【Tales Of Dark River】EP14 | Father and Daughter | Ancient Anime | YOUKU ANIMATION

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【暗河传 Tales Of Dark River】--Dragon Soars in The Sky
--Dark River, the most mysterious assassination organisation in the Jianghu, consists of three families, Su, Xie and Mu, and the supreme commander of the three families is called the Great Chief. The head of the organisation has been poisoned and his life is in danger. The three forces of the Dark River hear the news and seize the opportunity to launch a rebellion. Su Muyu, as the leader of the Chief's escort group, Spider's Shadow, sought out the Medicine King Valley's miracle doctor, Bai Hehuai, to treat the Chief, while fending off the assassins of all the families to ensure the Chief's safety. At that time, his best friend Su Changhe in Dark River, but on behalf of the Su family to join the assassination of the great chief action.

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