbourhood. It explores topics that children can relate to, in a light-hearted way. Watch Tutu make friends in a new school and the family cope when mummy goes back to work.

It turns out there are some great Chinese animation anime, but which are really worth your time? This list ranks the best anime featuring Chinese animation, including older titles, as well as new Chinese animation anime that you may not know about.

Spreading Chinese culture with Marx cartoon

A politically correct Chinese cartoon which once depicted the struggles of a young boy in pre Shanghai has been reinvented as an icon for China's newly rich children: a plane-flying environmental warrior. Sanmao, once drawn by comic artist Zhang Leping as a ragged street child who picked up cigarette butts to eke out a meager living in "old China," has been reinvented as a fantasy hero. Zhang, who died in , is crediting with playing a key role in the development of modern comic books in China, but Sanmao is his best-known character, on a level with Herge's Tintin in the West. In the third series of the cartoon aired by the state-run broadcaster CCTV, Sanmao and his friends travel to a fantasy world, where they must battle demons to prevent them from turning the earth into a desert. At some point in the tale, the tufty-headed Sanmao, whose name means "three hairs" or "30 cents," has learned how to fly a plane. Analysts say the move is also an attempt to make sure the cartoon continues past the centenary of Zhang's birth in , which is being celebrated in China this year.

Modern animation in China has largely been dominated by foreign imports. Anime like Naruto , Bleach , and One Piece are extremely popular. Released in , Rainbow Sea is a fairly new and popular Chinese animation.

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