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Same goes for the most popular Pixar movies , namely the Toy Story films. If your kids are fans of musicals, the songs from Frozen and Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music are permanently lodged in your brain.

Those are all wonderful movies. This list contains none of them. This list strives to be a little less obvious, a little more surprising. Here are 50 of the best family movies you can seek out right now.

The latest from Pixar is a philosophical jaunt about life, death and what makes us who we are, co-directed by Pixar regular Pete Docter and playwright Kemp Powers. A little girl named Robyn who aspires to be a hunter befriends a wolfwalker, or a person who can transform into a wolf, and together they must fight an evil ruler who wants to cut down the forest and cage the wolves. The film version is unabashedly campy, glittery and over-the-top—shopping mall musical numbers and more sequins than perhaps any other release in Famed Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki and his team at Studio Ghibli possess an unrivaled talent for capturing the freedom and innocence of youth.

Totoro is as ubiquitous as Mickey Mouse in Japan, and with good reason. Once your kids are ready for more existential fare, move on to the Oscar-winning film Spirited Away. Paddington quietly demonstrates the power of kindness and human err, bear decency. These magical movies about a boy who befriends a dragon named Toothless boast dazzling images and a big heart.

At first blush, the plot may seem rote. But the trilogy takes risks on big emotional twists. Yes, these movies are basically two-hour-long advertisements for Legos , but as corporate entertainment goes, they are simply so much fun.

Picking a favorite Pixar movie is a bit like picking a favorite chid. But Ratatouille never seems to get the credit that it deserves. Not only is it arguably the best movie ever made about the emotions that food evokes, it somehow manages to take a really gross premise—rats in the kitchen—and turn it into an emotional tour de force of a film.

A widower flies his house into the sky with balloons and acquires new companions along the way, including a talking dog, a bird who loves chocolate and a boy scout. Before Soul , Pixar toyed with questions about what happens after we die in Coco. This Day of the Dead story, featuring an all-Latino cast, disarms its audience by intermingling the ghoulish with the fantastic.

Still, we ought to be grateful for this surprisingly witty take on the Sherlock Holmes tropes starring a mouse named Basil who lives on Baker Street and rides a hound. Hercules is zanier and a bit less earnest than most of the other animated Disney films. The ridiculously naive but super strong hero is surrounded by characters with schticks—a cynical femme fatale named Meg, a villain who talks like a Hollywood agent in Hades and Danny DeVito as a satyr who acts exactly like, well, Danny DeVito.

This somewhat solemn film about outcasts fighting against religious zealotry and threatened extermination has some gorgeous songs and scenery—the illustrations of Notre Dame are particularly poignant now, in the years after a fire consumed much of that landmark.

But three wise-cracking gargoyles and a message of acceptance buoy this movie its uplifting conclusion. The visually stunning, Oscar-winning movie breathes new life into the tired superhero genre. The movie offers up a new Spider-Man in the form of a Black, Puerto Rican Brooklyn teen named Miles Morales —well, technically it offers many new Spider-Men as parallel universes crash into one another.

In the process, it conveys the valuable message that anyone can wear the mask, not just guys who look like Peter Parker. Would you believe me if I told you a story about chickens literally trying to fly the coop had some of the best action sequences in all of animated film?

This witty piece of filmmaking from the Wallace and Gromit team refuses to play down to kids. Instead, it appeals to younger audiences with its frantic escape gambits while reserving the laughs for adults. Kubo, the hero of this story who has suffered great loss in his young life, casts a spell on his audience with his ability to manipulate music and origami for the sake of storytelling and, when occasion demands it, battle.

The animation of those pieces of paper flitting into shape, in particular, stands out. Disappointingly, the main characters are nearly all voiced by white characters despite the story being set in Japan. But the story itself has impressive depth. But it has Michael Jordan and Bill Murray playing basketball against aliens, and that is just bizarre enough to be totally fantastic. Plus, LeBron James has a sequel coming out in A sneaky way to introduce your kids to classical music.

And it does. Perhaps the wittiest, funniest, most quotable adventure story ever put to film has delighted children and adults alike since its release in Iron Giant ambitiously tackles a big topic—gun control—with immense empathy. The story of a robot who is capable of mass destruction but desperately wants to make love, not war will be fodder for years of discussions between parents and kids. This film is pure fantasy at its best. But the wonderful, bizarre and fairly adult animated-live action mashup can get outshined by the more mainstream Disney princess movies.

This bracingly smart movie deserves its status as one of the best partially animated films ever made. Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are delightfully weird. Even Muppet Treasure Island , which features Tim Curry as a swashbuckling pirate, is a whole lot of fun.

But none surpass the original Muppet Movie which strikes the perfect balance between positivity and wit. The Witches can instill real fear—not only are the children turned into mice, but one of those mice gets its tail cut off—but as a result the story has real stakes.

Skip the watered-down remake that debuted on HBO Max this year in favor of the adaptation starring a charmingly wicked Anjelica Huston and featuring the always-wonderful puppetry of Jim Henson. Enchanted is a surprisingly sharp self-parody of the Disney princess tale. Amy Adams is pitch-perfect as a fairytale princess who falls through a wormhole and accidentally winds up in modern-day New York City. This sleeper hit of a musical about a newsboy strike starring a Christian Bale is almost unbearably earnest.

But the movie, which flopped in theaters, caught fire with theater kids on home video. Perhaps its pro-union message was just a bit ahead of its time.

Also see: the Broadway stage version, available to stream. But it can be hard to sort through the many attempts to resurrect the glory days of Jim Henson—many of which have largely fallen flat in recent years. The Mighty Ducks series qualifies as one of the franchises maligned by critics but beloved by those who grew up with this crew of hockey misfits on the Disney Channel.

Even if the plot is pat and not particularly ambitious, an underdog story with a cast of kooky characters will always play well with young kids. Icebox is passed over for the team, she forms one of her own, filled with rejects. Speaking of girls who love sports, this classic, directed by Penny Marshall and starring a terrific cast that includes Geena Davis and Tom Hanks, often veers into schmaltz.

In a world of computer-generated images, Klaus is a lovely return to hand-drawn animation. The movie resists cliche by leaning into genuinely funny sight gags and winning dialogue. The impressive visuals in The Breadwinner match its ambitious and brutally honest tale of an year-old girl named Parvana living under Taliban rule in Afghanistan in Before he directed Thor: Ragnarok or Jojo Rabbit , Taika Waititi broke out with a series of charmingly offbeat movies set in his native New Zealand and wildly successful at the box office there , including Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

This mismatched buddy comedy centers on a boy Julian Dennison and his gruff foster father Sam Neill who become the targets of a manhunt. The story is filled with tragedy and danger but also spoofs and tender performances from its whole cast, including Waititi in a small role.

This fantastical tale has a dark premise: a rat named Mrs. Brisbee must move her family from their home, but her child is too sick to travel. The drama plays out against gorgeous and often psychedelic backdrops. But this is no grim orphanage with evil caretakers. In this eccentric adventure tale, our heroes are a daffy inventor and his genius dog. They take on, well, a were-rabbit with menacing teeth in this action-packed tale filled with pratfalls, goofiness and a dog in a real aerial dog fight.

The claymation stop-motion style, filmed without CGI, took near-masochistic dedication from its filmmakers, and it pays off. This gorgeously-rendered water color French film feels like a throwback: an old-fashioned story of unlikely friendship, this time between a burly bear and a mouse who is also a dentist. They bond over their inability to fit into their respective worlds. The elegant film is at times precious but ultimately proves to have emotional bite.

As a fortress in the remote Irish woods prepares for an attack by the vikings, a young boy is enlisted to complete magical tasks. The film, which draws inspiration from Medieval manuscripts, is a visual feast. A girl discovers a secret door that leads to an alternate reality that mirrors her world in many ways, some for the better, some for the worse. The movie takes bold artistic risks. Does Anastasia have much to do with the real history of the Russian revolution? Not really.

Roald Dahl had a dark sensibility. He was excellent at writing villains, as in The Witches or The Twits. Perhaps Fantastic Mr. The typically twee stylistic choices that Anderson makes shine in the animated format.

And Anderson elevates the morality tale into a more adult contemplation of a hubristic and reckless fox confronting the responsibilities of fatherhood.

Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. By Eliana Dockterman. Trailer for Pixar's Soul. Melinda Sue Gordon—Netflix. My Neighbor Totoro. Paddington 2.

The Great Mouse Detective. Bugs Bunny in Space Jam.

Ligththouse Cinema Dublin ireland

The Secret of Kells is a Irish-French-Belgian [4] animated fantasy film about the making of the Book of Kells , an illuminated manuscript from the 9th Century. Apprenticed in the scriptorium of the monastery, Brendan hears the other monks talk of Brother Aidan, creator of the Book of Iona , and becomes curious about the mysterious illuminator and the book that "turns darkness into light" the unfinished Book of Kells. Aidan arrives, and tells Brendan about the book. Cornered by a hungry pack of wolves, Brendan is saved by the fairy Aisling, who overcomes her initial suspicion and accepts Brendan after he reveals his intentions of helping to create the book. After a close encounter with Crom Cruach , a deity of death and destruction of whom Aisling is deeply afraid, Brendan and Aisling return to the outskirts of the forest, and she assures him that he can return any time. At the monastery, Brendan is reprimanded by Cellach, who forbids him to leave again. Brendan duels with Crom and seizes the Eye, blinding Crom and causing the deity to consume itself, becoming an ouroboros.

It includes new movies you can look forward to this holiday season—including Pixar's latest, Soul, streaming on Disney+ on Christmas—as well.


Use the Search Bar or "Tag Cloud" below to find an interesting spoiler! Warning: You may lose the entire afternoon reading old spoilers! Skip to content. Send them in! Season 4 Episodes The Book Spoiler. Over titles and still growing.

Sundance Darling ‘CODA’ to Debut in Theaters and on Apple TV Plus in August

wolfwalkers francais film complet

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Jeunet seems to be a high amount of requests so ill have to track down DVDs would Alien Resurrection do??? I have ashamedly not gotten around to watching Amores Perros, but its on my list!

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Triumph of Love is a romantic comedy film, based on Marivaux's play of the same name. In an unidentified country in 18th century Europe, a usurper's daughter Mira Sorvino has inherited the throne and feels guilty about her family's crimes. She learns that the Queen gave birth to a prince and the rightful heir, Agis Jay Rodan , who was secretly sent to live with the great philosopher Hermocrates. Agis has been taught to hate her and the entire female sex, and to reject all love. After gaining information from one of Hermocrates' servants, she goes to see Agis for herself and finds him bathing in a lake in the forest.

Best French Movies of 2020

The trailer announces that the film will open in Japan in July. According to Chizu, " Mamoru Hosoda and Jin have long respected each other's work but met for the first time when Mirai was nominated for an Oscar in Los Angeles. There, they promised to one day work on something creatively together and finally realized that goal with BELLE. Chizu also confirmed that Eric Wong , a London-based architect and designer, created the concept artwork for the film's online world of U. According to Chizu, "Hosoda personally found and commissioned Eric to come up with this universal and international "internet space" from both an architectural and design perspective. The film marks Studio Chizu 's 10th anniversary.

Ireland's Cartoon Saloon (Wolfwalkers, Song of the Sea) collaborates with created the concept artwork for the film's online world of U.

By Anthony D'Alessandro. After drawing its biggest global audience ever with Korean series Squid Game with 1. Not every movie on the Netflix schedule gets a limited theatrical release before debuting on the service. Netflix curates which titles head into cinemas on a case-by-base basis, but typically we see a number of Q4 movies, which are awards contenders, on marquees.

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Best French Movies of

Popular animated content for preschool and ages as well as some live-action series from 9 Story are now available on Criterion-on-Demand! For the last 40 years, Criterion Pictures has been providing feature film rights to the Post Secondary market. We are well versed in the title selection for this market sector and we're easily able to extract a list from our database, based on actual bookings. Criterion Pictures has developed an on-line digital delivery feature film platform called Criterion-on-Demand. Our goal is to provide easy access to educationally relevant feature films used in Canadian Higher Education Institutions.

A stunning book exploring the art of Sergio Pablos' animated Christmas original, Klaus. When Jesper Jason Schwartzman distinguishes himself as the postal academy's worst student, he is stationed on a frozen island above the Arctic Circle, where the feuding locals hardly exchange words let alone letters. Simmons , a mysterious carpenter who lives alone in a cabin full of handmade toys.

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