गरीब VS अमीर का करवाचौथ । Garib vs Amir ka karva chauth। karva chauth moral story in Hindi

#Garib_vs_Amir_ka_karva_chauth। #karva_chauth_moral_story_in_Hindi

((Amir VS Poor's Karva Chauth))

Narration..Pooja and Shalini were two half-sisters..Pooja's mother had died in her childhood itself..Pooja's father married again.. Another daughter Shalini was born to her second wife, Pushpa.. Then someone Pooja's father also died due to illness..Pushpa used to love her daughter Shalini,but used to scold Pooja a lot..she didn't even send her to school..She used to spend whole day in household chores..

Puja...((sitting in her room)) Mother didn't bother me so much earlier but since my father left my mother always scolds me... I do all the household chores and love Shalini ..

Pushpa...((calling from outside)) Ari o Pooja, where is she resting...it's time for dinner..Do you intend to starve today..

Puja.. now I cook mother's food

Narration... and Pooja goes to cook food...one day Pushpa calls Pandit ji in the house...

Pandit..((from Pushpa)) Tell me how did you remember sister..

Pushpa.. Pandit ji, now both my daughters have grown up.. Tell me two good relationships..

Pandit...sister ji you know that nowadays everyone is hungry for money..Look, Pandit ji, for my daughter Shalini, I will not miss anything... To see the relationship only.. and to see as you wish for worship.. Mother and father both have been killed, my shoulders have been tied to this calamity.

Narration... after a few days like this, Pandit ji comes with a relationship for both of them... and both the sisters get married... Shalini is married in a very rich and high family... The marriage takes place in a poor family.. both of their houses were at some distance away.. one day after marriage, Shalini was going by car..

Shalini..((Looking at pooja)) Hey pooja come sit in my car .. i will drop you wherever you want to go..

Puja... No sister, just have to go a short distance.. I will go on foot..

Shalini... I have to go a short distance, but I do not go without a car, I am very allergic to dust and soil. ..

Narration.. Saying this, Shalini takes her car and leaves from there.. Then one day Manish, the husband of Pooja, returns home early from work.

Puja..((Looking at Manish)) Hey you have come home early.

Manish... Pooja I am not in a joking mood...

Puja.. what happened? Why are you looking so upset...

Manish... some new machines have come in the factory where I used to work... which will do the work of us laborers... that's why some workers were fired from the factory... I was also among those workers. NS..

Puja... oh yes, this is very bad.. how will we survive now...

Manish... I also don't understand anything....
Puja.. if you say then I will talk to my sister Shalini.. Her husband has many factories.. Do you know if there is any vacant place there..

Manish... yes it will be fine, you go and talk today..

Narration.. Pooja goes to Shalini's house..

Shalini ((Looking at Pooja)) Hey Pooja how did you come today...

Puja.. that sister, I needed a help from you..

Shalini...((with pride)) Whoever comes here comes only for help.. Well tell what help is needed... need money, need ration for home...

Puja... No.. No.. Sister, all this is in my house now by the grace of God... I wanted a job for my husband... My husband lost his job. If you tell me, he will give some job in his factory.. by which we will also survive..

Shalini... ok, ok.. I will say.. you send your husband to the factory tomorrow morning. .. ok now you go .. i have called a parlor at home .. its time to come ..

Puja ... ok sister, definitely talk.

Narration... and the next day Manish goes to Shalini's husband Mahesh to ask for work. is... and the fast of Karva Chauth comes...

Shalini...((At the tailor's shop)) Hey tailor bhaiya..my sari fell off??

Darji.. no madam, she didn't get it yet.

Shalini.. Who is Pooja, my sister..?

Darji.. Yes, she takes clothes from here to put trumpets and saris to fall....

Shalini..((in my mind)) oh this is a great opportunity to show her your saree and burn her..((from the tailor)) ok ok, i will go and take it from him..you take your money ..

Shalini...((from the house of worship)) Puja Ae Puja..

Puja.. Hey Shalini sister.. I am very happy to see you at my house today..

Shalini... yes yes, that's all right.. that sari given by the tailor to you to fall is ready?

Puja... Sister I have many sarees.. Which saree are you talking about..

Shalini.. ((ha ha ha ha)) Well this is also a matter to ask, the one which is most beautiful and expensive will be my saree..

Puja... (((He brings the most expensive sari)) Look at this Shalini, this is your sari..??

Shalini... saw my sari... let's not buy it, so what if you know the least expensive sari ((ha ha ha ha))

Puja... here you go, this saree is ready..

Shalini... well now I go..

Puja.. Hey Shalini, you have just come and just left.. Sit down, I make tea and bring it..
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