11 Criminally Under-Loved Marvel Animated Movies That Deserve Your Attention - Explored

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is widely known across the globe for giving some of the highest box office grosses to be ever made with all the heroes practically household names. However, what has been overlooked, are Marvel animated movies. Some of them missed the mark but some definitely hit the target on the head, making them animated movies that MCU fans should definitely check out.
Although the Marvel animated world is not as large as the DCAU, there are still some true hidden gems for fans to discover. With films like The Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and various Spider-Man series, Marvel has dominated the comic book industry on the big screen since 2008. When it comes to animation, DC has dominated since the 1990s, while Marvel has primarily focused on live-action films and television series. Marvel, however, has created some animated pictures, and while many have not been as popular as DC's, Marvel has also made a number of surprising animated films that equaled their live-action counterparts. Even though Marvel releases more and more merchandise each year, we still can't get enough. Here are a few animated features to help you satisfy your hunger.
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