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Inspector Gadget is a American action-comedy film loosely based on the animated cartoon series of the same name. Three new characters were introduced, Dr. The film tells the story of how Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw came to be in the cartoon. This was the last film produced by Caravan Pictures before it was absorbed into Spyglass Entertainment.

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Loosely based on the s animated television series of the same name , the film stars Matthew Broderick as the title character, Rupert Everett as Dr. Three new characters were introduced such as Dr. The film tells the story of how Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw came to be. It was the last film produced by Caravan Pictures , before the company merged into Spyglass Entertainment. It was also dedicated to the memory of production designer Michael White who died on January 19, in Los Angeles during production of the film at the age of Claw shows his face.

It was followed by the direct-to-video sequel Inspector Gadget 2 , though only D. Hughley reprised his role as the voice of the Gadgetmobile. Dreaming of becoming a police officer, John works as a security guard for the Bradford robotics laboratory. Artemus Bradford and his daughter Brenda are designing a lifelike robotic foot as part of the Gadget Program, designed to add android officers to the Riverton Police Department.

Sanford Scolex, a tycoon, steals the foot to build an army of androids from its technology, assassinating Artemus in the process. John chases after Scolex's limousine in his hatchback, but both vehicles crash. John is left for dead by getting blown up in his car by Scolex's Dynamite stick disguised as a cigar, but a bowling ball launched by the blast from the destroyed car lands in the limo and crushes Scolex's left hand.

Brenda decides to make John, who nearly died from the intensely heavy-injuries from the fiery car explosion, the first test subject for the Gadget Program.

John is given an orientation from Brenda, which goes horribly awry, and he is also given a lesson from a guru. The lesson ends in failure, however, when John accidentally emasculates the guru.

He is helped by the Gadgetmobile, a robotic car with a chatty AI , and one day, despite intially struggling to use his new gadgets, Gadget manages to stop two criminals who were trying to rob a car. At a charity ball , Scolex approaches Brenda, having known her at Harvard , inviting her to work for him in her own laboratory.

Brenda accepts, unaware that Scolex plans to steal her technological ideas and designs. Upset at not being taken seriously, Gadget investigates on his own, finding a piece of scrap metal which he later connects to Scolex, with help from Penny. Gadget himself infiltrates Claw's lab to recover the foot, but is caught and deactivated when Claw breaks his chip.

Claw's minion Sykes dumps Gadget in a junkyard, then is tasked to dispose of the foot. Brenda encounters her own robotic doppelganger, Robo-Brenda, who confirms Claw stole the foot and murdered her father. Brenda, Penny, Brain, and the Gadgetmobile track Gadget to a junkyard. A kiss from Brenda awakens Gadget, proving his will can control his new body, regardless of whether the chip is needed or not.

Gadget and Robo-Gadget fall off the roof and duel on a bridge, until Gadget removes the latter's head, tossing it into the river, though Robo-Gadget's body runs off.

Brenda crashes the Gadgetmobile into Claw's limo, but is taken prisoner. Claw tries to escape in a helicopter, but Gadget appears using his helicopter hat to intercept. Claw destroys it, forcing Gadget to use an improvised weapon to damage Claw's claw and the helicopter. Brenda leaps out of the helicopter onto Gadget's back, but they fall down the side of Scolex's skyscraper, using a parasol to land safely.

Claw parachutes down, but lands in the Gadgetmobile and is captured. The police arrive to arrest Gadget, but Penny appears with a repentant and reformed Sykes, who confesses his boss's crimes to the police.

Saluted and acknowledged by Quimby as an actual member of the police force, Gadget departs with Brenda and Penny, as Claw vows revenge. During the "Minions Anonymous" scene in the credits, the henchmen include Mr. Frankensomething ". Universal Pictures at one point had an option on the film rights to the animated television series in At one point, Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly were considered to write and direct.

Martin Scorsese was also considered to direct. Cameron Diaz declined the role of Dr. Brenda Bradford in favor of Any Given Sunday. Principal photography began on July 20, , and wrapped on October 3, After a test screening, the film was cut to 78 minutes from the original minute version. It has an artificial intelligence with a male persona. Like most anthropomorphic cars, "his" front bumper is his mouth and he has eyes in his headlights. However, unlike those cars, who have two eyes, he has four.

His artificial intelligence has a laid-back personality. The Gadgetmobile openly breaks the law constantly he is a particular fan of backturns , but claims it is okay: "Speed limits are for cars, not the Gadgetmobile. Hughley provides his voice. The site's critics consensus states: "Despite an abundance of eyecandy, the film doesn't amount to much. Claw reveals himself in the movie. Inspector Gadget 2 is a made-for-video sequel to Inspector Gadget , with French Stewart taking over the title role.

Meanwhile, Dr. The film was released on March 11, In May , it was announced that a new film with a rebooted version of the character was in development, with Dan Lin as producer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kerry Ehrin Dana Olsen. Alan Cody Thom Noble. Release date. July 23, Running time. Claw Joely Fisher as Dr. This section has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

This section's factual accuracy is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on Talk:Inspector Gadget film. Please help to ensure that disputed statements are reliably sourced. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section needs expansion with: examples and additional citations. You can help by adding to it. October Main article: Inspector Gadget 2. British Board of Film Classification. August 19, Retrieved October 23, Los Angeles Times.

August 24, Retrieved June 3, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved March 5, Retrieved July 23, Variety magazine. Retrieved November 4, January 8, Archived from the original on March 3, Retrieved April 26, Retrieved October 18, Archived from the original on October 4, Retrieved October 14, Rotten Tomatoes. Fandango Media. Retrieved August 6, Red Ventures. Retrieved June 19, The New York Times. Retrieved August 14, January 1, October 7,

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". The famous cyborg detective is back for a whole new generation! After her reanimation as a cyborg, she is sworn to protect Metro City from all crime. Meanwhile, Dr.

Inspector Gadget 3 (IG3) is a live-action comedy film. It was based upon the cartoon series created by DiC Entertainment. This films stars Matthew.

Disney developing new Inspector Gadget live-action movie

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inspector gadget movie 3 live

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Inspector Gadget (1999)

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If Dr. Claw went unseen in the cartoon, their reasoning goes, it is no consolation that he is brought to life here by Rupert Everett. One person who might agree with them is Rupert Everett himself, who was on a winning streak until this movie came along. Broderick also plays an anti-Gadget look-alike, the bad guy RoboGadget, who impersonates the inspector and sets half the city on fire in an attempt to discredit him. The gimmick with Gadget is that he has been equipped with a body, a suit and especially a hat that are all stuffed with gadgets. All he has to say is "Go-go gadget" and then name the gadget he wants, and it materializes, although it can be difficult remembering the right go-go word while falling from the top of a skyscraper. His gadgets include hands that spray toothpaste Gadget and fire RoboGadget , a hat that turns into a helicopter, and legs that extend into long steel stilts, allowing him to leapfrog traffic and cover a lot of ground in a hurry. Also about a zillion other gadgets.

I rate this movie 4 stars. Although i like Inspector gadget i also like Penny. I like Penny because she is kind and generous. I think 9 to 12 years old will.

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Image credit: Watson. The classic cartoon ran original episodes for only three seasons, from to , but played in syndication throughout the remainder of the decade, and well into the s, and motion pictures were made about the dimwitted cyborg detective, who needed the help of his niece Penny and her dog Brain to defeat Dr. Claw and his M. The Blue Falcon hero needed the help of his dog sidekick Dynomutt, who was always outfitted with a bunch of contraptions.

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Disney is apparently saying, "Go go Gadget reboot! This will be the second Disney project for the two writers, as they were also recently hired to write a reboot of Home Alone for the company. Little else has yet been revealed about the project, such as who might play the clumsy inspector or his arch nemesis Dr. The origins of Inspector Gadget date back to with the debut of the original animated series.

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Loosely based on the s animated television series of the same name , the film stars Matthew Broderick as the title character, Rupert Everett as Dr. Three new characters were introduced such as Dr. The film tells the story of how Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw came to be. It was the last film produced by Caravan Pictures , before the company merged into Spyglass Entertainment.

It's been a wild week for news, by which of course we mean that major studios are announcing exciting and unexpected new projects amidst the thrill of New York Comic Con. In a move sure to induce a terminal earworm among fans of a certain age, Disney is working on a live-action Inspector Gadget film from Aladdin producers Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich, The Hollywood Reporter revealed. The Inspector Gadget cartoon debuted in , pitting the inept titular hero against the villainous Doctor Claw. In the end, it was often down to his neice Penny and her dog Brain to save the day.

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