Bootleg gundam

Someone tagged Kawaguchi in a picture featuring a knock-off product on Facebook. So he gave a response where he asked to not be tagged anymore in pictures of knock-off kits and said that he will never recognize a bootleg kit as gunpla, for obvious reasons. Many Filipino adults as well as or perhaps more than children indulge in this hobby. Holding the rights to making Gundam kits is Japanese toy giant Bandai. Unfortunately, the popularity of gunpla has led to the appearance of knock-off products made mostly by Chinese companies.

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Bootleg gundam

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Daban Model

Donghua, or the Chinese equivalent to anime , has become increasingly popular in the past few years. One infamous donghua in particular was rightfully scorned back when it was released. Premiering in early , Astro Plan was the product of toy company Xing Yuan. Astro Plan was immediately criticized for outright copying designs and elements from the Macross and Mobile Suit Gundam franchises.

This is especially obvious with the transforming mecha straight up being the VF-1 Valkyrie from the former. In this way, it could also be argued as stealing from Transformers , since Generation 1 Jetfire was essentially just a repainted Valkyrie. Japan already had its own live-action, life-sized Gundam , and the Chinese equivalent was definitely not on the same level. The orange monstrosity was also mocked online, leading to the finished statue receiving an overhauled design that's an arguable improvement.

Donghua as a whole has also improved and become a bit more mainstream, with many of their stories being both more original and Chinese in origin compared to Astro Plan. As for Astro Plan itself, it was quickly thrown aside, its few moments in the spotlight resulting in more infamy than anything else.

It did have some official toys, however, which according to online enthusiasts were actually of respectable quality. As for the show itself, it sadly took everything from the old pros… except for the quality. Read Next in anime.

Do Filipino Bootleg Gundam Supporters display Pinoy Dysfunction?

Plastic Model kits are one of the most common items which get knock-off variants. In fact, companies have spent tons of money going after these bootleggers. The most active of these companies is of course, Bandai, as it suffers from constantly getting its GunPla copied and sold online. Aside from actively seeking legal resolutions, Bandai has also released ad campaigns against fake Gundam kits, such as this one:. Much like knock-off figures, fake GunPla also tend to have a different packaging from the originals. A few infamous brands you should stay away from are TT Hongli and Daban.

Bootlegs are not Gunpla, no matter how you talk about it Bootlegs didn't go through the same rigorous research and development process as.

Bootleg Toys. Crazy Toys. Knockoff Toys. The weirder the better. While we're not fans of completely counterfeit toys, we love crazy mashups and interpretations of things we know and love. If you are on a parent topic, click on the child topic in the list above to get more concise results. Log In. Search this site:.

Bootleg Gundam

bootleg gundam

Some major new shook the mecha model kit scene this week as photos of what looked to be a factory raid on one of the most prolific non-official third-party y Gunpla manufacturer Dragon Momoko with the raid instigated by none other than Bandai themselves, albeit other rumors state that it was another non-official third-party manufacturer Daban Model who instigated the raid on the factory given how both Dragon Momoko and Daban Model got into a beef when Daban Model ironically accused Dragon Momoko of copying one of their kits. Anyhow, regardless of whoever instigated the raid, the probable shutdown of Dragon Momoko surely sent waves of varying critique and has resulted in numerous retailers to cancel preorders of any of the upcoming non-official third-party manufactured kits by Dragon Momoko particularly their new GN Gundam Exia, which comes complete with optional parts and the MBF-P03R Gundam Astray Blue Frame and might also result in the prices of the kits that are still in stock to have their prices jacked up given how these non-official third-party Gunpla variants have become in-demand in the market lately. But why is this raid such a big deal, enough to tear the community with their mixed reactions both positively and negatively not only to Dragon Momoko but also to Bandai itself, when in fact it shuts down one of the most popular non-official, non-official third-party copycats and is one big step to shutting down the bootleg market? On the other hand, Bandai should also start to listen more to the market demand, given that the kit variety is going to be limited now to what they only release given how the Dragon Momoko raid is seen as a start of fully cracking down bootlegs as one of the biggest reasons as to why buyers resort to unofficial third party makers, aside from the price that is, is the fact that there is a noticeable lack of supply, if not no supply at all for certain fan favorite models.

I would if I could, but I can't afford even that..

Gundam model

So if I did, what should I do? Should I look into returning it or something? Who was the seller? How much was it? Do you have a link for the item?

Bootleg Gunpla

It's probably why Malaysia I could be wrong? The fact that so many businesses there well according to what you've said sell these fakes probably gives Bandai and Bandai-approved distributors less motivation and confidence to sell genuine GunPla products there. You are incorrect in your statement gunpla is extremely hard too come by and expensive in Europe. Also, bandai dont need to approve distribution, all it takes is for me to find a supplier from japan, negotiate a price, then start selling. Did someone say that you could buy Gunpla in Europe? I'm also in Ireland, and yes there are no shops here that sell gundams.

What is the best bootleg gundam model kit company ; Sun toys. % ; Daban. % ; Hobby star. % ; Super nova. % ; Mc model. %.

How To Spot Bootleg Merchandise Part 2: Plastic Model Kits

During a round of watching YouTube videos for hours on end one night, I found this one video where the cast of characters looked eerily familiar. The show is called Space Black Knight. Instead of using mobile suits, elements from American cartoons are incorporated in the show…. Instead of importing Mobile Suit Gundam directly and localizing it for Korean audiences, they decided to create their own show from scratch using the same characters read: bootleg.

Firstly, if you make up your mind to do something no amount of arguing will change it, if you want to buy a bootleg kit, buy one, try it out. If you want to stick with Bandai kits, then that really is up to you. Secondly, if you make a choice, leave other people to their own choices. Bandai Kits. However being a purist on either side is stupid. There are Bandai purists thinking that any 3rd party kit is evil and poisonous to the hobby.

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It appears that this company is from Taiwan. So in short, this is a fight of knock-offs! I wonder what will be the outcome of this…. Nothing mentioned about the decals though…. Like Like. Like Liked by 1 person.

This article does not talk about choice, nor aim to curtail your right to buy products made from stolen intellectual property. The Bandai vs bootlegs debacle has been going on ever since the first bootleg came out, I have a few posts here regarding it, and has continued to drag on with the emergence of social media. They rather buy 10K worth of bootlegs instead 10K worth of Bandai kits.

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