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Hey SwitchUp Family! A VERY good week this week - one that truly earns the title of being HUGE. A massive thanks from Glen and I for 250,000 Subscribers - that’s a seriously big number right there. We hope you’ve enjoyed the channel as much as we have making it. Cheers to Goblinz Studio for sponsoring this episode - go check out the game here to support us and them - https://l.linklyhq.com/l/17Sbj

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Intro 0:00
Winner! 0:09
As Far As The Eye Sponsor 0:49
GTA Patched Up 3:07
KOTOR the GOAT…OR 4:08
Ruined King is Great! 5:09
Kid’s Pick! 6:16
Catherine: Full Body 7:18
Have to mention HADES 8:32
Death’s Door 9:29
Eldest Souls is a GEM! 10:20
DQ11S 11:16
Disco Elysium Patched 12:26
AVOID This TRASH! 15:49
Banging Tune! 18:01

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Music from the episode:
LA Sunset Synthwave Mix

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