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Come learn how to count to ten on the farm with little chickies and bunnies!
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00:00 10 Little Speckled Eggs - Learn Numbers with Chicks and Bunnies
02:09 Wheels on the Bus - Animal Sounds at the Farm
04:10 Mary Had a Little Lamb - The Lost Lamb
06:12 Skidamarink - I Love My Family
08:16 Potty Song - Learn What To Do
10:20 Yes Yes Vegetables Song
12:11 Humpty Dumpty
14:13 Old MacDonald
16:13 Animals Train Song
18:13 3 Little Kittens
20:15 Work Work Work
22:10 Ocean Lullaby
24:10 Bus, Cars and Trucks - Vehicle Counting Color Song
26:05 This Is The Way - Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies
28:04 I'm An Excavator

Ten Little Speckled Eggs

One little, two little , three little speckled eggs
Four little, five little, six little speckled eggs
Seven little eight little nine little speckled eggs
Ten little speckled eggs

Ten little, nine little , eight little chicks
Seven little, six little, five little chicks
Four little three little two little chicks
One little chick

Musical Interlude

One little, two little, three little bunnies
Four little, five little, six little bunnies
Seven little, eight little, nine little bunnies
Ten little bunnies

Ten little, nine little, eight little bunnies
Seven little, six little, five little bunnies
Four little, three little, two little bunnies
One little bunny

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