10 Grotesquely Frightening Cartoon Villains - Backstories Explored In Detail

Do you recall the time when as a child you used to watch cartoons, and as soon as the scariest villain according to you would make an appearance, you would simply switch the television off? Of course, this would be followed by a train of nightmares too. Well, if you have, then there’s nothing to be even remotely embarrassed about. After all, haven’t we all gone through such phases? It is a given that one just cannot have a protagonist without an antagonist, especially in the world of cartoons. No wonder, we have creators coming up with the creepiest of cartoons, which in turn, give birth to villains who are not only dramatic but also quite unforgettable too.
In today’s video, we will be taking a look at 11 of the most terrifying animated villains that are still bound to leave you shaken!

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