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Tsuyu x child reader. Well your teacher thought it would be good because 'The children will be able to see how being a hero actually is!! In a world of Zombies and mortals there is seemingly one thing they share in common " Biting your The TTS reader is available again for Guest users with limitations While a group of teens is out to find food what happens when Completed "Jokichi Yudasei is a charming and flirtatious young man who has become quite popular among the female Family Guy is Here all of my AOT x Reader stories will be, happy reading! MS -Manga Spoilers boku no hero academia bnha bnha imagines my hero academia mha mha imagines toyomitsu taishirou fatgum toyomitsu x reader fatgum x reader kayama nemuri midnight kayama x reader midnight x reader iida tenya iida x reader pregnant!

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Osamumiya Stories

Miya Osamu: I think it might give him the kick he needs. Miya Osamu: sorry 2 ask. It felt like the three previous messages had been fully thought through, typed, deleted, and retyped, before he hit send on each one.

There were a few minutes between each of the first three messages, like he had to make sure whatever he sent next sounded diplomatic. But the last message, with its lack of punctuation and its brevity, came only seconds after the third. You could clearly feel his guilt in those three small words. As you slipped your phone into your pocket and looked up across the street at Onigiri Miya, you found it hard to blame him.

He knew what he was asking was too much, but Atsumu was his brother and there was no room for bitterness in your heart. With a soft sigh, you crossed the street, your feet slightly dragging with every step. Your hand hesitated in midair as you reached out to open the door, your fear getting the better of you for a brief moment.

But you brushed it aside and slid the door open. You immediately found yourself frozen as you took in the sight before you. Osamu was standing behind the counter and his head turned to you as he heard you enter.

His eyes widened in surprise, clearly not having expected you to show up, before a more sympathetic look took its place as the gratitude rolled off of him in waves. But your gaze quickly found itself glued to the other Miya who was seated in front of Osamu.

He was slumped over, his cheek resting on the countertop with his face directed away from you towards the wall so that all you could see was his mess of blond hair. You had to suppress the instinctive urge to walk to him and wrap your arms around his shoulders from behind in a close embrace as you would have only a couple of months ago. You forced yourself to look away, turning to gently close the door behind you.

When he was nowhere to be seen, Atsumu let out a disgruntled huff before dropping his head back down to the countertop, resuming his earlier position. Shitty Sumu. Your feet began to move on their own, quietly closing the distance between the two of you until you could sit down on the stool next to him. Unable to look at him, you continued to face forward as you blankly took in the empty kitchen.

You calmly folded your hands in your lap, hoping that doing so would keep them from trembling. From your periphery, you saw Atsumu lift his head and sit up, surely ready to snap at the perceived stranger who chose to sit so close to him when the whole restaurant was empty, only to freeze when he saw that it was you.

The calmness with which the question left your lips took you by surprise. Your heart was beating quickly in your chest and the pit of anxiety in your stomach was growing larger with every passing second. You had assumed your voice would be meek, quiet, scared , when you forced the words out of your mouth. Instead, all you heard was curiosity as you stood in the doorway of your bedroom, watching as Atsumu froze in unpacking from his latest away game, his broad shoulders suddenly filled with tension.

You folded your arms across your chest and shook your head, despite him being unable to see the gesture. Your eyebrows knitted together as you looked at him thoughtfully. One that needs an answer? But as you watched him toss his clothes into the hamper, there was an exhaustion deep in your bones that you could no longer ignore.

You were so tired. You were tired of living your life in limbo. You were tired of being told not to worry. You were tired of your relationship being in such a precarious position. You were tired of the uncertainty. The next shirt that went into the hamper was thrown with more force than was necessary.

He froze at how sharply you said his name. But you were unwilling, unable , to let him try and push the conversation off to some vague moment in your murky future. You forced yourself to take a deep breath, knowing that you were on the verge of succumbing to the swirling emotions that were threatening to drown you. You found comfort in how quickly he replied, even when he was clearly irritated by the way things were going. You dropped your arms down to your sides and took a shaky inhale.

We live together. He sighed heavily, finally giving up on the charade of unpacking as he turned around and dropped down to sit on the edge of the bed. He rubbed at his face in frustration, still refusing to look at you. The question made you feel small. It felt like you were begging for scraps. You hated it. But what you hated more was the prickling sensation forming behind your eyes that you seemed unable to merely blink away. Your vision began to blur with the tears that were slowly brimming your eyelids at his casual dismissal.

He said your name but you purposely overlooked the warning in his voice and continued. All you could do was watch as the fractures in your heart began to grow so deep that it crumbled in your outstretched hands, Atsumu standing over you with wide eyes like he was only now realizing what he had just done. You tried to swallow the lump forming in your throat as you looked away from him, your eyes glued to the wood of the doorframe. You felt your tears finally spill down your cheeks, but you were unable to find the will to lift a hand and wipe them away.

The way your voice cracked with just that one word combined with your soft sniffle seemed to snap Atsumu out of his self-induced stupor. He hurriedly said your name as he shot up off the bed towards you, reaching out to grab your wrist.

But you were quick to pull it from his grasp, instead bringing it up to your chest and cradling it close because you were at a loss of what else to do. The longer that you sat next to him, the larger the urge grew to reach out and touch him. All you wanted was to place your hand on his and intertwine your fingers together like you had done countless times before.

You missed the way your hand had always felt so safe in his. Atsumu remained silent but from your periphery, you could see how he seemed to slump in on himself and for the first time in all of the years that you had known him, he looked small.

You forced yourself to keep looking straight ahead, knowing that you would crumble the second that you looked at him. You had already cried so many tears that what were a few more? You dropped your head back and looked up at the ceiling. You felt your tears escape from the corners of your eyes and roll down your temples before getting lost in your hair.

But until it does, you just gotta keep going. You need to keep living your life. He sniffled next to you and you had to close your eyes to keep yourself from looking over at him. Having to listen to him softly cry to himself, alone despite sitting right next to you, was already torturous enough. You took a deep, shaky breath and opened your eyes, your vision blurred from the tears that were continuing to fall. You did your best to wipe them away — ignoring how they were immediately replaced by more — and stood up as you began to leave.

You paused when he called your name, his voice hoarse and thick with his tears. Again, you had to stop yourself from instinctively turning around to look at him. How many times had you gotten out of bed only for him to call your name and playfully demand you get back beside him where you belonged?

How many times had stood up from the couch only for him to call your name and ask where you were going with a pout because he was comfortable? How many times had you walked away from him after he had annoyed you only for him to call your name and give you a cheeky smile as he told you that he loved you? You would give anything to wrap yourself up in one of those moments, safe in the feeling of his arms around you as his laughter and his love kept you warm.

You sniffled and lifted your hand up to uselessly wipe away the fat teardrops rolling down your cheeks with the back of your wrist. Even too late, the apology still slightly eased the heartache that felt like it was constantly threatening to consume you.

And you did. Atsumu might be careless and arrogant and rude but he was never cruel. He loved you. He never wanted to be the cause of your pain. You sighed heavily and turned your head slightly to the side so that he could catch a hint of your profile. You let out a watery, self-deprecating laugh and shook your head softly at how pathetic you felt. He remained quiet and you struggled to fight off the desperate need to turn around and face him fully one last time.

You had gone from seeing him almost every day for years to only being able to see him in the pictures of him on your phone that you found yourself scrolling endlessly through late at night. You turned your face away from him to look at the door to the restaurant, knowing the answer to that question.

And he would whisper how much he loved you and how sorry he was through his tears. And you would tell him that you forgive him. And you would make up. And you both would promise not to fight like that ever again.

And you would go back home to your home. And you would make up for all the time you had spent away from each other, reacquainting yourself with his lips, his hands, his body, his smile, his laugh, his heart, his love. But then you would slowly find yourself wondering if he had changed his mind. Would almost losing you make him realize that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you? Or would he just think that you had changed your mind?

How long would it take before you gathered up the courage to have the same conversation all over again?

𝐈𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐚𝐤𝐢, 𝐈𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐲𝐚𝐦𝐚 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐉𝐨𝐡𝐳𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐢 𝐌.𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭

Bokuto x reader rejection. Warning: I don't know if this would be considered angst but be warned! You idiot! Reader The reader runs after him in the glade and hugs Newt from behind those famous back hugs between couples? Genre: Vampire! Reader Hello Lovelies!

nsfw ; ♜ - angst ; ♟ - fic/scenario ” [[MORE]] Inarizaki Miya Atsumu ⤞ Atsumu relationship.

there’s plenty of fish in the sea — um, wrong number?

Oikawa x reader masterlist. Reader, fluff Taking care of his drunk ass Suna x reader, fluff When you stand up against the fans who hate you Oikawa x reader When you stand up against the fans who hate you Suna x reader Ring for Kiss Bokuto x reader, fluff Greedy Dad! Oikawa x reader, fluff The Yakuza Household Mafia! Dad See a recent post on Tumblr from millenialfanfictionaddiction about oikawa x reader Anonymous asked: give nrw account info Send me anything! Oikawa Tooru x Male! Kiyoko Shimizu x Dom! Reader oikawa x artist! Oikawa hq … oikawa x reader oikawa toru smut oikawa smut oikawa x reader smut oikawa toru x reader haikyuu oikawa haikyuu x reader haikyuu subs sub oikawa haikyuu smut haikyuu x reader smut oikawa hcs this is a femdom account so any drabble written in response will have a fem! Reader This is Oikawa Tooru x Reader- Don't like don't read Oikawa is the perfect example of how a character can get away with doing the most horrible things, only because they are good looking listen to the song while reading for the full experience!!

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haikyuu texts atsumu angst

Kenma, Kageyama, Akaashi. All your yan HQ stuff? Super creative and I love how the mystery of the "TBC" style open ending creates more intrigue and suspense. Also your yans are distinct and i appriciate that so much.

Part 2.

NSFW & SFW Commissions are open! — Suna x Osamu x Atsumu x Reader: Crushes Pt. 7 ...

He simply kneels by the door, leaving bunches of wildflowers, paper wrapped packages of mochi and letters written in the light of insomnia and bitter desperation. He stays until his agent calls with demands that he present himself back in Osaka before the season starts, and with a heavy heart, he packs his bags and bids Kita goodbye. Another month passes, and he nearly misses the call from an unknown number on the way to a meeting with his long-suffering agent to discuss an offer to play in Milan that he already plans on turning down. Then he roars through the highways, speeding through dusty roads and rice paddies until he reaches the familiar bamboo grove. Heart in mouth, he dashes up to the front door, bows when her mother opens it with an unsteady smile. That alright with ya?

#haikyuu texts

Miya Osamu: I think it might give him the kick he needs. Miya Osamu: sorry 2 ask. It felt like the three previous messages had been fully thought through, typed, deleted, and retyped, before he hit send on each one. There were a few minutes between each of the first three messages, like he had to make sure whatever he sent next sounded diplomatic. But the last message, with its lack of punctuation and its brevity, came only seconds after the third.

haikyuu chatfic - because why not these are not the canon character's Story based around Sakuatsu: Atsumu has always had a crush on Sakusa.

☾ — HQ boys as chaotic late night texts

Secret Letters, a inter-high program which delivers anonymous love letters to designated people, has recently gained quite the popular status until becoming the number one reference for confessions. As Tsukishima neared your house, he found himself practising his nervous habits more. He caught himself using his own fingers as fiddle toys, letting out a soft sigh before his knuckles gave three curt knocks on your door. After a moment of stillness, he tries again, silently begging for access.

Welcome To My Blog ㋛ — HORNY TEXTS + CAR SEX Includes: Miya Atsumu, Miya...

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Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. Mentions of suicide ,bullying, abuse and smoking inside. It's her first day of being a second year at Inarizaki High and she has to deal with Atsumu Miya in the majority of her classes.

It made me wonder just how much of my life had really passed by since I left. I swiped my hand over my face as I let out a heavy sigh and flopped back onto the comfort of my bed and curled up onto my side.

my heart goes doki doki for haikyuu dilfs — Can You Hold Me | Miya Atsumu

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Atsumu recounts three pivotal moments he lived with his beloved Shouyou-kun. They are all very whipped, very in love, and this is very self indulgent. Ele invade meu quarda roupa e usa minhas camisas.

sunny — hi sunny! i was wondering if you could do a bf...

Reiner had his head laid on your chest, with his eyes closed. You and he have always been close, and after years of being friends he finally asked you out and you agreed. So you never told him, you knew you had to tell him eventually you were just scared. Bertholdt knew you knew everything but he trusted you, maybe in a way you were betraying the scouts too.

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