In this PAW Patrol cartoon episode live steam for kids. mayhem has motored in to Adventure Bay in the form of the Ruff Ruff Pack! This group of biker pups wants to cause as much trouble as possible! The PAW Patrol will need all new Moto uniforms and sleek, transforming motorcycles, along with Wild Cat and his kitten pals the CAT PACK! Inspired by the big cats they look up to; Cheetah, White Tiger, Jaguar and Lion, each member of the Cat Pack has a light up powersuit and unique vehicle that lets them aid Ryder and the Pups on missions where thinking and acting like a CAT is the only way to save the day! PAW Patrol is on a roll!

PAW Patrol is now available in more languages!
UK: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolUK
SPANISH: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolEspanol
FRENCH: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolFrancais
ITALIAN: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolItaliano
PORTUGUESE: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolPortugues
POLISH: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolPolski
DUTCH: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolNederlands
BULGARIAN: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolBulgaria
MANDARIN: youtube.com/@PAWPatrolMandarin

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