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Hakuoki Idea Factory Co. Teen info. From December 1st , all added content prices will be updated to USD2. The whole story fully-voiced in Japanese by popular voice actors, and the beautiful illustrations are perfectly ported right from the PSP version!

In addition to that, it features a new scenario and new illustrations specifically created for the original app. The Standard Edition is available to download for free. The new scenario is available upon purchase of all main episodes in the Normal Edition, but is available right from the start in the Premium Edition.

The protagonist, Chizuru Yukimura, was raised in Edo and is daughter to a Rangaku scholar. Having lost contact with her father in Kyoto, Chizuru decides to visit him. There, Chizuru witnesses a Shinsengumi soldier killing a bloodthirsty monster. By strange happenstance, Chizuru finds herself connected to the Shinsengumi, and the assassins desperate to kill them.

As time progresses, Chizuru will discover their terrible secret Tortured by their own thoughts, the men of the Shinsengumi wield their blades in defense of their faith and ideals, in an era torn apart by chaos.

Hidden in the riots that defined the passing of the Edo period, a dark battle within the Shinsengumi begins: A battle that will never be recorded in the pages of history She accepts to go accompanied by the Shinsengumi warriors. What awaits her? Find out by spending some sweet time with your favorite character! Developers can show information here about how their app collects and uses your data. Learn more about data safety No information available. The "in-app" purchases mean it's unable to be played without paying.

You get the prologue and part of chapter 1 before it asks you to pay to continue down any route. I had hoped that it'd have at least one route for free, but it doesn't. If it had, I might've been willing to pay for other routes but at this point it looks like a money grabbing scheme.

You can't even tell what quality it'll have. I absolutely love this and i do understand that you need to make money but having to pay for every chapter is really upsetting.

Is it not possible to have to pay for certain things and get the chapters for free instead? Genuinely curious here. The visuals are stunnig and its well made from the one chapter that i saw but. I feel like it would be better if you guys didnt make the app free if u have to pay for everything else. Its a little misleading and disappointing when u do find out.

Not really free: pay per chapter. Either way, too much for a 10 years old game port. Really nice controls. I like that it has an affection meter, but not sure how that works with purchases. Can't judge story, only the prologue I read, and it kind of failed at showcasing the characters. It was obviously thought as a full game were you slowly get to know them and find their routes, not one where you immediately have to choose which route to buy. Amnesia: Memories. Amnesia: Memories Premium.

Hakuoki: Premium Edition. Soul Knight. Triple Fantasy - Card Master. Best Fiends - Match 3 Games. Hamster Town. Albion Online.


It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Recently I watched Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan , and it really felt as if I jumped in half-way through a series. Then, I found out there are about 10 different Hakuouki and I'm wondering, in which order I should watch them to properly follow the story? Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan is the original series. Hakuouki Hakkesturoku is the sequel to the original series.

Hakuouki Reimeiroku - Otome Game - PlayStation 3 Game - Nagorigusa (Idea Factory, Otomate).

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All Items Close. Brand New Reference Type Doujinshi. Male Idols. Female Idols. Female Voice Actors. Male Voice Actors. Male Celebrities. Female Celebrities. Also available between 1, and 2, yen. Also available between and yen.

Hakuouki Reimeiroku Nagorigusa

hakuouki reimeiroku game

Based on the game anime hakuouki-Reimeiroku factory came this romantic novel, which tells of Chizuru Yukimura, which go towards Kyoto researcher for her father missing. Chizuru fate places in front of a battle between Oni and shinsingome Bouktefha to do and then they find out she is the daughter doctor who they are looking for places to urge them again, however. Chizuru migrate to another area with her captors community and her father despite their different reasons! Tricks and perhaps adventures may not interest you, but what is happening here, something else the love and sacrifice went researchers from the port even with hearts not know love and horrendous events so be with us to know who is the unknown doctor? Also, above all, he found members.

In Kyoto , Japan, near the end of the Edo period , a young boy is being chased through the streets at night by a pair of revolutionaries loyal to the Emperor. Hiding in an alley, the boy is horrified to witness his pursuers' brutal murder at the hands of demonic looking men with glowing red eyes , who laugh maniacally as they hack their victims to pieces.

Hakuouki - Shinsengumi Kitan - Reimeiroku Gengashu Art Book

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Preceded by, Hakuouki: Reimeiroku The entire Hakuoki series was Japan-exclusive before Aksys Games decided to work on localizing Hakuoki.

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There are also three bonus drama CDs that will be available depending on if you pre-order or buy the special limited version. Hakuouki: Shinkai Reimeiroku will come out on August 26, The story follows Ryuunosuke Ibuki, who lives in the Shinsengumi headquarters after Kamo Serizawa picks him up off the streets. This is not the first Hakuouki game to appear on the Nintendo Switch.

Welcome to my tumblr blog, hakuoukiandmocha11! You may refer to me as Mocha, if you'd like.

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Krystallina April 12, 2 Comments. Japan, After several years, Chizuru finally returns to her hometown. But despite the growing despair that her once-happy life is gone forever, Chizuru clings to the growing feelings for one particular man….

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