Gundam 00 allelujah and marie

No recent wiki edits to this page. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Allelujah is overall a quiet, brooding, and gentle person. Even though he rarely opens up to people, he shows concern and worries about the situations of those close to him, especially the Ptolemy Crew.

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Gundam 00 allelujah and marie

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Top 10 Gundam 00 Quotes (Season 2)

The first season of Gundam 00 was great, with the quotes list being dominated by Graham Aker and Setsuna F. Surprise, surprise, I suppose? Imagine being held captive for 5 years, getting tortured both physically and verbally to give info about Celestial Being and not saying anything. What motivates someone like Allelujah to not crack or break under these circumstances? So, perhaps we have Marie to thank for keeping Allelujah alive for all these years? Simply knowing she was still alive, was enough for him to keep on fighting, and keep on living.

Considering what Allelujah has done and been through, suicide was likely contemplated several times. Someone like him: A lone wolf, trained to become a cold-blooded killer without emotions, could hardly have many reasons to live. As fate would have it, Marie Parfacy gave him a genuine reason to exist, putting things into perspective with this great quote!

In turn, his existence and mission were intertwined, being directly connected. As if to say, the ends justify the means, which they clearly did for him. Saji Crossroad describes Celestial Being in a nutshell: They arrive during conflicts, fight and kill for peace, willing to accept their contradictory nature.

While he joined for a noble reason, to save Louise Halevy, he disassociates himself from the organization completely. In turn, he questions their decision-making, while begrudgingly showing blind faith in Celestial Being. No wonder, right? While he fought for peace, his conscience is weighing heavy.

The farewell messages are deep and heartfelt, yet somewhat grim and disturbing, with this quote showcasing that. However, he understands that his journey is not finished, while admitting to mistakes by reflecting on his own death.

Let me be blunt, okay? The moment we see Arios flying around and that laughter hit the speakers, I knew that Gundam-Gods had blessed us with a few golden lines! On one hand, Hallelujah shows his excitement for the resurrection of the Super Soldier. On the other hand, Allelujah displays fierce determination and control, knowing the power at his fingertips. In turn, showcasing the two personalities we love so dearly, finally coming together for the most badass quote of Season 2!

In turn, the emphasis lands on the right words, making it quite badass and beautifully showing the Super Soldier! Graham Aker, under the moniker of Mr. Bushido, wanted to take revenge on the Gundam pilot that changed his life forever: Setsuna F. Considering their final battle ended in a draw, Graham was ashamed, keeping his scars as a reminder of his failure. Therefore, he dedicated himself to the ways of Bushido, choosing honor over life and discipline above all.

In turn, showcasing the depth of his transformation, looking for that honorable duel to settle all scores! This quote is badass, considering that Graham actually recognized Setsuna through his sword play. In turn, his keen eye for piloting and meticulous nature were still intact, even though he was Mr.

Neil Dylandy, the real Lockon Stratos, passed away at the end of season 1. But, how? Neil treated Setsuna like his little brother, often mentoring, defending him and setting him straight. Whether it was foul accusations or questionable decisions, he stood with Setsuna, showing faith in him. So, what makes this quote excellent? However, Soran Ibrahim knows that, as Neil spared him.

If anyone understands how it feels to commit a crime without pulling the trigger, it would have to be Allelujah Haptism. In turn, leading to an interesting question: who pulls the trigger and claims responsibility for the actions? Therefore, Allelujah understands the irony, while questioning others on their moral sense by following orders blindly. Whether he likes it or not, he Soran Ibrahim killed his own parents, and he needs to accept the situation. It was a link in the chain of his sickening journey in becoming Setsuna F.

While changed like Neil wished, he wanted to be punished and redeemed for his actions. It was his way to atone for his sins and complete his transformation. In turn, it hits like a thousand papercuts, digging deep, with a poetic delivery.

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OT3, Please! — Allelujah Haptism x Soma Peries x Hallelujah...

What a sweet episode. Things seldom go so smoothly in a Gundam storyline full of misunderstandings and betrayals, at least not till the grand finale. Then again, this may just be a setup for the next emotional free fall. Well, except for the ones I love. They would never betray my feelings. Harry Potter dies!

51 posts. Lady Une and Treize from Mobile Suit Gundam WING || #ladyune #treize # Allelujah and Marie from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 || #allelujah #marie #.

Gundam 00 Season 2 episode 28

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Gundam 00 S2 — Episode 07

gundam 00 allelujah and marie

I didn't want to wait for the next week of Project 52, and these quick sketches aren't part of it. I just thought I'd doodle what I can while I still…. Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news.

I say nothing has really come from out of the blue here since all of this was foreshadowed way back in the fifth episode of the first season. Soma comes into contact with Allelujah for the first time and Allelujah has a flashback to exactly what we see here in this episode 7 that is with his escape from the HRL.

Marie Parfacy is FECKING AWESOME

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Gundam School Part 42

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GUNDAM 00 DOUJINSHI Comic Book Allelujah x Marie Hallelujah x Soma Prism Bird - $ FOR SALE! Format: Doujinshi. Item Title: Prism Bird Fly Away.

Gundam 00 Doujinshi Comic Book Allelujah x Marie Hallelujah x Soma Prism Bird

This disappoints me as it feels as though his character missed a decent opportunity to develop some resolve, and that could have been achieved without having to sacrifice Louise. Andrei tells her to go back to the kitchen, to which she protests, but he stresses that it is an order and not a request. Subsequently, Louise is severely pissed off at missing an opportunity to deal some heavy damage to the Ptolemaios.

Reunion and Separation

As Setsuna is fighting Mr Bushido, he is losing so the Trans Arm system is activated, giving him an advantage again. Meanwhile on the island, Allelujah wakes up and also wakes up Marie. Marie then begins to attack Allelujah but she regains her memories but then faints again. When she wakes up she talks to Allelujah and learnt what had happened.

The first season of Gundam 00 was great, with the quotes list being dominated by Graham Aker and Setsuna F.

Allelujah Haptism

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Here is how you matched up against all the levels: Level Score…. Dear Santa, I'm always good! Now, that said, I'd love and treasure anything you'd give me.

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