এ ফেয়ারওয়েল | Nut Boltu | Bangla Cartoon | Episode - 621

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Episode 621 - A Farewell
A beloved Professor is retiring and leaving Daspara and the members of Daspara have planned and organized a Farewell function for the professor. Let's see how the gathering goes. Stay tuned for more.

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About: Nut Boltu
Nut Boltu series is based on the incidents and activities of two kids named Nut & Boltu (Bolt) who are around 10 years old. As the name suggests, they are naughty kids as well as thick friends who are there for each other in the good and the bad times. They always volunteer to solve others problems, but due to individuality and unique thinking, they fall into some trouble or the other. Eventually, their friendship, honesty, & belief, helps in solving the problems.

এ ফেয়ারওয়েল | Nut Boltu | Bangla Cartoon | Episode - 621
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