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The journey of Satoshi and his friends through the Kalos region continues! After Satoshi obtains his seventh gym badge, the group is moving toward the next town when Eureka discovers More info. This success pushes the Fairy Tail guild closer to being crowned the overall champions, but obtaining victory isn't the only challenge they face. A mystery….

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Podcast: Play in new window Download Duration: — This week! Follow us on twitter at twitter. Thanks for listening! Patrons, rejoice! We have another soundtrack quiz, this time from hacker alias A Hind D. Our intrepid hosts attempt to guess the game name based on three track names from the soundtrack. Play along and see if you can beat the hosts!

If you have an idea for a quiz we can play in the Aftershow, please email it to playeronepodcast gmail. Thanks for your support! So it made sense for Sega to sweeten the deal a bit with a generous software bundle.

But remember that the advent of full-motion video games was a major thrust of the marketing behind the Sega CD. Sega pretty much had to include something in the box that showed off the video playback features of the system. Night Trap stood to sell more units. Each case is a standalone game, where you bring all the resources of Holmes to bear as you attempt to figure out the murder and motive in as few moves as possible.

Holmes has a list of regular contacts the player can visit for advice — from Inspector Lestrade at Scotland Yard to an ex-con named Shinwell Johnson to a local gossip columnist.

On top of that, you have access to a London Directory, where you can find any number of citizens and local businesses. If you want more information that Holmes or Watson can get on their own, you have the option to send a group of youngsters called the Baker Street Irregulars to any location.

Finally, you have access to the London Times. Every case has a date attached, so perusing relevant issues of the Times can often reveal a lead. While you can do this in-game, owners actually got printed copies of the issues in the box as well. When players decide to pay a location or person a visit, one of two things would happen. This was a cardboard box release in , featuring the exact same gameplay format, right down to the printed copies of the Times and the exact same intro from Sherlock Holmes.

The sequel does feature a couple of improvements, however, over and above the three new cases to solve. Whereas in Vol. I the player had no control over the video files — you watched them to the end and then chose to either re-watch or leave the scene — Vol.

II features controls for pause, play, stop, fast forward and rewind during each video scene. Likewise, the map screen and icons have been given a slight graphical overhaul. It seems to me, however, that the sequel is a bit more stingy with video, though it is housed across two discs this time rather than a single disc in the original game. Another thing I like a bit less about the sequel is the process of visiting the judge.

I believe the cases included in the video games are straight out of the case books from the board games, but the game mechanics and scoring system definitely is. Sherlock Holmes was originally released in for just about every multimedia-capable console and computer of the time. II followed in , as well as Vol.

III in Unfortunately, Vol. Two of those employees, Karl Roelofs and David Marsh, subsequently formed Zojoi Interactive in and launched with a Kickstarter campaign to publish remastered versions of the Consulting Detective games.

Unfortunately, the campaign failed, but Zojoi did eventually release a few of the cases featuring the original videos and an all-new interface to Windows and OSX. Patrons, we appreciate your support of our show over these many years. This week, listener Rob has sent us a soundtrack quiz. The idea is that we have to guess the name of the game based on 3 track names from the soundtrack.

We had a lot of fun tackling this one. Can you score higher than we did? If you have an idea for a quiz that we can play during the Aftershow, please email it to playeronepodcast gmail. Thanks again for your support. Welcome to the Aftershow, patrons. Can the crew adequately decipher these riddles and come out on top?

The only way to find out is to listen. Thanks for supporting our show! So we talk about some of the stuff we were interested in coming out of the presentations. Will your fearless hosts feast on points this week, or shall it be a famine? Only one way to find out—by listening. If you have an idea for a game we can play in the Aftershow please email it to playeronepodcast gmail. Skip to content. Posted in Episodes , Video Games Comments closed.

Posted in Bonus , Episodes Comments closed. CAGcast The Fanboys. Give It A Like. Tweets by p1podcast.


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Episode 1 of Season 1. 1. Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! 22m. Ash, Alexa and Pikachu arrive in the Kalos region.


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Battling at Full Volume!

pokemon xy&z episodes

Don't have an account? Sign up. Enter the e-mail address associated with your account and we'll email you a link to reset your password. An action-packed comedy about a fake family that includes a spy, an assassin and a telepath!

Also it makes me curious about what will happen in the future for Ash. Beyond here are spoilers but if you wanna watch it yourself before reading here is a link to the full episode:.


Podcast: Play in new window Download Duration: — This week! Follow us on twitter at twitter. Thanks for listening! Patrons, rejoice!

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This was a controversial decision, however. Instead of traveling to the most recent region, which is the Galar region, Ash and his newest companion Goh travel the world as research fellows working for Professor Cerise. Ash has moved steadily through the ranks in the hopes of one day challenging Leon, the current reigning Monarch. Other honorable mentions include Kingler and Muk, who also participated in some of the matches during the Indigo Conference. His relationship with Pikachu also counts for something, and Pikachu famously becomes his one constant companion. In that arc, Ash switched up the Kanto team a bit and included a Lapras and a Snorlax. Once again, Ash managed to catch a full set of starters in Johto, only one of which evolved into its second evolution.

Episode 1 of Season 1. 1. Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! 22m. Ash, Alexa and Pikachu arrive in the Kalos region.

Pokemon (Season 19) XYZ Episodes Download HD

With their journey in Kalos at an end, Ash and his friends decide to part ways. While the goodbye was touching, it was Ash's parting from Serena that really struck a chord. Viewers were on tenterhooks as they watched the budding relationship unfold, but it never fully developed.

You can watch and enjoy. I have finished watching all total episodes of the kalos region and cried when I finished watching all episodes as i want more episodes of kalos and only kalos as this is the only region to which my emotions are attached. Hey thank u so much for uploading this I watched season 17,18 and 19 it was the best region I have ever seen I have never cried by watching a film or cartoon or anime in my life But I first cried by watching this And I also learner many things from it Thanks again buddy May u live long. Yes, but episode 49 of season 19 is only available in Japanese language and never dubbed in English.

Its instrumental version serves as the ending theme.

While Serena takes care of the ailing Ash, a rock star trainer shows up to challenge Ash to a Pokemon battle with their respective Pikachus. Knowing that Ash will accept the challenge if he wakes up, despite being in no condition to do so, Serena disguises herself as Ash so that she can battle in his place. Example of: Sweet Polly Oliver. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Sat, Feb 20, 30 mins. Sat, Feb 27, 30 mins. Eevee battles unwanted attention and Team Rocket turns its focus on Squishy. Sat, Mar 5, 30 mins.

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