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For many moviegoers who are only casual fans of comic crusaders, this may cause some confusion. To try to untangle this mammoth knot we need to start with the first Captain Marvel. That was indeed Billy Batson, given super powers by the ancient wizard, Shazam — when he shouts that name, he becomes the mightiest of heroes. In fact, in those early days for a brief time, Captain Marvel comics actually outsold Superman comics.

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The Complicated History Of Captain Marvel And Shazam Explained

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Bienvenidos al siglo XXI. Estos son los primeros pasos de los primeros "supers" del mundo. The Justice League has to stay in the Watchtower to avoid falling under the control of the mysterious puppeteer.

The Dragon Balls have become active again, and Clark Kent seeks them out, only to come into conflict with the Red Ribbon Army and their force of dangerous Cyborgs. Billy has gotten used to his new family, fitting in with the Rouges of Central City rather neatly. But life goes on. Dreams of a stranger in Egypt continue to haunt him. His parents' research also creeps up from his past. Are there connections between the two? And why does he keep feeling like something is calling to him in random alleyways?

This is a sequel to Thundersnow! The wizard lurks on the horizon. So does batman. Bum bum bummmmmm. Billy has always been alone, but through a series of chance encounters, he finds a family he never knew he could've had. The metal has a sheen to it, like an oil slick. You will fight me, champion — to the death.

When you're the champion, it feels like nothing can hurt you; it feels like you can fly forever. A visitor from another world. A normal night gone off the rails. An adventure turned into a nightmare. Teth hasn't claimed to be a good person in a long time, but there are certain lines he's not willing to cross--even on his crusade against the Old Wizard--and now he has discovered his mortal enemies greatest secret.

The only question now, is what is he going to do about it? Fawcett City is closing ranks, Khandaq is up in arms, the media are losing their minds, the gods themselves are restless, and Captain Marvel isn't saying anything. The Justice League is growing increasingly concerned by their enigmatic friend Captain Marvel and the apparent custody battle he is now embroiled in with his nemisis. Superman and Batman take it upon themselves to investigate, and help if they can.

Superman because he's always had a soft spot for the Champion of Magic, and Batman because there has never been a case involving a kid that he hasn't taken very personally. Billy Batson has been independent for years now, and he's not about to let anyone tell him what to do. Billy is trying to figure out why Robin is in his city half knocked out and maskless of all things.

An impostor successfully infiltrates the Justice League. Trying to survive as a street brat feels less stressful in comparison. Billy Batson had been Captain Marvel for four years now and has managed to keep his identity secret. An undercover mission throws all that out the window, but not in the way you would expect.

Billy tried to hide his identity by using magic to make himself like younger again, the league become convinced Billy is 13 years old and won't listen to him when he says he is older. First Maddie Fenton is diagnosed with cancer, then Jack Fenton dies in a car crash, that ironically enough, he wasn't driving in.

Danny does his best to hold on, but eventually he just can't. And then he falls into another universe, oops? He doesn't know if he'll ever make it back to his sister, to Dani, too Sam and Tucker and Val, he hopes so.

But hope isn't exactly getting him anywhere yet. Also this world has superheroes other than him! And he may be, uh, sort of getting attached? Whats a blue eyed orphan to do in Gotham? Impossibly powerful Captain Marvel has Batman on the edge, until Batman finds out who he really is. After a fight with Black Adam goes horribly wrong, Billy Batson and Captain Marvel are forced to navigate the world as two beings instead of one.

But such a separation comes at a cost and they must race against the clock to fix what's happened to them before it's too late. That was a shame, because Chas was going to cook tonight. Chas absolutely hated cooking, but he was the best chef in the semi-sentient house.

Chaos ensues. He kept his eyes focused on her sparkly heels and brightly colored toenails as he spoke. In which Billy comes out to his teammates as transgender, attends his first Pride parade and ultimately decides it was worth the hassle. Top of Work Index.

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Captain Marvel Comics , Shazam! Sunshower by HermesSerpent Fandoms: Shazam! The Heart of Eternity by kathkin Fandoms: Shazam! A million little times by Finholdt Fandoms: Shazam!

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A Brief History of ‘Shazam!,’ the Original Captain Marvel

The Transforming Superhero. Which used to be his magic word, not his accolade , but is now his official name You have to understand this before you proceed: comics weren't always just superheroes. Look — guys in masks only showed up around, say, the mid-Thirties.

Jaime Wolf on the art of C. C. Beck, the comic-book artist who invented Captain Marvel.

DC Announces Mary is “The New Champion of Shazam!”

Before you ask why there are two Captain Marvels and which comic book creator started first, let me tell you that the fictional comic book hero was not created by either Marvel or DC but Fawcett Comics. Yes, you read it right! Read on to know why Shazam was earlier known as Captain Marvel. But for the unversed, let me tell you that Shazam was known as Captain Marvel which is already a famous hero in Marvel comics but a war of copyright and trademark rights led to DC changing the name from Captain Marvel to Shazam. And the irony is their stand-alone movies of both heroes just got released in a span of few weeks. But before you ask why there are two Captain Marvels and which comic book creator started first, let me tell you that the fictional comic book hero was not created by either Marvel or DC but Fawcett Comics. Shazam appears today in American publisher DC Comics.

A Shazam Family History Guide to DC Comics

shazam comics

Despite its recent resurgence in the pop-culture landscape, superheroes and comic books have been with us for over 80 years, and just like its host of larger-than-life characters, the history of comic books is chock-full of wild stories. They're sometimes more entertaining than the heroes themselves. It also lets you see what others don't, like the irony of these two movie adaptations opening only a month apart. Though they might seem unrelated, these two heroes share a much longer history, and if it wasn't for a single lawsuit, we might not have seen either of them at all. To tell this story, we need to go back to where it began, and it starts with one man that you will recognize in an instant.

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DC Comics seeks answers in new series ‘Shazam!’ #1 this July

Avid Marvel fans know that Captain Marvel is indeed the strongest of the Avengers and even an army on her own. Her powers can bring down even the deadliest of all intergalactic threats, like Thanos. In the comics, Captain Marvel reveals that while her power is her greatest advantage, she has a stronger weapon that many fans do not seem to be aware of. In fact, it is her work relationship with a fellow Avenger. When Carol Danvers played by Brie Larson in the MCU movie was exposed to the cosmic powers emitted by a Kree device, she transformed into a superhuman built with insane abilities. Her strengths include flight and manipulation of energies, among others.

How a $4 million lawsuit created 'Shazam!' and 'Captain Marvel' as we know them today

If you don't know your comic book history, you may not be aware that Brie Larson's Captain Marvel isn't the only Captain Marvel on screen this year. The next Worlds of DC offering, Shazam! He first appeared in February in Whiz Comics, but publisher Fawcett Comics soon ran into trouble. DC Comics alleged that Captain Marvel was a copy of Superman and a lengthy legal battle eventually saw Fawcett agree to cease publication of Captain Marvel-related comics. Captain Marvel didn't appear in comics for more than a decade before Marvel Comics trademarked the name in Their take on the character debuted in Marvel Super-Heroes 12 before getting his own line, and it was markedly different to DC's version. He gains the Captain Marvel moniker when citizens he saves mishear his name and call him Captain Marvel instead.

Strange coincidences are the norm in the many worlds of comic book stories. A hero's best friend or romantic partner is actually their.

But Carol is not the first person to be referred to as Captain Marvel. That honour goes to Shazam, who is referred to as the original Captain Marvel. But there is truth in that claim. But it was not under the DC umbrella then, and it was a publisher known as Fawcett Comics that published the first stories of the character.

There are gritty antiheroes with tragic backstories, sociopathic villains, and a borderline homicidal take on the dispensation of justice. They prowl the rain-drenched rooftops while muttering surly monologues to themselves. Then there's Shazam! Billy Batson, Earth's Mightiest Mortal, is blessed with the magic of the gods and is on a quest to save the world. He might've been flexing his muscles and throwing lightning around for the last eight decades, but with a new film coming out soon, there's never been a better time than now to dive into the comics and see exactly what the Big Red Cheese is all about.

DC Comics has released a new preview for Shazam!

Artist C. Beck and writer Bill Parker created the character in , the alter ego of Billy Batson, a boy who, by speaking or thinking the magic word "Shazam! Captain Marvel was the most popular superhero of the s, outselling even Superman and was also the first comic book superhero to be adapted to film, in a Republic Pictures serial, Adventures of Captain Marvel, with Tom Tyler as Captain Marvel and Frank Coghlan, Jr. Fawcett ceased publishing Captain Marvel-related comics in , partly because of a copyright infringement suit from DC Comics alleging that Captain Marvel was a copy of Superman. In , Fawcett licensed the character rights to DC, which by acquired all rights to the entire family of characters. DC has since integrated Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family into their DC Universe and has attempted to revive the property several times, with mixed success. But owing to trademark conflicts of its own over other characters named Captain Marvel owned by Marvel Comics, DC has branded and marketed the character using the trademark Shazam!

It's fair to say that Warner Bros. For Warner Bros. In , Johnson announced he will star as villain some might say anti-hero Black Adam in 's Shazam!

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