In this PAW Patrol cartoon live stream for kids, the Paw Patrol takes on the new superbaddies – Copycat and Ladybird– with all new supercharged powers! Joined by new super powered friends, the Mighty Twins, and paired with awesome new vehicles, the pups transform into the greatest team of superheroes the world has ever seen!

PAW Patrol is now available in more languages!
UK: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolUK
SPANISH: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolEspanol
FRENCH: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolFrancais
ITALIAN: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolItaliano
PORTUGUESE: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolPortugues
POLISH: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolPolski
DUTCH: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolNederlands
BULGARIAN: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolBulgaria
CZECH: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolCzech/about
GERMAN: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolDeutsch/
HUNGARIAN: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolHungary/about
MANDARIN: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolMandarin

Check out full episodes of PAW Patrol on Nickelodeon!

For more information on PAW Patrol, visit: http://www.pawpatrolandfriends.com

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