Cartoon robot movie with little boy

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Proof at last that A.I. can fly

What if it had been made in a ginormous stadium, not a mere auditorium? What if they had promised a free robot butler to everyone in attendance? And what if all of those robots were programmed to eventually turn on their humans? However, Next Gen flips the gender in this familiar tale, giving us a girl and her robot, and goes to slightly darker places than usual. By the end, you might just find yourself crying as little Mai and her metaphorical robot dad face their biggest challenge together: life.

I, um, I apologize for that last line. So, so sappy. However, her parents — mother Mary, voiced by Constance Wu, and a father whose name we never learn — constantly argue, leading her father to eventually leave the family. They live in an undefined future time of extreme automation, self-driving cars, robot butlers, and even ultra-determined robot toothbrushes who wield battle with toothpaste-resistant little kids like something out of a kung-fu movie.

The various talking gadgets usually speak with the voice of their creator, Dr. We quickly gather that contrary to generational norms it is Mary, not Mai, who is obsessed with technology.

However, it also just works on a basic storytelling level where of course the rebellious teenage protagonist would feel compelled to reject that thing everyone loves.

Naturally, he follows her home. She tries to send him away, but once he proves useful to her, the pair become quick friends. Once he does and pushes back on her violent impulses, she rejects him. By that point, however, their various rampages have made the news, drawing the attention of the possibly nefarious Pin and meekly benevolent Dr.

Rice and thus settling up a looming showdown. Yet, for all the fireworks and satisfying action set pieces that follow the emotional core remains the same.

Far better than the mere Big Hero 6 rip-off you might be expecting. While these distinctions matter less and less these days, this is good enough to be playing in theaters. The filmmakers do not believe robots are evil. They are good. Definitely good. Super super good.

In fact, when the robot overlords take over we will be the first in line to bow at their benevolent feet. Or wheels — or whatever. What about you? Have you watched Next Gen? Been side-eyeing it on Netflix and afraid to pull the trigger?

Let me know in the comments. I never felt the bond felt with Mai was earned. She never treated him well and his animated eyes appeared to know the violence she was making him do was wrong. So, his feeling connected to her never felt right. Plus, the world clearly portrayed these robot as alive with free will and distinct personalities, so the killing spree was pretty dang close to murder, let alone the sheer cost of the vandalism.

I did like the idea that we are a collection of our memories, but when you look at the memories he kept of Mai, it was nearly all anger, dismissiveness, and destruction.

So, why was so gentle and loyal? Especially after he deleted the one touching memory of her — that of when they first met and his bonding with her by going through her personal belongings. And even though it was funny when the robots belonging to the school bully very politely beat up Mai, that was not only disturbing, you have to wonder how practical a world this is where robots are literally punching and kicking an elementary school kid.

One assumes there was maybe a parent control filter they hacked to make them do that. Otherwise, this is a world in which kids are entrusted with robots to do their bidding. Also, her mom, even with her various redemptive scenes, was negligent to an almost criminal degree. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Search for: Search Close. Close Menu. Speaking of which, parents should know although Next Gen is almost entirely family friendly there is a running joke about Momo being surprisingly foul-mouthed. They just bleep out all of the curse words.

Do with that what you will. Like this: Like Loading I also really loved the dog translator and profanity filter. Very clever and too funny! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Follow Following.

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'Robots' goes back to the future!

Aaron Mitchell is the tritagonist of The Mitchells vs. He is Katie 's 8-year-old brother and is voiced by Mike Rianda , who is also the film's director and co-writer. Aaron is a little boy with a slender figure, his father's dark blond hair, freckles, black eyes, a blue dinosaur shirt, gray sweatpants, white socks, and blue, green, and yellow velcro shoes. Aaron is not considered a "normal son". His big sister describes him as a "smart, charming, dinosaur loving nerd", which fits him perfectly.

Go to Disney's Big Hero 6, and you'll see a wonderful movie: the short cartoon before the animated feature. In Feast, a Boston terrier named.

The best films that mix live action and animation

The son of two space explorers is marooned on a world filled with dazzling wildlife in this refreshing family animation. I n this French animated feature, pre-teen tyke Will voiced as a perky American in the English-language release by Landen Beattie , the son of a pair of explorers, is literally lost in space. Separated from his parents, he gets marooned on a strange planet with only a helpful semi-spherical robot named Buck Jason Anthony for companionship. This classic, Robinson Crusoe-style conceit is imaginatively built on to create a likable survival story skewed towards kids. As Will and Buck explore the desert-like terrain further, they discover a semi-tropical zone full of intensely coloured flora and fauna with the spongy-smooth texture and retina-searing colour palette of injection-moulded plastic toys. Director Eric Tosti and his team have cleverly included surprising dangers, such as giant hailstones and poisonous plants that require the duo — and eventually a doggy-cum-caterpillar-cum-dragon sidekick creature they name Flash — to find resourceful solutions to their problems. Clearly, this is meant to teach kids about self-reliance, cooperation, the value of outdoor adventure and risk-taking; and the obligatory environmental sentimentalism is also present and correct. The animation is fluent and densely rendered, although sometimes the characters have less subtlety than their surrounding environment. But, compared with the relentlessly noisy animated features coming out of Hollywood, this is refreshingly old-school and innocent.

cartoon robot movie with little boy

The second golden age of animation is well under way, with Aardman, Miyazaki, Disney Pixar and DreamWorks rolling out rather good stories on a fairly regular basis. But which characters of the stop-motion, CG or hand-drawn world really make the grade? Which existing characters made the leap from short form to full-length feature with their dignity intact? How do the newcomers really compare to old hands of earlier eras?

Break of Dawn is a lesser-known name in the world of anime and one of the most underestimated sci-fi manga series of all time. Written by Tetsuya Imai, its manga series ran for just two volumes, from January to October

12 Inspiring Science Movies for Kids

The thing that struck me first of all about "Robots" was its pictorial beauty. I doubt that was the intention of the filmmakers, who've made a slapstick comedy set in a futurist city that seems fresh off the cover of a issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories. Towers and skyways and strange architectural constructions look like an Erector set's erotic dreams, and the ideal skyscraper is a space needle ringed by metallic doughnuts. This world is inhabited by robots who are human in every respect except that they are not human in any respect, if you follow me. They even have babies. As the movie opens, Herb Copperbottom and his wife are unwrapping their new little boy, who has arrived in a shipping crate, some assembly required.

'Ron's Gone Wrong' tells story of a boy and his best friend robot in our high-tech world

If the success of the Transformers movies is to be believed, people love watching robots fight each other. Anime has been providing these epic over-the-top action stories since Gigantor Tetsujin go was released all the way back in Some historic anime still inspire the mecha genre to this day while newer shows try to innovate it with new forms of storytelling and action. Mecha anime aren't going anywhere anytime soon thanks to these fantastic shows, regardless of the genre's contemporary popularity or presence. Debuting as the first Netflix original anime, Knights of Sidonia came with an entry barrier due to its platform exclusivity and its 3D CG animation. The latter tends to be a hard sell for most people, but this art style is a good fit for a sci-fi mecha anime set in the harsh coldness of space. Knights of Sidonia tells a rather conventional story in most ways, as it follows an outcast who has a talent for an antiquated brand of mecha that proves to be the most dependable line of defense against an alien threat. Naturally, this leads to plenty of awesome fight sequences.

Charming animated tale about a young boy who finds a lost penguin on his A repair robot tries to fix his spaceship whilst chaos unfolds around them.

'Ron's Gone Wrong' Trailer: Zach Galifianakis Is A Malfunctioning Robot Buddy In This Animated Film

A high-end robotic nanny named Emmy learns how to adapt to the unpredictable and complicated world of humans and robots after an accident leaves her outmoded. Episode 1 Become a Patron. We Got A Runner.

The robot movie genre has gotten pretty competitive recently and its hard to know which one you can safely show to your kid. They run the gammut of being cute to being outright violent. Having children its hard to know which robot movie is actually appropriate for my kids. Marketing robot movies to kids has been around for a long long time. Here we will be listing the best robot movies for kids, and which ones you can safely watch with your whole family. Scroll down for full reviews and the giant list of over 21 family friendly robot movies for kids of all ages.

Tenma Alan Tudyk as Mr.

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As technology continues to advance over time, the film industry is quick to reflect those advancements in the best way they know how: by making movies featuring robots. While some of the robots creative filmmakers invent have villainous tendencies, there are many others that bond with humans and end up saving the day. From recent flicks such as The Mitchells vs. The Machines to classics like The Iron Giant , there's hope that something other than evil can come from androids with artificial intelligence.

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