കുറുക്കൻ വൈദ്യൻ്റെ കൗശലം | Cartoon Story | Kids Animation Malayalam | Kurukkan Vaidhyante Koushalam

കുറുക്കൻ വൈദ്യൻ്റെ കൗശലം | Cartoon Story | Latest Kids Animation Malayalam | Kurukkan Vaidhyante Koushalam
Kurukkan Vaidhyante Koushalam is a latest kids cartoon story. This story is about a innocent donkey and a lazy fox. The donkey is from village in search of a good physician....
On the way, he met a zebra and told him he wants to meet a physician so the zebra told him the way to a fox physician. This fox physician was a lazy one...
When the donkey reached to the fox physician he told him that he's coming from a village only for to meet him and he wanted to increase his intelligence. So the lazy fox took the advantage by making the donkey doing all the works himself. Day's passed, one day the donkey was on his way to Fox's house then he met a multi coloured parrot. The parrot told him that he's being fooled by that fox physician. After that the donkey went to the fox and told him that he's a cheater. The donkey made him pay for his works and returned back to his village.
As a policy to create quality animation videos for children to entertain and educate the kids. Its one of awesome Animation Movie made for kids. whether you are in the mood for comedy , musical or an Adventure, There is Something here for everyone, that leaves with an Important message. This animation movie is Captivated all kids. Our goal is to help make learning a fun and enjoyable experience for kids by creating 3D animation. For more updates subscribe...

Producer: Sargam Baiju
Created by: Twist Digital Media
Content owner: Sargam Musics
Directed By: Shajin Vembayam
Creative Supervision: G.S Manoj Kumar
Production coordinator: Ashli O
Script & Dialogue: Nithinkumar J Pathanapuram
Editing: Rakesh.S
Dubbing: Nujum (Donkey, Bear, Fox), Manoj (Zebra), Sonia (Parrot), Bindhu (Narration)
Animators: Sajith. Anoop, Melvin, Joshua. Jerojin,, Sarath
Animatic: Kiran
Music & Effects: VIMO
Mixing & Effects: Rijo Music
Matte Painter: Hareesh Nettirachira
Character,Modelling & Texturing: D3DOT STUDIO
BG Modelling & Texturing: Vighnesh J M
VFX ,LIGHTING & COMPOSTING: Arun deepu S.J, Arun Krishna K.S, Syam, Sam. A, Rahul.R, Sarath, Rejith Kumar, Sabseer

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